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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tonight New Years Eve ³ | For Professionals

New Year's Eve : derided by some as an amateur night, of the overpriced and overrated, celebrating a single second in times passing is this Monday. There's plenty of to had, but if you need practice or a certified professional already.

Tonight is the night for you as we celebrate

NEW YEARS EVE ³ [cubed] 
two parties one van 
8 pm to 3am 

At Lucky 7's 
Best of 2012 [acquisitions] 

8:00 DJ Pastiche
8:40 DJ Bill McCamie
9:10 DJ Brian Jones
9:50 DJ Sup Babes [Brian Shapiro]
10:30 DJ Dangerous Dave Feldman
11:10 DJ Chuck Daly
11:50 Stay Golden Pony Boy [Marco Vidal]
12:30 Motor Funker
1:10 Dancing Tony Starts the Round Robin Spin Off 

At Maxwells 
doors 8 pm $5 
Live Music by 

11:00 Thomas Francis Takes His Chances 

10:10 Citizen Blast Kane

9:20 Winner Takes All Collective 

8:30 Crazy and the Brains

Bar to Bar service with a $5 round trip shuttle van leaves Lucky 7's 7:47, 9:19, and 10:42 

this night is going to tux 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's the End of the Mayan Calender as We Know it

My Mary Kate and Ashley Calender only covered 16 months, but I didn't think the world was ending when December 31, 2003 came. I knew that I could just buy a new one. Now the Mayan Calenderr which fits over 5,000 years on a rock finally ran out of space so head over to freakin' Amazon and buy a new one for the next 5,000, I'm not missing my biggest [guest starring] role in this Nimbus Dance Works  The Nutcracker this Sunday at 1pm. The show opened to the public this Friday, tickets for my show and the other shows are available for this weekend here. Take a break from your holiday mall frenzy and shop, stay, and plays local.

Catch the last installment of the Holiday Fairs and wares at this Thursdays Farmer's Market as JC's Craft Mafia makes you a deal that you can not refuse. On Friday, come back to Grove Plaza for a Creative Grove Christmas. There will be plenty of best buys all around town, so try not to freak out if you haven't started you JC Birthday presents yet. There's always cake and pies to be had, and you can pick one up at Made With Love anytime, or come by this Saturday Night for their sweet treats hank Williams tribute holiday party from 8 to 10 pm.

I've got my steady gig this Thursday at Lucky's for Ladies Night. Fearing harm-may-get-him on Saturday Night. DJ Motor Funker is teaming up with Chuck Daly for an end of the Days DJ Night this Friday. Things start at 10 Mayan-Ryan time. Motor Funker will most likely still have his own gig on Saturday Night and will help host an Calvary of Downtown JC's DJ's for next Saturday's Final Vinyl Saturday - Best of 2012 -New Years Eve³ Party at Lucky's,  Simultaneously, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Winner Takes All Collective, and Citizen Blast Cane are playing the 29th at Maxwells, There will be a U-Haul shuttle bus running between both events, save your metrocard and for $5 get a round tripping package for the evening. 

A Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Love Dancer Tony

Friday, November 23, 2012

In the near future

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

We are getting things ready for tonight's Back to the Future Party. We start winding the clock back-forward at nine.

A couple of important notes: 

1. This is a costume party : You can dress, retro, vintage, past, future or something from the Back to the Future Franchise, just have fun with it and you and the ladies pay $5. Present Day Dressed Dudes are $10. If you think that you are too special to contribute to this party, then you are too special to come to this party. 

2. This an all inclusive deal. I'll have snacks, free beer, wine, and some hooch. There is also an a Premium CASH bar in the SKYLAB Bar and Lounge if old man beer and boxed wines isn't your style. 

3. DUE to NASA regulations the SKYLAB Bar and Lounge is NON SMOKING - repeat NON SMOKING. You can smoke in other parts of the party but since we are pumping in liquid oxygen into SKYLAB we would want to call Houston with a "Problem."

4. There are lockers and coat racks for your belongings. Please leave your diamonds, lottery tickets, and gold plated ipods at home. Additionally, please check your bad vibes and a-hole friends a the door, or just leave them at home. Don't be that Biff ! 

5. The is going to be a McFly Time - Enjoy 

On Saturday, come in the afternoon if you want to help erase the Past 

Also welcome back Leonard Smalls at Lucky's on Saturday night. He's getting his chops back Friday at Midnight 

Also DJ pastiche plays at LITM Saturday Night 

And there's a party Kiwi has a kickstarter Party at the 
Now, enough of that. Come see us in person! We'll be playing a post-hurricane fundraiserTHIS SATURDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. That's NOVEMBER 24 @ 8:00pm. Location: Green Villain, 51 Pacific Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304. $20, and that includes a free beer bar + food! Can't wait to see you there!!!! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pre-Heat Your Oven to 11/19 | Back to the Future Party

Thansk again to everyone who came out to last Saturday's Tear's in my Beer | Hurricane Sandy Relief Event at Lucky Seven's we raised $700 for the American Red Cross and donated a bunch of supplies to the JC Sandy Relief at Barrow Mansion. Donations and events to help with the recovery are contuning and building as the work that need to be done is quite massive.

Tonight Barcade is hosting a fundraiser for Sandy Recovery, the event is hosted by the Hudson County Habitat for Humanity The event runs from 6 pm to 9 pm with a suggested donation of $10. Baracde will also donate a portion of their proceeds from the event.  On Thursday, Sustainable JC is hostiong their monthly Green Drinks and Art Party. As per their invite "in place of our new monthly tradition of a Green Swap-Meet, we will be COLLECTING non-perishable items, winter clothing, toiletries, etc. to be donated to the Jersey City Sandy Recovery operation, who has been doing amazing work since the storm hit to get supplies to those in need"

On Friday's The MiCK's host a SHOW FOR HOBOKEN at Maxwell's JC's They Live and Marvin Barry and the New Sounds play in support with Brooklyn's Ghost Pal crossing rivers to help. Meanwhile,  The Everymen and the Brooklyn What and many more host a show at St. Vitus in Brooklyn  If you didn't get a chance to see Ghost Pal at the Cemetery in September...On Saturday Night, Art House Productions hosts JC ReBuild, presented by Art House Productions, Instigatorzine, JC Slam, LaOla, and The Spaghetti Sessions.

