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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please Read Before Drinking or Green with Heavy [Drinking]

St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday : O'Dear.

Now you can take all day to read James Joyce's Ulysses's or practice up on your Gaelic.

What's that you say ? you are really just looking for an excuse to drink all day, okay figures. well; first wear something Green, add and "O' " too your last name. Call every girl Lass. Make sure you don't know anything about Irish history and at some time be so wasted that you even you don't know what you are saying.

I'm starting early too, DJ William McCamie [last name not modified] and I,  Dancing Tony [I'll be doing the jig I guess] will be spinning at PJ Ryan's St. Pat's Block Party. It's just East of Snookiville on Mercer [and Barrow] We are spinning from 1 pm to 10 pm out doors on their back deck, with an Irish Band that covers The Chieftains to U2. The Party moves indoors until close. Two Bars outside as well.

Later in the Evening:

Secret Country play Kearny Irish
DJ Leonard Smalls at L7's St. Pat's Party - Stuff going on all Day too [I think]
I'm not sure there are bands at teh Lamp Post as they may not want to waste valuable drinking space :)

Now also any other Establishment that serves alcohol may be doing something similar to this so please enjoy, be safe and eat something !!!

Just a guide here : Avoid anyone wear a plastic green bowler hat.

Even though you may wish to be a party animal please don't get your pet wasted

Sunday : Looks good for Volleyball : Try to sleep it off