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Sunday, January 26, 2014

JC Rolls out the Green Carpet for the Broncos and Seahawks or Sunday Night Football in JC

Hello people from the state that created Football Jerseys.

As you may know, this years Superbowl is here in New York. With the exception of the actual game, the two Championship teams are staying here in Jersey City (Rumor has it,  Governor Christie said it could be difficult crossing the Hudson). Anyway, today there are two fan and family friendly events taking place; at 4pm AFC Champions, The Denver Broncos be welcomed at the Hyatt, and at 8pm NFC Champions The Seattle Seahawks will be welcomed to yes my friends Jersey City. Home of the Homes for the Superbowl.
There will be field goal kicking, hot chocolate, giveaways and music provided by yours truly, Dancing Tony. Oh and John Elway and Pete Carroll with be on hand at the events. You Game ?

Afterwards tonight, DJ William McCamie spins at Lucky's.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Deep Fryers | Dance Parties and Snowballs

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone who made it out to last week's forum on the JC's Ambulance Contract. The City Council has deferred the vote past their meeting on the 15th. You can read more about the forum here.

I'm on the quick with this one. The blog is all updated for the weekend as in Saturday with the exception of my DJ Night tonight at Lucky7's. I'll be joined by new JC resident Vince Wilt aka dj headdy sizzahands. [Hey if you want to DJ with me, why don't you check out and actually sign up and Play DJ Pastiche's Open Turntable Wednesday's at the Lamp Post] Also missing is tonight's Crazy and the Brains at DROM at 8:30 pm show in NYC. You can ask them.

Without crossing bridges you can take the land route to Lot 13 in Bayonne for the Black Hollies, Overlake and The Wax Darts or head North to Hoboken for a Folk Duets with Lauren Lesko and Michael Matthew at Northern Soul. Check the links on my blog.

On Sunday, it's a deep deep fryer frozana at my place. First Wings at 3pm. Please text or call me and if you are coming so I can tell you to bring beer, singles for boxes, and/or something to deep fry.

Art House Productions Annual Snow Ball Fundraiser takes place next Saturday the 25th. It's a black tie creative event. get your tickets here. On Tuesday,  grab a slice and Check out Drum and a Tantrum and DIYGFY at Two Boots at 7 pm presented by ART HOUSE.

This Thursday. It's Girl on Girl's Night at Lucky's with special Guest DJ MC Escher.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why doesn't anyone like C|arePoint ? or I'm hurt call me a taxi !

What is it about this C|arePoint? She's like your best friend's new girl/boy friend, and no one has anything nice to say about her? If you aren't sure who/what I am referring to here, let's take a minute and return to 2013. Towards the end of last year, Jersey City requested proposal for a new 3 year contract for ambulance services. The mayor's office appointed a five member committee who ultimately compared the only two proposals submitted. One came from CarePoint/McCabe a for-profit medical services company that owns Bayonne Hospital, Hoboken Medical Center, and recently purchased Christ Hospital;  the second bid came from the Jersey City Medical Center, a non-profit organization that has run the ambulance program for the last 130 years, and operates the new Jersey City Medical Center. After a close vote, the 5 member board recommended to award the contract to CarePoint and on the last council meeting of the year, the City Council planned to vote on this measure. Done deal? Thankfully not, and hopefully not.

Okay back to Ms. C|arePoint, your best friend's new boy/girlfriend. Here's why I'm not in favor of you dating her/him.

1.  CarePoint – which has canceled agreements with nearly all insurance carriers – gets a huge financial benefit from ER admissions. By state law, insurance companies must pay full price for services administered to patients coming in through the ER. from  Hudson Reporter - City punts on ambulance contract Decision on hiring company is delayed until after the New Year 

2. CarePoint's - Bayonne Medical Center Has the Highest Billing Rates in The Nation. Bayonne Medical typically charged $99,689 for treating each case of chronic lung disease, 5.5 times as much as other hospitals and 17.5 times as much as Medicare paid in reimbursement. The hospital also charged on average of $120,040 to treat transient ischemia, a type of small stroke that has no lasting effect. That was 5.6 times the national average and 23.6 times what Medicare paid. from May 16, 2013 New York Times  Just a note - either of these bill's would give me a heart attack [actual dollar cost not cited here] 

3. I haven't found one person who has anything nice to say about CarePoint's billing or employment experiences. I know a mother who is fighting a $19,000 bill for her three year old son's a three hour ER visit to Christ Hospital, a woman who works at a CarePoint hospital who described her bosses a "another faceless money making system" . Yes CarePoint donated 100 or so meals to St. Lucy's Shelter around Thanskgiving, but I bet they haven't been back since, nor did they even take time to offer any medical services to anyone in the homeless shelter while they were there, you think they would give away something they had unlimited access to ? Nope !

4. The JCMC uses EMT's who have trauma training and have a six minute response time, while a CarePoint ambulance focuses on transport. No thanks, I'm calling A-1 Taxi instead of 911.

5. Finally, the city has not reached out to the community for their input on this contact selection process. Sorry, with the exception of the late December city council meeting, in which member from the community could have spoken on behalf of the measure before it's vote. So well timed for the holidays, like I'm not busy enough !

On Wednesday at 7 pm. January 8th, a Public QandA Forum is taking place at the Mary Bethume Center at 140 MLK Blvd. community leaders will come together to host a public forum regarding the controversial EMS contract at the Mary Bethune Center. Jersey City Medical Center CEO Joe Scott will be present to answer questions. Carepoint/McCabe declined the invitation to attend. The purpose of this forums is to allow the general public to hear from both health care providers bidding on an EMS contract with the city of Jersey City. The open forum was originally co-sponsored by Civic JC and Beacon Block Neighborhood Association.

Finally, on Wednesday January 15th, The City Council will most likely vote on the awarding the contract to CarePoint, please join other concerned citizens from SAVEOUREMS  in opposing this measure.