I'll be still taking care of the Ladies this Thursday, but the Saturday tune in to Motorfunker Radio at Luckys.

Okay with that covered let's get to my (turkey) meat and (mashed) potatoes of my blog post......
Next week is one of the busiest weeks in my life. Not since I worked 68 hours during the summer at Burger King have things been so busy; First, the 22nd Annual Pagan Thanksgiving is this MONDAY the 19th, and DJ Bill and I are opening up our apartment for a back to the Future Party next Friday the 23rd.

If you haven't been to Pagan Thanksgiving, here's what you need to know. 1. It's at Just Jake's Montclair 2. We Cook the main courses (Turkey,Ham, Mashed, Stuffing, and Gravy) 3. You bring a side dish or a home made dessert. 4. International Wishbone Pulling Competition just before dessert. 5. If you don't have time to make something, please still come and don't give me that lame excuse, this event is a also a fundraiser for the Human Needs Food Pantry of Montclair, so you can relief your guilt with a donation. Jut a note, Montclair is in New Jersey, in fact I used to take the PATH to Newark, the [Newark] City Subway to Bloomfield Ave.  and a bus up Bloomfield Ave to my job. Just Sayin' if you can't catch a ride...

As for the Back to the Future Party 1. You dress up (Retro, Vintage, Future, Back to the Future Movie Franchise) use your [this space purposely left blank] 2. Bring $5 and wear your dance shoes 3. We got the rest covered, IE you do not need to bring libations, we have it covered. you may want to bring a couple of extra bucks if you old man beer, house wine, and well liquor isn't you style as their will be premium bar in the lounge. If you didn't hear, DJ Leonard Smalls is returning from Athen for a guest slot at the party along with DJ Soul, ScottFREE, DJ's Stay Golden Pony Boy and Mr. Blonde, plus a bunch mre DJ's on our two dance floors [formerly bedrooms] Some other important notes, come in costume and/or in mixed company. Any questions/want to help/work for me (of course not ! you are just here to party:)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tears in My Beer Fundraiser Today or This month's Low Down on the Ho-Down

Hope you and your family have made it through what was appropriated called "Frankenstorm". Hurricane Sandy did some major damage to our area,  and in light of all of the destruction, the storm also ushered in a wave of volunteerism and community spirit as we recover.

Today's Tears in My Beer Country Showcase at Lucky's [Juke Joint] will be raising money for the  American Red Cross and accepting donations for the JC Sandy Recover Group, that has organized scores of volunteers to help our friends and neighbors from all of Jersey City deal with the aftermath of the Hurricane. If you are looking to bring items : Currently the group needs are mainly clean-up items such as Contractor Bags, Masks, Tools Bleach and general Clean-up items. You can get at most updated list at We will have raffles goodies, including a Lucky Sevens and JC Tattoo Gift Certificate, and a Energizer All Weather Emergency Radio  and some choice emergency liquor to raffle.

Things start after two with Kalamity Kate and Skinny Steve [Iris Records Ranch] spinning. Music Starts at 5 with a set from Ryan's room mate Nick, followed by the Ashes at 6 pm, Jeremy Wallace at 7 pm, and closing it down with Dan Green's Dive Bombers at 8 pm. Afterwards, Chuck the Buck Daly [JC Tattoo Co.] and I, Square Dancing Tony will Ho-down the rest of the night. Keeping things on the Southernly Route. Expect a couple of Guest DJ's to mosey on in.

There's a whole bunch of fundraising going on to help those affected by the Hurricane. Click here to read Summer Hortillosa's JCI article . I know today and tomorrow the Pop-up at Mary Benson Gallery is doing stuffs.

Next Friday the 16th, The MiCK's will help out our sister city and host a Show for Hoboken at Maxwell's . They'll be donating a portion of the door and their sales of their new EP which will be released that night, Opening the Bill at 8 pm is JC's They Live , With Brooklyn's Ghost  Pal  and Marvin Barry and the New Sound proceeds for this show will go The "REBUiLD HOBOKEN" RELiEF FUND -  -and to The HOBOKEN VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE CORPS.

Prior to the storm we raised nearly $6,000 for the Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery. Thank you again to all the played | came out and volunteered for this event ! 

Don't Forget the 22nd Annual Pagan Thanksgiving Feast is the 19th at Just Jakes 
and The Theme of our Annual Black Friday Party is Back to the Future - It's Going to be McFly CRazy 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh the Horror !

The Ghost is Back my ghoulish friends! And it looks like Mother Nature is holding off on the Blizzard until later in the week.

Now many years since the Venerable Uncle Joe's was leveled to the ground and much like the fabled 111 First Street, all that stands is a rock filled space is haunted by JC Artists, whom at night roam the city at darkness  and sometimes even staying up and out until day break [when they usually have to go to work] 

This year, we open the gates at early at 1:30. With Neil Young and Crazy Horse starting things off at 2:30. The event is a fundraiser for and at the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery. A suggested donation of $10 at the gates, with the Lampost serving to the undead, Hot Chocolate and Cider and Empanadas by Made with Love, Pretzels by Bretzel, and Famous Cal's Hot Dogs serving those who may usually dine on blood and bats. 

