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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

danicng tony landscping llc looking for daytime volunteers. at 4th street

Sunday, September 27, 2009

gov corzine just showed up
the raffle booty for this benefit is inbelievable 100 gift certs for 10 restaurants 3 pairs of nets tickets dinner for to at vu great chances
bbq and beer benefit for the marc dinardo fund is on 50 50 raffles art 1 pm to 5pm dancing tony leonard small freddie fingers tent djs

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gather My Thoughts and Troupes

I know it's four days after the fact, but let me just say thanks again to everyone who participated in last weekend's kickball Olympics. The pains and aches that some of you are still feeling helped raise over $500 for the Learning Community Charter School. Here are Erin (Kickin it Old School) and Kirk (Zombie Apocalypse) Picture Links. As I previously may have mentioned or boasted my team, the Kunstballers (58 Gallery ) took the Gold, and then liquidated it at the White Star immediately afterwards. Easy Riders again took the Silver, while the We Love Cheese under the direction of the leadership of the Reverend Al Sharp Cheddar got Bronzed. we love cheese spirited play garnered them some Nine Lives skate shop's I Love JC gear. Thanks again to the Jersey City Tattoo Company , Balance Hair Salon. , Easy Riders , Grove Street Bikes, Another Man's Treasure , 58 Gallery and Boomerangs for their prizes. Betty from Boomerangs let me know that her store is almost completely empty. Look for some special Garage Sales at 58 in October.

Locally, Made with Love Organics has begun serving brunch on the weekends and is offering Grab n Go dinner specials. Tonight (R), there is a special Communal Dinner, with Jazzman Brendan Kibbee entertaining. On Saturday Night, Ace Case plays in. Tonight (R), I am back at the Lamppost, my little bro, Cootah. He is busy readying JC for next Saturday's 4th Street Art and Music Festival. There 18 live acts on two stages and hundreds of artist taking part in the clearly an anchor event of the Jersey City Art Studio Tour. Friday's Official Kick-off Celebration is at Grace Church (who is hosting members of tour organizers Pro Arts). 58's Annual Group show, Masks of Gods, curated by Brenda Buck and Grant Worth, Friday at 7 pm. There will plenty to see and to make it easy on your feet. Easy Riders is offering a special Art Tour Package. Let me pull back because I am getting again of this game...

Okay when I last tangent-ed, we were talking about Thursday, Jersey City's Ladies Night. Barrow Bar, and of Course Lucky Seven's Leonard Smalls will treat you right. Tonight's drinking honors Melissa Surach, who was recognized at last night's City Council meeting for her contribution the arts and Jersey City. I guess now it official now and when people say "Jersey City is a joke", we can at least say that we have a mascot ! Congrats Melissa ! Babyhole is back at the Lamp Post until IMAC reopens for the 2012 Olympics.

Friday Night's ladies recognition starts with the return of the Garden State Rollergirls to the match circuit. Their all star unit, The Iron bound Maidens skate against the Pioneer Valley squad. This bout is an alternating double header with the men's roller Derby team, The New York Shock Exchange battling against Pioneer Valley's Dirty Dozen.

A not as competitive Cake Fight takes place at Port-o-lounge for Lucky Sevens Bartender, Lena, celebrating her 25th on the 25th with DJ Motor Funker . Word out that she won't be the only celebPretty in a birthday suit though, it's double trouble when Christine noGoodman shows. In Williamsburg, Jupiter One, has their CD release party for Sunshowers. They've got the headline spot that night, then they ride shotgun for the Regina Spector tour. Congrats guys. have Fun. It's Hells Yeah at LITM, Caligula at Lamp Post, and Jason at Bar Majestic.

Saturday looks to be the sunniest of the weekend, so Volleyballers should report for duty at about 1 pm for set up. We are running out of sunlight, and the 6 hours of sunlight you just slept through got tired of waiting. again One o'clock. Night crawlers can catch Thomas Francis Takes his Chances and an equally verbosely named Strange Things done in the Midnight Sun combine for the two longest named bands to ever perform at the Lamppost. Thankfully, the Lamppost has no Marquee. In Newark, another long bill of No Pasaran, WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice will get all essexy playing with the Frozen Gentlemen and Zed Never at Kilkenny's Ale House. A shorter a sweeter story will unfold at Lucky Sevens on Saturday Night when alice 'n sophia guest DJ's with Leonard Smalls.

