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Saturday, April 14, 2012

digable this

hey saturday.

tonight thomas francis and are down in basement in new brunswick. text me at 973-219- nine six nine six
actaully don't bother I just found out they are getting ready to play. damn that;s ok we will be in hoboken next saturday fir for the digable arts festival.

in town two fundraisers for the event take place at Boca Grande and The Lamp Post
my girl dj sexy lexy is spinning a dance party jams at LITM
my boy dj leonard smalls spins the Saturday night special at luckys.

tomorrow' perfect weather is worth netting volleyball at morris canal.
all are welcome  net set up at at one.

groove on grove is jazzing it up with wednesday
Bryan Benninghove and New Tricks Jazz play this wednesday
last week's bands Devi play june 1st jcfridays | the Static Sea plays may 23rd, and hopefully sylvana joyce and the moment are in for may 16th.

okay so with spring back - the sweet smell of flowers are bringing out the bees.
next saturday you can buy a dinner companion at art house's JC's Most Eligible
come and bid on a dinner date with JC's bachelors and bachelorette's, I'll be auctioning off.
the event is free. bring some cash for this lovely fundraiser for ART HOUSE.

while i got you here mark may 12th for the PUSHING UP THE DAISIES FESTIVAL [a benefit for the Historic JC and Harisumus Cemetery]  confirmed to play is Leaf Pile, Scott Wolfson and the Other Heroes, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes, Gully Hubbard, The United States of Bugaloo, June Star and Alex [aminal], Nico Blues, Cicada Radio, and Wyldlife.

go rocky