Here's the rest of the line-up for the Cemetery: 

3:20 Tom Petty : Zombie Zoo | 4:10 Squeeze : Cool for Bats | 5:00 The Mummies : The Brunch Boys | 5:50 Black Sabbath : Cold Fur | 6:40 The Runaways : Just the Tip | 7:30 Fleetwood Mac - Micks Fleetwood and Marino | 8:20 Danzig - Awkward Girls | 9:10 David Bowie - The Notorious Z.I.G. 
with DJ Jimi Hendrix - ScottFREE spins creepy covers - Illimunations by Norm Francoeur

[Somone shot Andy Wahol and teh Velevet Underground can't play-intsead we are Squeezing in and early Squeeze set - they will also play the After-Life Party at teh Lamppost]

Then it's a Zombie March to the Lampost for the Afterlife Party with:  

10:30 Bruce Springsteen - The Clarence Clemons Revival  11:20 Squeeze - Cool for Bats | 12:10 Smashing Pumpkins - Gosselin | 1:00 The Beatles - Aminal

A couple of important notes: 

First and foremost please be respectful when you are at the cemetery and do not lean on or sit on the gravestones. Also do not  
leave any litter by the Graves, we'll have plenty of garbage cans.

Also, if you are driving, Newark Avenue will be closed from Division up so you'll either a. walk or b. park and walk c. take your broom witches

I can go on and on about this event, but for now I am just truly grateful and thanks ful to all the bands and people that will make this another epic one. 

Now as you know, this isn't the only thing going on this weekend. And as the Rock-it Docket tries not be be self serving let me just give you some head-off about some other parties.

Friday : 

Food Drive | Video Shoot | Winner Takes All Collective & Crazy and the Brains at Henry Bike Garage 
9 C Halloween Party
Ruler Art Show and Birthday Party at Boca Grande
Open Slam @ Grassroots Community Space
Real Gone Halloween Party @ Otto's Shrunken Head with the Subway Surfer 
Horror Movies at Loew's Theater [saturday too]


Con Vivo Fundraiser @Barrow Mansion
Parlay Studios 3rd Annual Halloween Party and Fundraiser for Liberty Humane Society 
MotorFunker @ Lucky Sevens

this post is dedicated to Mothra [Jerry Schade's Mother] who lost her fight to leukemia. You are more than I can write we will miss you  



Thursday, October 4, 2012

All Hands on Decks

I've got more [DJ] slots than a casino this weekend. So polish up your dancing shoes, here we go: Tonight, I'm at Lucky's for Thursday Night's Ladies Night. Ladies, you know the deal, 50% off everything, bring a designated sober lady :) so you don't make a bad judgement call.

This Friday and Saturday is the debut opening of Surf City's Party Dome [think something like this okay maybe not maybe an indoor Xanadu, without the ski mountain, and billions of dollars of cost overruns, but room a plenty for you and 500 of your best friends and a killer sound system. This Friday, I'm tapping DJ Pastiche [LITM] for a an all styles - stylin dance party. This Saturday, I knock on my roommates door [after noon] and DJ WILLIAM MCCAMIE [CAPS LOCK INTENTIONAL - INDUSTRY NIGHT SUNDAYS AT L7's] for an 80's Dance Party, pack your roller skates this is going to be fun. You are all on the guest list, really, it's FREE. 

With me returning to my Chess King | Merry Go Round days, I've tapped DJ Stay Golden Pony Boy and Mistr Blonde to take reins for this Saturdays at Lucky Sevens. These guys combined have less chest hair than an nursery ward, but don't let their youth and good looks  fool you they pack a power punch of music with them. 

That's my jams for this weekend, minus a Saturday AM moped-promotion ride to hang up posters for the Bad Cop | Ghost Dance | Papermaker | Western Medicine show at Maxwell's on Tues October 16th. Which will come right on the heels of the 9th Annual 4th Street Art and Music Festival as part of next weekend's JC Artists Studio Tour [click these links for a full line-up]. For those looking to volunteer for the 4th street art & music festival, there's a meeting tonight.

For this weekend, if we can't be together, please take five minutes of stage time at the Season Kick-off of Art House Productions, and recite your poem, song, or comedy routine about how much you miss me. Showtime is 8 pm on Thursday Night $5 with featured artist Jennifer Egert. On Saturday Night, ArtHouse does some serious Time Shifting  with Experimental Art and Live Music. If you get stuck in the 70's come by Surf City afterwards we can at least get you into the 80's. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's my birthday - here's your present

Tonight. Heading to city to see wyldlife.

Tomorrow renting u-haul throwing hosting 8 bands actually 7 Holmes is playing at the Hamilton Park Festival and my bday extravaganza at Luckys. Coy Kids at 8 pm, DJ Scott FREE and I til close.

Hamilton Park Line up

12:30 pm Forbidden Fruit
1:30 pm The Go Rounds
2:30 pm The Ashes
3:30 pm Secret Country
4:30 pm The Milwaukees
5:30 pm Holmes

also tomorrow

Stand Up Comedy at Art House
Boca Granda Open Mic All Stars


Strange Attractors | No GAS pipeline and Liberty Humane Society fundraiser at Grace Church 4 pm to 8 pm

Indies Dance Party at Luckys with DJ Bill McCamie

Friday, September 7, 2012

JC Saturday and the Lucky Tiki

Visiting Hawaii with is family in the late 70's Greg Brady found a magical Tiki Doll. Thought to be a good luck charm, not since Jan's nose was broken did such physical harm await this family. It took two episodes for the Brady Bunch to finally say Aloha [goodbye in this instance] to the charm and Hawaii.

Fast Forwarding to Jersey City this weekend. A Tiki Stomp Fundraiser awaits us this Saturday, this time, the waves will crash at the Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery [Pushing Up the Daisies/Ghost of Uncle Joe's] Yes friends it's another fundraiser. This one is a real pineapple with Rockabilly, Surf and Hawaiian sounds. $10-$15 suggested donation. Here's more on the cemetery Line Up :

1:15 The Egos [Boston]
2:15 Blue Wave Theory [S NJ - Surf Rock]
3:15 The Coffin Daggers
4:30 Willie and the Wolves [Brooklyn]
5:45 Koefte's Quiff 
7:00 Labretta Suede and the Motel Six

with Hula Dancing by Brooklyn's Baby Doll and Chemin Petite
and DJ 3001, Pat Santoro and Pat Byrne

Plus and After Party at Lucky Seven's with DJ's SEXY LEXY and PISTOL PETE

if you don't have a grass skirt ? pick one up at  Not yo Mama's Parks and Crafts at Van Vorst Park 11 am