Leonard Smalls, Freddy Fingers (York Tavern Tuesdays) and I are all DJ-ing Sunday's Battalion Benefit for fallen Jersey City Detective Marc diNardo. Edward's Steakhouse hosts this Charity Fundraiser Cookout to benefit the Detective Marc DiNardo Memorial Fund, with a cook out featuring the grilling skills of Police Chief Comey and Fire Chief O’Rielly. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Sandwiches, Beer (Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois,& Bass Ale), Wine, & Soda will be served.

monday --- not yet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dont think groove on grove falled off the cliff. autumn rocks with the mcmickle brothers and the devyl nellys today at 6

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

babyhole comes back to the lamppost tuesday night put your funny where your mouth is jack parsons moonproject at nine guest host st patrick
babyhole comes back to the lamppost tuesday night put your funny where your mouth is jack parsons moonproject at nine guest host st patrick

Sunday, September 20, 2009

kunstballers win gold at jc olympic kickball easy riders take silver we love cheese got the bronze thanks to everyone who made it great

Jersey City Olympic Kickball Finals to be Played in Jersey City Today

Here's the line-up for todays Finals.

Folks if you come to watch or play please DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL INTO THE PARK. (I added the please for courtosy). The parks department will close down to tournament. Seriously, The White Star is accross the street, come up with a plan. Thanks. And thanks to teh teams that particiapted we raised over $500 for the Learniong Community Charter School.

Sunday Sept 20th

11 am Neutronic Ninja vs Easy Riders (home)
12: 15 pm Zombie Apocolypse vs Kunstballers (home)
1:30 Winner 11 am vs Kickin It Old School (home)
2 :45 pm Winner 12:15 vs. We Love Cheese (home)
4:00 pm Bronze Metal Match loser 1:30 vs vs loser 2:45
5 :15 pm Gold Metal Match winner 1:30 vs winner 2:45

Saturday September 19th Results

Kickin it 7 Neutonic Ninjas 3
We Love Cheese 13 Neutronic Ninjas 9
Kickin it Old School 9 Kunstballers 8
We Love Cheese 9 Zomibie Apocolypse 4
Kunstballers 17 Easy Riders 12
Easy Riders 18 Zombie Apocolypse 9


1. We Love Cheese 2- 0 (22 runs scored 13 against)
2. Kickin It old School 2-0 (16 runs scored 11 against)
3. Kunstballers 1 -1 (25 runs scored 21 against)
3. Easy Riders 1-1 (30 runs scored against)
5. Zombie Apocolypse 0-2 (13 runs scored 27 against)
6. Neutronic Ninjas 0-2 (12 runs scored 20 against)

Afterwards in Sunday, check out the Black Diamond Heavies at Iron Monkey its a free show of a National touring band that is basically playing in a dining room. It'slike seeing Billy Joel in the Rathskellar in '84. DJ Bill spins at Luckys.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

kickball alert 2 new sched 3pm kickin v neutron 4pm welovechez v neutron 5 pm kunst vs kickin 6pm chez v zomb 7 pm kunst vs easy 8 pm zomb vs easy
kickball alert 12 30 game and 1 45 moved to 6th street park all other games starting with 3pm moved up an hour played at enus jones field

Friday, September 18, 2009

You're the one for me Matty

Olympic Kickball returns to Enos Jones Field this weekend. With the undefeated White Star Team in China, the playground is open for any of seven teams to raise Gold. The two day competition is a benefit for Jersey City's Learning Community Charter School. Saturday's Qualifiers start at 12:30 with Kickin it Old School playing newcomers, The Neutronic Ninjas. The Ninjas and some of the other teams are still looking to recruit extra players, there's a kickball draft for nomads at 11:30 and then open practice until the first game. Anyyways, just show up and we'll see what we can do, careers in score keeping, refereeing and field engineering await you. On Sunday, the six top teams will compete for Gold (aka a $100 gift certificate from the White Star,) Tournament MVP's will get gift certificates from the Jersey City Tattoo Company , and a free haircut from Balance Hair Salon. with Nine Lives skate shop's putting up I Love JC merch for the most spirited players/cheerleaders. This is all about fun and event sponsors, Easy Riders , Grove Street Bikes, Another Man's Treasure , Boomerangs, and 58 Gallery have consolation prizes for the less fortunate. Consolation and celebration will also be available at the White Star both days with drink specials for teams. At the end of Saturdays matches, DJ Motor Funker take his first spin at the Vinyl Solution. At Luckys's Trip and Falle, DJ Pants aka Sara spins her birthday set with Leonard Smalls. The Lamp is Posted with a Ever Reviled Evening featuring Nathan Carpenter and Darren Deceide.

