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Friday, May 29, 2009

now before it comes later

I was operating out of a log cabin when I sent out my last email, so I have to start with some corrections. Kevin Spkyer and John Young's band is called the Land of Look Behind name change aside they are playing with Bern and the Brights at the IMAC tonight (F). The Swigs play two sets at O'Hara's tonight . And Billy Filo's Twilight Procession is at the Parkside Lounge in the city with the Bamboo Kids . So you can get your JC Bands on anywhere. On Saturday Night, Kilsy is at the Lamppost. While the Campbell Apartment is at the IMAC. Sunday you can catch live Music from Noon to 4 pm at the Village Art and Flea Market.

I alos managed to not mention the Garden State Rollergirls chrity bout tonight (F) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the DJ Side Caligula, Lamppost tonight (F). On Saturday Night, Pistol Pete (Rockin Lifestyle) guest DJ's with Leonard Smalls at Lucky's.

Saturday is set to be a full day of stuff. During the day, free tours of the Italian Village Section start at noon. Come by Madame Claude's (4th and Brunswick) before noon for your venture into the old world. Also Es Oro Gallery on Brunswick is hosting "Speakeasy Summer Sessions Vol. 1 " with The REAL LIVE SHOW, a live hip hop band from BKLYN/NYC and Resident DJ Zuko" things start at 2 pm with the band on at 3pm. Come by to also check out their latest exhibit the Division Bell. Artwise, at 58, we have the final viewing of MARE 139's exhibit. There is an artist talk at 5pm and the closing reception is from 7 to 10 pm with DJ Johnny Astronaut.
Also on Saturday Night 660 Grand is having an art function, the night is followed/or continues to transform into a party into the late hours.

Sunday Looks Delicious fort Volleyball as well as the Art and Flea Market on 4th Street. ...............

If you made it this far, congrats you beat me..

Monday, May 25, 2009

Grilled to meet you

Volleyball is on today for a Memorial Day Treat. We set up about noon. Plus, I am bringing the BBQ. Text me at 973-219-9696 if you need a suggested. (Orlando, if you are reading this I need to come by). It's a New Moon on Monday tonight with DJ LuLu at the LP.

We play volleyball at Morris Canal, the park by the Portside Apartment Buildings at the end of Washington Street. Google 155 Washington Street (or is it an evenue) just follow Washington away from Hoboken.

Give thanks to those who made America Safe so we could enjoy this holiday.

Friday, May 22, 2009

outdoor super-market open today

thanks to Uta from fish with braids gallery the creative grove outdoor art market starts today (F)
memorial day weekend is a little light in events. but an urban dance party in on tap at the lamp post tonight (F). there are some rumblings about an water bug weekend but I am not into rumors text me if u want to be scooped. 973-219-9696

the rest is at (look down )

next week :

Tuesday : Babyhole Spring Finale Show part 1 or 2
Wed : DJ William McCamie at ole
Thurs : Dancing Tony Karaoke Party
Friday the 29th, Garden State Rollergirls Charity Bout . The Swigs at O'Haras.
Saturday the 30th. Backyard Beats @ Eso Oro Gallery; Closing Party for Mare 139 with DJ Johnny Astronaut
Sunday the 31st : Village Flea Market

Thursday, May 21, 2009

4 days in 4 days out

short spurts - location based :

Made with Love " DJ Hells Yeah (R) , Jazz Night (S)

Lamp Post : DJ Caligula is in for DJ Alfonse tonight (R) at the LP, Street Justice's Urban Dance Party is Friday Night with the Kabuki Killers and Destitute NJ on Saturday Night

Lucky Sevens : Ladies Night(R) with Leonard Smalls, Leonard Smalls on Saturday. DJ William McCamie this Sunday Industry Night

the IMAC : Black Water on Friday Night. The Old Man and his Po' Bukra with Nathan Carpenter, Darren Deceide, and someone else (check to the right)

Volleyball: Monday instead of Sunday, but if you want to play on Sunday call me to arrange to pick up the net.

sorry but the dream machine is out of hype today. I can tell you this if you would rather go to the city every night just move there. oops too angry.. okay how about this the opportunities to expand your neighborhoodliness are waiting for you.. that's better and just in time for graduation

APW Festival

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miss Ohio takes the Curvy Staights home tonight

Groove on Grove is all on tonight (W) with Miss Ohio and the Curvy Straights playing. Miss Ohio walks the pageant line at 6 pm and then it's the Curvy Straights at 7 pm. Afterwards, music continues with the Hominid Party at Stockinette with the Moon Parsons Band. The Hominid Party is a open mike BYOB event.