Hold on what about JC Fridays and the 50 plus art events? Don't worry Christine Goodman, I didn't forget about you. check out the full listing

We are closing up the Groove on Grove Shop with a 5 band season finale. Under the tent you'll find

5 pm | Winard Harper and Friends 

With adult beverages by Barcade, Hard Grove +

Afterwards come to Boca Grande for Hot Family and Thomas Francis Takes His Chances [music 11 pm] 

And/or check out the Electric Pulse Project at Motorcycle Garage [8pm] 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For Those About to Rock

Tonight's Groove on Grove we roll out the cannons with Wax Darts, They Live, Wyldlife, and Liquor Store playing. I'm moving the lawn back an additional 8 feet to keep up from getting cited with "endangering the welfare of a child". But really friends this show is going to ROCK. The weather is also going to be great so spend some of the last days of summer the fun way. Afterwards, Chuck Daly spins at Lucky Seven's

Thursday, I'm back to serving the female gender at Lucky's. Bless you all. At the Lamppost a former strip-club DJ who shall remain nameless, is hosting 3 bands that really have nothing to do with strip clubs. Check out Murder 1, Coy Kids, and CHARRPIK[sp] for Free. Lamp Dances are extra :).

Friday: Have you checked out Creative Grove lately. If you can't make this years burning man festival, camp out on Grove Plaza for a week. Hey Options. Anyway, My roomie DJ William McCamie is spinning.

Friday Night: Mike Mobius from Moonlight Mile Records joins my kids and self proclaimed rock stars -  Thomas Francis Takes His Chances who plays Maxwell's at Midnight. The Dwell's from Boston play at [11] New Brunswick's Vows is at [10] with Surf gazers and newbie's Parlormint [9] - After Party at your place. No Really.

Saturday: I'm handing of the Saturday Night DJ duties to a Real DJ, as Motor Funker Radio WPRB Tuesday Nights.

[at this time of the blog I am as usual running late for work and am still in a post shower towel]

Sunday: Volleyball at Morris Canal

hey did I miss something, yes. maybe I should stay here all day, you know quit my job and just full time blog -

Friday, August 3, 2012

Headline and Deadlines : The Elegant Science of Memory

I'm on my way to Tierney's in Montclair for a 9pm meeting with Bruce Springstien, he's going to play Nebraska in its entirety, then Willy Nelsun is going to play Red Headed Stranger, and Finally Thom Pettie is going to perform Full Monn Fever. It's all apart of an event called Drifters. Showtime is 9 pm sharp.
Tomorrow night I'm spinning with WFMU and LITM's Detention Night Megan McKee. we start at 10pm.

Sunday I'm going to try to make volleyball for the first time since July 4th. I hope my glasses are still there :)

Please come out for Kayt Hester's | The Elegant Science of Memory this Tuesday Night at LITM.
Besides some awesome art, I'm DJing. Event starts at 7 pm.

I have to hand this one over and to the Jersey City Independent to fill in the rest.
oh not listed is a pretty killer show for Steve and Kate's birthday's at the Lamp Post on Saturday Night.  check out the Cultural Calendar.


= Today is the last day of Hudson Restaurant Week, meaning the end of discounted prix-fixe lunches and dinners.
==In preparation for tomorrow's Bolivian parade, the flag of Bolivia will be raised at City Hall (1 pm).
===Artist Norm Kirby shows off his latest drawings and paintings at Made With Love (7 pm). (See JCI's story on this event.)
====The Hudson Shakespeare Company presents Cardenio, a work rumored to be a lost Shakespearean play, in Van Vorst Park (7 pm).
=====Catch Young Frankenstein in Riverview-Fiske Park (8 pm).

=Michelle Timek Yoga holds free outdoor sessions on the waterfront (9 am).
==The ninth annual Bolivian Parade starts at Hamilton Park and marches toward City Hall (12 pm).
===Local designers show off their accessories, apparel and other goods at the Exotik Fashion Lounge trunk show (3 pm).
====Group art show "Art School Dropout" opens at Boca Grande to the sound of tunes by Papermaker (9 pm, $10 after 10 pm).

=Find great buys at a flea market benefiting the St. Joseph food pantry (8 am).
==The Puerto Rican Parade starts at Lincoln Park and finishes at City Hall, followed by a festival at Exchange Place (10:30 am parade, 12 pm festival).
===JC Film Forum screens 7 Men From Now (7:30 pm, $5).

Thanks for reading.
Jersey City Independent
Facebook | Twitter

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DJ Leonard Smalls Moving On or A Fine Bro-mance

It must have been a little after 3am when Chrsitina aka ShipWreck came into 58 that night. She was with her new friend Charles, a DJ of some sort, he was wearing sunglasses, a head band, and a black blazer and I immediatly thought "who the f*ck is this?" I mean I'm dj-ing here and I wasn't just gonna pass it off to some guy with a laptop [I was still spinning CD's only] .
Now it's alomost seven years later and I have to say goodbye to a close friend. We've had many good times togther DJ-ing, kickball, houseparties,  and Charles has always been the first person I could go to when I was looking for a business sponsorship for fundraising events.
Since guys don't cry, we've just gonna have to bro it up and celebrate his leaving.
Tonight I'm stealing his ladies [night] at Luckys Seven's. At midnight, we will pass the headphones.Don't miss this ceremony, it's more than I write.
On Saturday we are going all Man style with a BBQ.
(deets below)
John Hughour annual installment of beer, bands and BBQ is even bigger this year, and we plan on shutting down 2nd st for all fun. grills will be fired up at 1pm, and bands will start at 2pm on our "outdoor" rock stage. we will be drinking outdoors all day long, and will have ice-cold cans of beer, spiked lemonade, L7's sweet teas and an outdoor beer garden with plenty of draft beer selections, provided by Peerless Beverage. non-alcoholic beverages will also be availble for those under the age of 21.
 s...o come out some time that day, or nite, to say goodbye to DJLS as he packs up his family and heads south a few days later.