Earlier on Saturday, the JC Craft Mafia has a supply swap at the Stockinette from 4 to 5 pm. A group of Jersey City artists are also on the walls for the " I love my Life " show at the new Eureka Gallery in Hoboken. The show is curated by Rolando Ramos, of Artifications and Other Jam fame. DJ Purple Stuff Kevin Spyker spins you in and out. Things start at 7 pm .

Sunday volleyball is still on, but I won't be fixing any kickball games to make it there though. After we crown the kickball champs, it's time to wind down or wind up with DJ Bill McCamie at Lucky Sevens Industry Night.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

I miss you my Matty Girl

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

if i had time to come up with a title i would have

Thanks to everyone who supported the 4th Street Art and Muisc Festival, Mission : Remission, and 58 at last Sunday's Mac and Cheese bake-off. This was a pretty busy weekend with Hiroshi's Art Opening , Groove on Grove, JC Fridays, 3 DJ gigs, the PADNA BBQ and the Toasting of the Ta-Ta's Breast Cancer Bar Crawl. I still haven't had a chance ......Anyway, I'll post some links later, but I just have few minutes to catch a taping of the Daily Show today. Here are my notes

Boomerangs : Betty will be closing the store at the end of the month. Everything is half-off.
Paul Vincent Life Drawing Tuesday : Tonight
The Demands : Play Tuesday at Maxwell's with a cool band from Spain.
Groove on Grove : Wednesday's Band The Choirs of Titan and Square Wave Punch
Jack Parson's Moon Project : This THursday at Alphabet Lounge NYC
58 Life Drawing : Thursday at 58

This weekend : JC OLYMPIC KICKBALL a benfit for the Learning Community Charter School
Still have room for one more team and some individuals email me at rockitdocket(at)

grammer and spell check : no time

Saturday, September 12, 2009

it all came down to this

If rain wasn't so valuable to the ecosystem, I would be cursing you Mother Nature !.. you tried to mess with JCFridays and today the PADNA BBQ ? well, that's it.... tonight you won't mess with the One and Nine and guests at the Iron Monkey, you can stop the six to eight mathmatics at the Lamp Post, and my roomate Bill McCamie, he said he's got a vinyl solution for you at the White Star, and as for me, don't even think about flooding the basement of Lucky Sevens, cause Leonard Smalls and I are going to boogie it down for my birthday whether you like it or not. got it ??? and while I am at it if it isn't sunny for Volleyball on Sunday and/or the Mac and Cheese Bake-off at 58 needs and umbrella stand my attorney will be contacted.
padna b art b que til 6 pm local crafters on the rafters break dancers at 2 brian leopold at 3 crosstown country all stars at 4 dj dt allday

Friday, September 11, 2009

all wet road lead to lex leonard gallery for an jcfridays after party . also grass roots til 1 and middle eastern dance at jsq cafe
dont let a little rain wet your pants groove on grove is on 6pm to 10 pm litm on site with sawdeee in musth and frozen gents at 58 8 30pm

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your Membership Tues are Do

Thanks for your continued support to the Rock-it Docket, with your patronage, we were able to shave off 8 letters of our web address and now you need only to type in to access this excess of local information, but please don't let this stop you from duplicating your sponsorship by joining (the) Rock-it Docket fan base on Facebook.

Well, here's what you just paid for ...

