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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kicking Balls - Taking Names

Hey All,
We have two days of that grueling, so hard to play without proper athletic skills, kickball going on this weekend. If you haven't A> Made plans to go to the beach cause this is one of the last weekends before Labor Day B> Going a a friend's wedding, bbq, or deportation hearing. please consider coming down to ye olde Enus Jones Park to help us with this Fundraiser for the Learning Community Charter School. I'm coordinating a couple of teams for Saturday and Sunday, so we'll definitely have room for you to have fun. $10 donation is all it takes. email me at rockitdocket(at) or you can text me 973-219-9696.

Tomorrow Night, the skies will be all clear for the Souled Out Showcase at this week's Groove on Grove. If you are unaware, some Grove Point Residents are appealing to the city the shut down, Groove on Grove, Creative Grove and the Farmer's Market, in essence they are looking to end any programming in the plaza. So as usual, here we are again fighting to keep something from being shut down, please sign this Save JC Music on-line petition. As you may have also heard, Port Authority is looking to raise the PATH fare from $1.75 to $2.75. Apparently, some one ran off with all of their money ! Bullsh1t.

I know most of you are lovers and not fighters so here's some other reasons to spread your self out


JUST ADD LAUGHS open mic JERSEY CITY! at the Warehouse cafe FREE 8 pm
The Everymen and Ben Franklin @ Mercury Lounge  


Bob Piersante's POPulation at Club H 6:30 to 9:30 pm


Thomas Francis Takes His Chances at John and Peter in New Hope


Norm Kirby White Star Art Show


Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery Benefit Show 5 pm

Sorry friends duinner is calling

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Footstock | 3 Days of Peace Love and Kickball and other ways to Trip Balls

After some scheduling delays and a lock out by team owners, the Kickball Olympics aka Footstock dates have been set. Sadly,  now we need to scramble to utilize the field for next weekend, August 20 and 21st, but they our our for the using so to wait until September seems a waste. Huddle in, here's the deal, we are running a three day Olympics that will culminate on Saturday September 24th at Mary Benson Field. For next weekend, August 20th and the 21st, we are setting up qualifiers that will allow the two best teams to get a buy round for the Olympic finals. Regardless of how teams perform next weekend, all teams that play will automatically make it into the September 24th finals.

Here's what you need to do. Help me spread the word. Get a co-ed team of ten (max 15 on roster) peeps together. A minimum of 4 women must play for the qualifiers, teams will be even 5 guys 5 gals for the finals. Email me at rockitdocket(at) and let me know if you can play Saturday noon to 7 or Sunday noon to 6. Oh and don't worry about missing brunch the White Star is next door. Just a note the Olympics are a charity event, so if you think you are the charity of this town, please skip contacting me. If it was free for me to get the field, free for me to make sur ethere's a full cooler, free for me to drive around, free for me to..... you still don't get it ? Sorry I ranted. obviously not very becoming of me.

Okay if I didn't turn you off here's the rest of the goings on.

Tuesday : bands at Lucky's  | DJ Glampost at the LP
Wednesday : Groove on Grove w/ First Time's a Charm Showcase
Thursday : Pier Sessions in Hoboken
Friday: Wyldlife at LP
Sat: Cooling Reception for Orlando Reyes in NYC
Sun: Volleyball

maybe i turned my self off too ?
I'm done