Band Line Up :
2:00- The Static Sea
2:50- Wax Darts
3:40- Life Eaters
4:30- The Micks
5:20- The Gully Hubbards
6:10- The Old Glorys
7:00- Aminal
7:50- They Live
8:40 - John Hughes Experience

10:00 DJ Leonard Smalls and Dancing Tony's last dance party

BBQ menu for 7/21:

main: ribs, chicken, vegetable kebobs (V)
specialty: suckling pig
sides: mac-n-cheese, baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, slaw

this will also be your last chance to get your fix of cornbread, included with all plates.

1 main/2 sides/cornbread: $8
2 main/2 sides/cornbread: $12
pig/2 sides/cornbread: $10
3 sides/cornbread: $7
cornbread: $3
I am really going to miss you Charles.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fwd: Groove on Grove Moved to 143 Columbus Ave [The Space Station] 6:30 pm to 10 pm

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "The Rock-it Docket by Dancing Tony" <>
Date: Jul 18, 2012 4:23 PM
Subject: Groove on Grove Moved to 143 Columbus Ave [The Space Station] 6:30 pm to 10 pm
To: "anthony susco" <>

Don't fret my friends.
We have tonight's show covered as in inside
JC Studios takes over Groove on Grove showcasing some of the best music in JC! At the Grove St PATH plaza.

6:30pm All in Italy

7:15pm Robbin' Pain

8:00pm Tha Non-Prophets

8:30pm Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
Don't Forget about DJ Leonard Smalls Last Ladies Night on Thursday and the Lucky Seven's Rock n Roll BBQ this Saturday
See attachements

Dancing Tony
Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure
JC Sunday Volleyball | Ladies Night and Saturday Night at Lucky Seven's |
7/18/12 Groove on Grove Songs from the Soundborad : Arranged by JC Studios with 6pm | Robbin Pain  6:45pm | All in Italy  7:30pm | Tha Non-Prophets  8:00 | Thomas Francis Takes His Chances   
7/19/12 DJ Leonard Smalls Last Ladies Night at Lucky Seven's with Special Guest DJ Dancing Toni
7/20/12 Ethan and Johana's Bday At Pianoland w/ Awkward Girls, Liquor Store
7/21/12 Lucky Seven's Block Party BBQ | DJ Leonard Smalls going away party. With Live Music by 2:00- The Static Sea, 2:50- Wax Darts, , 3:40- Life Eaters, 4:30- The Micks, 5:20- The Gully Hubbards, 6:10- Small Batch,  7:00- Aminal,  7:50- They Live 8:40 They Drew First Blood
7/26/12 Groove on Grove A Collection of Accounts Showcase with 6pm | Duck Goose,  7pm | Sandra Small and the Small Worldband, 8 pm | Winner Takes All Collective
7/27/12 Ladies at Lucky Seven's with DJ Dancing Tony

home 201-FBI-AUTO (324-2886)  | cell 973-219-9696

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday America

Same Story as last year my friends.
while were at it save theses dates
ghots of uncle joes october 27
pagan thanksgiving nov 19
house party 516 jersey ave nov 23rd

sometimes when you have the same party every year you can just use the same email

Jersey City may be cutting it's budget on Fireworks (actually, they have been canceled) but that doesn't equate to us cancelling the annual July 4th BBQ and Volleyball. NOPE, it means another DIY opportunity in Jersey City.

Jersey City Festival of Lights Party
BBQ | Volleyball | Karaoke | Dance party 
Noon to Doom. (set-up at 11 am) Folks I really need a couple of people to set-up 

Folks here's what we need to do, without burning down half of Jersey City, we need to illuminate the coast. So bring flash lights, colored lights, glow sticks, and think about a way that we let launch a giant, illuminated balloon to let Macy's know that we blew our fireworks money on crack. :) JC's infamous Illuminiationist NORM FRANCOEUR filling the minivan. I plan to bring a generator so we have a power source.

If all goes according to plans once dust comes, we will have an illuminated, karaoke, dance party on the waterfront.

WHAT TO BRING (text me or message below)

Bring Games :
We have two volleyball nets, but check your parents garage for : 
Horseshoes, Paddle ball, Bocce, Frisbee

Bring Food for the BBQ:

We will have two grills :
I am marinating a couple of London broils and veggies for the grill. 
we need someone to say yes to :

Burgers  -
veggie burgers 12 - we need - but i assume a vegetarian will bring them.
burger buns
hot dogs
hot dog buns 
some chicken, or somefunky type of sausages,  or better yet help cook. 

Bring something to drink :

I am bringing two cases of water and soda, and making some lemonade. Jersey City Police frown upon bringing a keg to the park so use your f*cking brain folks and maybe make some punch. also we will most likely Big Red Plastic cups 16oz.

Help DJ ?
Help Clean-up ?
Help Norm set-up his lights ?

If you haven't gotten the point yet, if your idea of contributing to a group is just showing up with a pack of cigarettes, do me a favor and find another BBQ. Thanks I love you Jersey City but it's time you got your sh+t together

Message up on what you can Bring.
973-219-9696 cell 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Something to Remember or at least create a reminder

It's showtime my friends.

This Saturday 4th Street Arts is pulling off the biggest show ever on The Owen Grundy Pier. 8 Bands play Shangri-La at the Pier. Brooklyn's Monogold and New Jersey's Brick + Mortar co-headline an awesome line-up including Teeel, Thomas Francis THC, Brum & Drass,. DJ's Motorfunker and scottFREE. Beer and Liquor by PJ Ryans, Crafters from Not Yo Mama's and Food Trucks will converge at 3pm. The First 3 hours are free on Land with The 1 & 9's, I am Heat, and Hot Family. After that it's $15 for the bands on the Pier. The weather looks great and so will the Pier under the illuminated guidance of Norm Francouer. After Party at the Iron Monkey

Thin Vin just whispered in my ear that some awesome bands play at The Lamp post that night. Members of Rye Coalition  play in their newest outfit.

Plus a Go-Down Party at Henry Motor Cycle storage at 397 7th street btwn Division and Newark. DJ's Edwardo El Dos, Airlab Am and C U P 11pm  til ?