JC Olympic Kickball weekend is two weeks away. The two day tournament starts on Saturday, September 19 with the qualifiers where each team will play two teams, then the top 6 teams will compete on Sunday the 20th for Olympic Gold. With testosterone testing the Olympic Committee during the scrimmage games last month, the board has decreed that all teams must have a minimum 8 people to play, with a maximum of six males on the field with two infield positions womanned by the ladies. The players union is also in talks with management regarding the illegal water balloon use scandal, a resolution will be announced before game time. Email me at rockitdocket(at) to sign up a team $100 or as an individual $12. The 2009 Kickball Olympics is a fundraiser for Jersey City's, K through 8th grade : the Learning Community Charter School. Incidentally, the LCCS parents have entered a team to play. Prizes from, Another Man's Treasure, Boomerangs, Balance Hair Salon, 58 Gallery, Easy Riders, JC Tattoo Company, Grove Street Bikes, Nine Lives Skate Shop and of course the White Star Bar are for the hunters. With White Star daily drink specials and refreshments for the gatherers.

This Sunday you can test and taste your own cooking skills for Fourth Street's Art and Music Festival's Mac and Cheese bake-off. Individuals ($20) and Restaurants ($50) will compete for the bragging rights of Jersey City's best mac and cheese, there will be a Top Chef Master's final judiciary system to incorporate mob justice with eatery eliteness to this famous side dish that has elevated itself to entree status. If you want want in, email my little bro marc.caterina(at) You can also win this sweet bike, from 4th Street, just order a side of raffles with your Mac and Cheese.

Okay as for those membership Tues...

Tonight(T) or also known as as we speak, The Paul Vincent Gallery continues their weekly Life Drawing Classes. Melisa Surach's Babyhole, will be held exile on the second floor of the Iron Monkey. Adopting a late-night approach to her program, Ms. Surach has conscripted Snowball 37 as Tuesday Nights house and warm-up band. The comedy starts at 10 pm with six slots available for the willing, special guests, Dave Angelo and Bredan Fitzgibbons keep things legit and musical comedy powerhouse Ike and Mike the Perfect 10 roll you too. Melissa's uncomfortable comedy routines sometime make you feel like you just kissed your cousin, but don't worry not every sketch is like a tongue kiss :) plus, plus The Iron Monkey rooftop will also have a secretive meeting of WFMU's "Best Show" enthusiasts and radio guest for the clan-destined of the Friends of Tom club.

Across town, talent will be crooning at Luckys Seven's with live music and the Lamp Posts' open mike Talent Show hosted by Kevin Spyker. The stage is set, come play it.....

Wednesday's live entertainment, will be served at this week's city council meeting. The proposed Redevelopment Pay-to-Play Reform Ordinance, drafted by Civic JC and Citizens' Campaign, proposed by Councilman Steven Fulop and unanimously voted to be introduced on the first reading by the municipal council is on the council agenda for second reading, public hearing and possible vote. The ordinance was first introduced (and almost unanimously rejected) two years ago. Now with Councilwoman Nida Lopez on the grill for filing taxes returns under two different names in two different states and Council President Mariano's Vega'$ problems, the call for reforms has grown. There's a planned pre-rally at 5:30 for the 6 pm meeting.

After the council votes on renaming Newark Avenue Dancing Tony Way, quietly shuffle out the wood doors and make your way to your gig at the Stockinette for the Hominid's Season Ender. Jack Parson's Moon Children , Colin Comstack and Chris Nye host what may be the Grand Finale (Jack Parsons Moon Child a plays Thursday September 17th at the Alphabet Lounge.) Also looking to leave Jersey City, Any Day Parade will be breaking up tonight !! really, but don't cry in your beer, this just means that ADP Drummer, Pat Byrne (DJ Lucha) spins at Luckys with ADP guest DJs, and ADP bass player Chuck Daly is spinning at the Lamp Post.

You won't have to worry about missing Groove on Grove this Wednesday, we've moved the show to JC Friday with LITM serving their summer lemonade and Bar Majestic filling in the gaps. In case of rain, the show will be under a tent, Euro Latin Funk artist Rebecca Valejo starts things at 6pm, Brooklyn's Overlord, plays a indie/pop/rock sound with JC keyboardsman Tris McCall. At 8pm, Jody Porter, who not only plays with Fountain of Wayne, but is also another Jersey City resident takes the stage with Dan Haag (Campbell Apartment) and Marty O'Kane ( April Smith and the Great Picture Show ) , whom also cal JC, home. The night closes at 9 pm with American Anthemists, the Milwaukees . You can catch some live music on Wednesday at the Hominid Party the Stockinette.

