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Thursday, July 19, 2012

DJ Leonard Smalls Moving On or A Fine Bro-mance

It must have been a little after 3am when Chrsitina aka ShipWreck came into 58 that night. She was with her new friend Charles, a DJ of some sort, he was wearing sunglasses, a head band, and a black blazer and I immediatly thought "who the f*ck is this?" I mean I'm dj-ing here and I wasn't just gonna pass it off to some guy with a laptop [I was still spinning CD's only] .
Now it's alomost seven years later and I have to say goodbye to a close friend. We've had many good times togther DJ-ing, kickball, houseparties,  and Charles has always been the first person I could go to when I was looking for a business sponsorship for fundraising events.
Since guys don't cry, we've just gonna have to bro it up and celebrate his leaving.
Tonight I'm stealing his ladies [night] at Luckys Seven's. At midnight, we will pass the headphones.Don't miss this ceremony, it's more than I write.
On Saturday we are going all Man style with a BBQ.
(deets below)
John Hughour annual installment of beer, bands and BBQ is even bigger this year, and we plan on shutting down 2nd st for all fun. grills will be fired up at 1pm, and bands will start at 2pm on our "outdoor" rock stage. we will be drinking outdoors all day long, and will have ice-cold cans of beer, spiked lemonade, L7's sweet teas and an outdoor beer garden with plenty of draft beer selections, provided by Peerless Beverage. non-alcoholic beverages will also be availble for those under the age of 21.
 s...o come out some time that day, or nite, to say goodbye to DJLS as he packs up his family and heads south a few days later.

Band Line Up :
2:00- The Static Sea
2:50- Wax Darts
3:40- Life Eaters
4:30- The Micks
5:20- The Gully Hubbards
6:10- The Old Glorys
7:00- Aminal
7:50- They Live
8:40 - John Hughes Experience

10:00 DJ Leonard Smalls and Dancing Tony's last dance party

BBQ menu for 7/21:

main: ribs, chicken, vegetable kebobs (V)
specialty: suckling pig
sides: mac-n-cheese, baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, slaw

this will also be your last chance to get your fix of cornbread, included with all plates.

1 main/2 sides/cornbread: $8
2 main/2 sides/cornbread: $12
pig/2 sides/cornbread: $10
3 sides/cornbread: $7
cornbread: $3
I am really going to miss you Charles.