Things look a tricky for tomorrow Groove on Globe presented by Sirelo Entertainment. If things donb't work out Groove on Globe is set for a reprise the fist Wed of August.

Thursday Night is a cluster of great events:

At Zeppelin Bierhall catch BANDing Together for Fulop, showcases a host of local talent supporting Ward E councilman Steve Fulop's bid to become JC's next Mayor. Things start with young talenteer Katja Larssen at 7pm, The Christine Seddon Band, Billy Alpha [WJ & the Sweet Sacrifice] Warface, Ladell Mclin, and finally Rainbow Fresh finishes the night.

Art House Production's new play, Something to Remember Me By kicks off their two week stint at ArtHouse. JC Food Coop is hosting a Chef Showdown at their Coop Spot on Hoboken Ave.

Brooklyn wiser than thow's should check out the Tiny Giant's Northside Festival Showcase at The Grand Victory. TFTHC starts things off at 7:30, Courtesy Tier [830], The Nico Blues [930] and Those Mockingbirds [1030] rock-it to you

Friday the weather should be great for the weekly Creative Grove at Grove Street Path.

Next week is pretty packed as well.

Next Wed : Groove on Grove First Stop newbies showcase with The Big Wake, Vows, and Celia Celeste Play

Next Saturday :
Not Yo Mama's 4th Annual Blow Out
Chewiepalooza stock
Art House Summer Blow Out
Dangerous Dave's B-day with Wyldlife at Lucky 7's with Awkward Girls and Wax Darts. This will be last time to see Wyldlife locally before they head mid-west to tour.

and Next Sunday NO GAS PIPELINE BBQ Music Fest at Barrow Mansion. Bands, Bowling and BBQ with craft Beer from NJ Beer Company. Gazelle, Fairmont, Shayfer James, The Micks, Winner Take All Collective, The Defending Champions and the Milwaukee's

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Totally Radical Saturday

Hey head uptown today for the Everything Jersey City Festival ! on Central Ave til 6pm. Chico Mann plays at 5 pm.

Tonight, Trickle Down to Luckys for Reaganomical time at Lucky Seven's 80's Prom or Head over to Lamppost for a JC Studios presents.. night. [see all the pictures on the side]

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A matter of Grave Importance or Pushing Up the Daisies Fundraiser this Saturday

Mother Nature is clearing her cloud calender this weekend for the Pushing up the Daisies Fundraiser a the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery this Saturday. Hold on what ? a fundraiser for a cemetery ? why does a cemetery need money ? Long story short the cemetery was last abandoned [except by it's permanent residents] in 2008 and is maintained by a non profit organization who with the help of volunteers and two vets that serve as caretakers keep this historical treasure of out city in good order. The cemetery annual budget of about $36,000 is funded entirely by contributions so won't you help us celebrate and preserve the cemetery this Saturday at the:

The Pushing up the Daisies Festival

A benefit for and at the Historic Jersey City

and Harsimus Cemetery - $10 Suggested Donation

May 12th 2012 [12:12 to 10:10]

Food by

Mums for Mom 

Live Music by:

1:00 Scott Wolfson and the Other Heroes folk-influenced indie-pop

1:50 The Gully Hubbards (Ace Case|James Dower|Amy Elise)

2:40 Leaf Pile indie-folk

3:30 Bob Parins [with David Heilman on drums]

4:20 Awkward Girls [new project from Rob Castellon , Matt and the Daly brothers]

5:10 Winner Takes all Collective [with Junestar, Alex {Aminal} and Sean Patton]

6:00 The United States of Bugaloo [Deivis Garcia, with Bj Torres and Carlos Cartagena of Polyabuse, Jeslyn Garcia, and many surprise guests

6:50 The Nico Blues wave rock band [Killing Horse Records - Tiny Giant Collective]

7:40 Cicada Radio Garage / Indie / Post punk [Killing Horse Records - Tiny Giant Collective] 

8:30 Wyldlife 70's-stylized garage/powerpop/punk rock and roll [Merifield records]

DJ's William McCamie and ScottFREE

for more information and to donate and

Six Beats Under after party at Porto-Lounge 
drinking miss daisy and $2 yingling drink special 

Thank you 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

save this date - May 12th : Pushing Up the Daisies Music Festival

The Pushing up the Daisies Festival

A benefit for and at the Historic Jersey City

and Harsimus Cemetery - $10 Suggested Donation

May 12th 2012 [12:12 to 10:10]

Live Music by:

1:00 Scott Wolfson and the Other Heroes folk-influenced indie-pop

1:50 The Gully Hubbards (Ace Case|James Dower|Amy Elise)

2:40 Leaf Pile indie-folk

3:30 Bob Parins [with David Heilman on drums]

4:20 Awkward Girls [new project from Rob Castellon and the Daly brothers]

5:10 Winner Takes all Collective [with Junestar, Alex {Aminal} and Sean Patton]

6:00 The United States of Bugaloo [Deivis Garcia, with Bj Torres and Carlos Cartagena of Polyabuse, Jeslyn Garcia, and many surprise guests

6:50 The Nico Blues wave rock band [Killing Horse Records - Tiny Giant Collective]

7:40 Cicada Radio Garage / Indie / Post punk [Killing Horse Records - Tiny Giant Collective] 

8:30 Wyldlife 70's-stylized garage/powerpop/punk rock and roll [Merifield records]

for more information and to donate and

food from Cal's Famous Hot Dogs

Take care of mom at our Mother's Day Daisies Booth

**my apologies to mike mandraccia for not doing his flyer justice.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

digable this

hey saturday.

tonight thomas francis and are down in basement in new brunswick. text me at 973-219- nine six nine six
actaully don't bother I just found out they are getting ready to play. damn that;s ok we will be in hoboken next saturday fir for the digable arts festival.

in town two fundraisers for the event take place at Boca Grande and The Lamp Post
my girl dj sexy lexy is spinning a dance party jams at LITM
my boy dj leonard smalls spins the Saturday night special at luckys.