While the other galleries are gearing up for JC Fridays, on Thurday Night 58 is proud to present Hioshi Kumgai's Garden of Binary Love, first views are at 7 pm, with at 9 pm sharp show of the watery analog sound of Newarks' Una Pong . For JC Fridays, we have a date 9 pm date with the The Frozen Gentlemen . Thursday's after-party at the Lamppost welcomes DJ Leonard Smalls !!who, in order to keep his two year attendance record at Ladies Night in tact, is taking up shelter at the Lamp Post while Lucky Seven's is sealed off for a Mercy Hospital TV Shoot. Regularly, I am forced to go up against the Sir Charles, but the good forces of network Television have me teaming up with him for this special Ladies Night then we seal the deal on Saturday at Luckys for my pre-birthday DJ set. It's all part of the birthday week philsophy.

Thursday Night takes WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice to Arlene's grocery for benefit for Adrianna Cavanagh, a 2 year old girl recently diagnosed with cancer. WJ plays at 11 pm with friends Katy Mae at 10pm.

JC Fridays is worthy of a full post, but for me to do so would divert another 4 hours away from my 2007 apartment reorganization Master Plan. Plus here the full list . There are a couple added bonuses for JC Fridays, THE WAREHOUSE a new art/event space at 140 Bay Street , in the Powerhouse opens its doors to present “Bird Minus Fish.” Conceptual design by Atelier Production (StockinetteOx Events). Next week the Warehouse will begin showing free films on Thursday Nights. The Grassroots Community Space is Teaming up with the Railroad Studio for a full ensemble of events, while JC Fridays Founders, ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS has kept their schedule light with an opening reception at Cosi Gallery for artist Manya Kotlin who presents a series of "oil drawings" a medium Kotlin and hei cohorts created in the late 1980’s in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
A heavy schedule of events will keep things going almost all night at the Grassroots Community Space (54 Coles Street). At the Lex Leonard Gallery, ROTATION new work by Maurizio Zuluaga's will be on display.

Locally on Saturday afternoon, the PADNA (Powerhouse Arts Neighborhood District Association) hosts their fourth annual bbq : food art music and everyone's favorite cheap beer will be there. There will be live performances by Brian Leopold of the Pocono's and the Crosstown Country All Stars I've got DJ duties in between and some hoisting (this is not misspelled I'll be propping you up) . You can fight Breast Cancer via Bar Crawling through 5 of Jersey City's libation stations finally ending up at Lucky Seven's for my Birthday Set with Dj Leonard Smalls.

Check back at for more stuff, on this weekending JCFridays, September 11th

Monday, September 7, 2009

volleyball bbq today at morris canal. just a reminder i know you read my blog

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Dazed Part 2

Here are some updates for those of us not sitting in shore traffic.

Tonight (Friday Night, I am spinning for DJ Hells Yeah at LITM.)That later so you can start with at Gallery Opening at 32 Jones Gallery. Nathan Carpenter at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn (8pm) or Comedy Night at Stockinette which returns this Friday. You can start laughing at 7:30 Asie Mohtarez, Dave Greek
Carrie Gravenson do it all for $3. A True Story plays at the Iron Monkey.

DJ Caligula has Death Doom Deeds at Lamp Post and DJ Jason is at Bar Majestic tonight (F) . Tell them I said hi !

Saturday, Flaming Fire members AAAA Locksmiths at the mysterious floating Waterpod on Saturday at 7pm . Here's the facebook . Keep your flotilla moving and you can stumble upon some lost Burning Man Souls in Brooklyn or swim back home to our Jersey City Shore for Any Day Parade is kick off to their September Tour. Wave Bon Voyage at the Iron Monkey with Fairmont, The House of Leaves are at the Lamp Post with Eric Fuzzco on the post gig spin.