tomorrow' perfect weather is worth netting volleyball at morris canal.
all are welcome  net set up at at one.

groove on grove is jazzing it up with wednesday
Bryan Benninghove and New Tricks Jazz play this wednesday
last week's bands Devi play june 1st jcfridays | the Static Sea plays may 23rd, and hopefully sylvana joyce and the moment are in for may 16th.

okay so with spring back - the sweet smell of flowers are bringing out the bees.
next saturday you can buy a dinner companion at art house's JC's Most Eligible
come and bid on a dinner date with JC's bachelors and bachelorette's, I'll be auctioning off.
the event is free. bring some cash for this lovely fundraiser for ART HOUSE.

while i got you here mark may 12th for the PUSHING UP THE DAISIES FESTIVAL [a benefit for the Historic JC and Harisumus Cemetery]  confirmed to play is Leaf Pile, Scott Wolfson and the Other Heroes, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes, Gully Hubbard, The United States of Bugaloo, June Star and Alex [aminal], Nico Blues, Cicada Radio, and Wyldlife.

go rocky

Friday, March 30, 2012

Just click right back and I'll tell you a tale

The Minnow sails again this Saturday Night . It is guaranteed to run aground on a sand bar, as at this moment the trap is being set with two tons of sand being spilled out for Lucky 7's Beach Party Weekend [Friday-Sunday]. On Saturday, come dressed as a Castaway or in beach attire for extra special drink specials and prizes for the Gilligan's Island themed mis-adventure. DJ Soul and Daveed are at Port-O lounge this Saturday. They will be grooving it as well and it will be a good place to wash the sand out of your trunks.

Groove on Grove debuts this Wednesday at 6pm with and all-star ensemble. The Defending Champions at 6 pm , The One and Nines at 7 pm, and Food Will Win the War at 8 pm. Liquor from Barcade and Saigon Cafe.

It's Mom's Birthday Tonight. It's ends in a zero so It's important and I can't tell you the other number.

gotta go

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

two weekends at the beach

Hi welcome to the Rock-it Docket your own version of Facebook enlightened.

This Friday Thomas Francis Takes his Chances is playing the Everymen VHS release party at Asbury Lanes. Nico Blues opens things up at around 9 pm. Crazy and the Brains, misplaced said item and forgot that they were double booked. Come early and stay late we will be hanging  in the Asbury Hood all night. If you can make the beach on Friday. Save your coconuts and prepare for a ride on the USS Minnow next weekend, for Lucky's 7's annual Beach Party weekend. On Saturday 3/31 DJ's Little Buddy and the Skipper will make sure to steer things on right on the sand lot. Drink specials for costumes castaways.

Next Friday, at about the same time half a ton of sand will be spread out on Lucky's floor, Chico Mann plays Robert Piersanti's closing party at Boca Grande.

This Sunday, check out Paul Vincent galley from 3pm-7pm for the opening of Obscure Dignitaries.

here's the rest 140 charachters or less:

W: Tempest Open Jam at LampPost 
W: Open Mike at Boca Grand
R : Open Mike at Moore's Lounge
R : A High Line grows in Jersey City at Barrow Mansion TALK, DISCUSSION & BOOK SIGNING
With Robert Hammond, Co-Founder of Friends of the High Line and Coalition Advisory Board member. The story of how a remarkable community collaboration came together to create a park celebrated worldwide. Free and Open to the Public. Sponsored by the Embankment Preservation Coalition. Co-sponsored by Barrow Mansion Development Corp, with support of Harsimus Cove Association.For more information about these organizations, please see: The Embankment Preservation Coalition: Friends of the High Line: Harsimus Cove Association: 

F: Creative Grove Artist Market at Grove Street Plaza 
S: Sus-tain a Fundraiser for the Creative Grove Artist Market 
Fundraiser for Creative Grove Artist Market sat 24th of march, 10 pm - 1 am at Boca Grande,
564 Washington Blvd, JC Pavonia Newport The artist market needs the community to keep the fabulous programs, music and awesomeness WEEKLY, let's chip in and party at the same time! We will be showcasing three excellent bands at Boca Grande with  THOMAS FRANCIS TAKES HIS CHANCES | THE AUDIOBODIES | OMEGA PLEASE.  all JC favorites, homegrown music, supporting our weekly public platform for the artists and creatives Special guest DJ to be announced.
More details to come. Its going to be an extraordinary event

note: No Facebook links were used in creating this blog.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please Read Before Drinking or Green with Heavy [Drinking]

St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday : O'Dear.

Now you can take all day to read James Joyce's Ulysses's or practice up on your Gaelic.

What's that you say ? you are really just looking for an excuse to drink all day, okay figures. well; first wear something Green, add and "O' " too your last name. Call every girl Lass. Make sure you don't know anything about Irish history and at some time be so wasted that you even you don't know what you are saying.

I'm starting early too, DJ William McCamie [last name not modified] and I,  Dancing Tony [I'll be doing the jig I guess] will be spinning at PJ Ryan's St. Pat's Block Party. It's just East of Snookiville on Mercer [and Barrow] We are spinning from 1 pm to 10 pm out doors on their back deck, with an Irish Band that covers The Chieftains to U2. The Party moves indoors until close. Two Bars outside as well.

Later in the Evening:

Secret Country play Kearny Irish
DJ Leonard Smalls at L7's St. Pat's Party - Stuff going on all Day too [I think]
I'm not sure there are bands at teh Lamp Post as they may not want to waste valuable drinking space :)

Now also any other Establishment that serves alcohol may be doing something similar to this so please enjoy, be safe and eat something !!!

Just a guide here : Avoid anyone wear a plastic green bowler hat.