Saturday Sunday and Monday will be Volleyball Days this week.
As for me I'll be there on Monday with the grill.
Next Thursday, we have Hiroshi's Kumagai's Binary Love art opening at 58., and then things get full tilt with JC Fridays next week. This weeks, Vinyl Solution is on Holiday for the weekend and there's no music at Made with Love Organics, since Celeste is closed until Sept.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Labor Daze

Okay all of you fans of drawing, sketching, char coaling, painting naked people. This week, three of your local life drawing classes are working together on an Exquisite Corpse drawing Project and fundraiser. Tonight's (R) Life Drawing at Paul Vincent Studios, 58's Thursday Life Drawing Class [correction there is no drawing class at the Lex Leonard Gallery this friday ] will all dedicate the final 20 minutes of their classes to allow artists to draw either a head, torso, or legs to be used for the project. The event is a benefit for Peace by Piece Studio. For more information please contact the Tina Maneca at Manecatin (at) Rumor has it that Jersey City Craft Mafia is also involved so please be careful :). And for those needing more bodies of proof check out next Saturday's (9/12) exhibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery, London artist d*face, will be "Re-interpreting the exquisite corpse concept, each piece in Ludovico Aversion Therapy features a singular composite subject created using an amalgamation of various branded corporate identity mascots combined with classic superhero characters, interspersed with typography derived from comic book art and advertising." I ope that cleared things up in your head.

The completed Exquisite Corpse works will be on display during the Jersey City Art Studio Tour Weekend October 3 -5th. With limited city funding, the struggle to raise and find funds is keeping all of us busy. Yep that's our jobs folks trying to make a scene happen and trying to pay for it at the same time. In case you didn't notice, Creative Grove took a hiatus last Friday, and even though it rained, the event was cancelled for costs, or lack of. And if you made last Wednesdays Movie at Van Vorst, again that was the final movie of the season unless more funds can be raised. And for teh projects I am working on again, I don't want to throw up the hay sh*t we have a problem, but again it's money that matters in making things happen in the city. So please support your local businesses that support the arts and supports the arts when you can. For the 4th Street Art and Music festival we are auctioning off a bike (see fl yer on side) and next Sunday we have a Mac and Cheese bake off.

Wednesday's Line-up for Groove on Grove has Snow Ball 37 and Lamp Post Band Booker and Bartender, Joe Conderacci's Third Party out for a sunny day. In between the two bands, Jersey City's Brazilian martial artists, Au Capoeira will dancefightsing their wares with a demonstration. Their classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at Grassroots Community Space. Equal Degrees of Sunshowers will also be found at Jupiter One's listening party at Piano's this evening (7pm). For an afterward, Steff has recruited Chico Mann's Marcos Garcia to spin for the GonG after party at Lamppost while DJ Sup Babes has Luckys undercover.

On Thursday Night, Ben Franklin is bringing crates of their new CD, Optimist to Pianos for a record release party. I'll be bringing my crates of tunes to the Lamp Post on Thursday for a Pre-labor Day weekend karaoke dance off, as usual it should be an all dude affair with Leonard Smalls holding the ladies hostage at Luckys...Next Saturday on September 12th, I'll be pre celebrating my birthday at Luckys with Leonard Smalls so mark it down. On Friday Night, I am spinning for DJ Hells Yeah at LITM.

Comedy Night at the Stockinette returns this Friday. You can start laughing at 7:30 Asie Mohtarez, Dave Greek
Carrie Gravenson do it all for $3. Caligula has Death Doom Deeds at Lamp Post and DJ Jason is at Bar Majestic. 33 Jones has an art opening Friday Night and Nathan Carpenter plays at Pete's Candy Store.

Saturday, Any Day Parade is kicking off their September Tour with a Bon Voyage show at the Iron Monkey with Fairmont and the Fringe Dwellers, if you haven't heard IMAC is temporarily closed for some "repairs" but their shows are back on the second floor for now. Check back later on when we are having the closing reception for John Feskens Ehullek Tragedies at 58. Next Thursday, we have Hiroshi's Kumagai's Binary Love art opening, and then things get full tilt with JC Friday next week. This weeks, Vinyl Solution is on Holiday for the weekend and there's no music at Made with Love Organics, since Celeste is closed until Sept.

Sunday and Monday will be Volleyball Days this week. Tracey and Ruril may even be setting up the net on Saturday as well. As for me I'll be there on Monday with the grill.