Even though you may wish to be a party animal please don't get your pet wasted

Sunday : Looks good for Volleyball : Try to sleep it off

Saturday, March 3, 2012

For further information please call 411-5858

Hope you made it out last night for JC Fridays. Thanks to a 3 hour nap I was a one stop shopper, and spent my night at Pianoland. Great sets by the Ashes [new album available on iTunes], I am the Heat [with their newest member Billy Franklin] and Thomas Francis Takes his Chances  [shows on March 10th & March 23rd at Asbury Lanes]

I got a bunch of questions and emails last night that I wanted to clarify some things:

1. The Rock-it Docket is not ceasing bloglication.  [although I've been considerably slowing things down] I am however looking for a Charlie [Charlie and the Chocolate Factory] assistant to update the information and links on this blog. If you interested and involved in the Jersey City Scene and have about 5 hours free.

2. The business known as 58 Gallery was closed by Orlando Reyes in January, you can check the 58 website for further details or contact Orlando about his future plans and a new location for 58 Gallery.

3. After ten year's on Harrison Street in Hoboken,  Moonlight Mile Recording Studio, run by Mike Mobious,  will soon call the back room at 58 Coles Street their new home. When the new space is ready we will keep you posted about events, which will surely have a musical focus. As for the front space, which formerly housed the front gallery for 58 Gallery, Artists looking to show artwork, and those people interested in curating shows in the Front Room should contact Jon Besante.

If you are still confused wait for the VH1 special

Friday, March 2, 2012

JC Fry Days and Night

all you need to know about today and tonight.

oh but you want to sit on my lap and have me read it to you.

sorry no can do. but there's cool pics on my blog.

I'm hoping to go uptown to Moore's Lounge for some Fish Fry and LIve Music compliment of soem Freakin Fabulousness. JC Studios has Fort Courage and All in Italy. Boca Grande is unblocking the rock in a Headbanger's ball of music. On the late late Pianoland has teh Ashes, In am the Heat, and my kids Thomas Francis Takes His Chances.

You may have noticed that there are no listings for 58 this time around. If you are unaware, Orlando closed 58 Gallery in January. The back room of 58 Coles Street will soon be the new home of Hoboken's Moonlight Mile Recording Studio. Once things are finished keep you eyes and ears open for events to continue.

as usual I'm out of time. anyone who is involved in the Jersey City scene and is interested in making something and some money keeping this blog relevant give me a call.

if i missed your event this time I also missed the other half of my lunch hour :) so yuo owe me a sandwich.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Kiss is on My List

I know everyone is busy losing their collect!ve sh!t because a couple of Jersey Girls are coming to our Shore town, sadly they won't be able to attend Lucky Seven's Valentine Party this Saturday night. I would have loved to have their fresh lips work the Charity Kissing Booth, but alas I've been able to conscript some others to offer a Jersey City "Kiss of Death", all of the proceed will go to benefit the Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery.  The beneficiaries and host of the Ghost of Uncle Joe's is facing a shortfall in funds. I'll have T-shirts and hoodies to raffle off. Maybe some spin the whisky bottle fun and seven minutes in the Lucky 7's ladies room, which is considered heaven in comparison to the Men's room. Things start at 9 pm with the Dirty Shames and then Robbin Pain. DJ Leonard Smalls and Me, will get you Cupid on the Dancefloor.

Saturday Night also has the well touted Liquor Store at the Lamp Post.

Tonight it's the Mick and the Ashes at the Lamp Post.

Gotta go build a kissing booth. check out the rest.


Friday, February 3, 2012

It all comes down to this (e-mail)

I may not have largest TV ot the biggest couch, but this Superbowl, my deep fryers play at at home. If you want to come by, bring some thing to drink and share, text me ahead I'll have the batter ready. Also bring a coupel of bucks for boxes and we'll make a game of it. Kick off is after 6 pm. All fans are welcome.

The rest you are going to get compliments of the Jersey City Independent: Thanks Melissa Surach

Rob Piersanti’s first Pop Art Show of the year takes place at Boca Grande, complete with a complimentary wine tasting and live jazz band (6 pm, free).
The Black Maria Film Festival returns to NJCU for the 31st year. Admission is free to the premiere of the film festival, and refreshments will be served (7 pm).
Ladies on The Mic presents First Songs of Spring, a free concert celebration featuring two bands that cross pollinate their classical training with other musical genres like jazz, rock & pop–at Art House (7 pm, free).
American vibraphonist Eldad Tarmu performs at Raphs Plaza African Market and Internet Cafe (8 pm).
There’s a weekend-long Dogfish Head Beer Benefit at the Iron Monkey. A portion of sales from all Dogfish Head drafts and bottles will go to 3 different charities (all day).
The Museum of Russian Art hosts a closing reception for two shows: Red Show and Mechanical Theater (4 pm).
Jordan’s Lounge hosts a National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Benefit. The event, presented by Our Youth, features dinner and celebrity impersonators and will honor HIV Activist Timothy Daniels and Jersey City councilwoman Viola Richardson (4:30 pm, $10).
The Laugh Tour returns to Art House for “an evening of hilarious stand up comedy” (7 pm, $15 in advance, $20 at the door).
The Dogfish Head Beer Benefit continues at Iron Monkey.
St. Matthew’s is holding a Winter Rummage Sale fundraiser complete with home-cooked meals (12:30 pm).
The Brightside Tavern – Two separate package deals, both include an open bar and buffet. Plus they’ll pick you up with a free shuttle service. 141 Bright Street.
The Lamp Post – A pre-tailgate party starts at 4 pm with $1 Clam Chowder and $5 Boilermakers. $3 shots with every touch down, $2 Kamikaze shots throughout the game. 382 2nd Street.
LITM – Will be showing the game on the big projector screen, and have drink specials and food specials all day–including $2 off all drinks if you’re wearing a Giants jersey. 140 Newark Avenue.
Lucky 7 – Food and drink specials all day, plus Giants jersey give aways at the end of every quarter. 322 2nd Street.
O’Connell’s – Happy Hour all night, $5 food menu, and give aways. 111 Montgomery Street.
Powerhouse Lounge – $40 presale/$50 game day package for open bar and unlimited food during the game. 360 Marin Boulevard.
Zeppelin Hall – The beer garden is boasting the most biggest hi-def screens and half price beer and wings. They will also have mug and jersey giveaways. 88 Liberty View Drive.