Afterwards, it's HOT Rod (WFMU) at the LP tonight (W) and Lucha DJ (Pat Byrne) at Luckys.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I think I got it... now let me tell you about it -

Hey Campers. I just spoke with Roland Ramos and Camp Jammy-Land is still on for this weekend. It's a weekend worth of melodical momentum with a 24 hour jam session. Call the Birthday Boy at 201-394-9891 if you want to get in it's $25 for the weekend. As for Sunday, Cootah is keeping an mouse click on the Weather Channel to make sure his BBQ and Kickball Game wont be washed out, if so a rain date will be in the works, running in the same parrelel universe Sunday's Volleyball will out.

Start our Saturday Spinning for Life at Club H. The event is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Spin Master Larissa Drennan has some slots open at 1 pm if you need brunch first. On Friday May 30th, The Garden State Rollergirls have their 3rd Annual Charity Bout for the American Cancer Society. This weekend you can also help support the Historic Loews Theatre by attending their Legendary Laughs films on Friday and Saturday. And even with our own municipal election almost over, you can help Support the Charismatic Crusading Raverend Bill Talen in his efforts to win the New York City Mayoral Election at Fundraiser at the Lex Leonard Gallery.

There are a couple of Art Adventures coming up. This Friday, Es Oro Gallery opens their season with The Division Bell (Black and Blue) explores the difference between between Black immigrants and African American Culture. On Saturday, you can catch artists and businesses at the Everything Jersey City Festival in the Heights. Uta from Fish with Braids Gallery has worked with City (HDSID and Cultural Affirs) to start a weekly art market at the Grove Street PATH. The first event is scheduled for the 22nd and Artist looking to get involved can check out You can also show and hustle your art ways the the First Annual Village Flea Artket Sunday May 31st, or get involved in Jersey City's Cultural Arts Festival at Liberty State Park on June 7th. Artists can Contact Greg Brickey at Cultural Affairs Tel (201) 547-6921. Applications are due on May 20th get a move on. Artists, I am also looking for someone to design my Rocki-it Docket Logo. I don't have much to offer you but good exposure and some official merchandise when it comes out (excluding the Rock-it Docket Porsche).

Speeding things up to tonight (R), DJ Hells yeah plays an early unique song set at JC's hottest Venue the Made with Love Organic Bakery. Really, every Saturday Night you can check out Live Jazz, R&B, or Tango. There's a link to teh right by Luckys and the Lamppost. I've got my gig at the Lamppost tonight(R) , I have to delay a full on Karaoke Party until the 28th. I am working on some new songs and don't have all of my glitter ready. Thursday will be a celebratory affair at Luckys though. Mrs. Leonard Smalls will be on hand celebrating her 20 th B-Day. Street Justice is at DC's in Hoboken for an all vinyl sound slam. and Tris McCall is in (his) My Teenage Stride at the Cake Shop tonight (R) . They return with Pow Wow for the Cake Shop's 4th Anniversary show on Saturday Night. Check the schedule because it's a 16 band 44 song set.

On Friday Night, Mr. Badger and Friends are at the IMAC, Saturday Night, Brooklyn's Ben Franklin joins, Kilsy and the Frozen Gentlemen at the IMAC. The Pocono's are at the Lamppost Saturday Night. Brendan Kibbie plays Jazz at Made With Love. Also on Friday, At Tierney's tavern in Montclair, Lucky Seven's Tuesday Night Showcaser's Deivito!, Bern & the Brights, Tip Canary, McMickle Brothers

As for Sunday, go back to the top it's one big circle from here. But don't forget about Grassroots Community Space's Sunday Soulful Potluck Dinner. On Monday's tehy have a Middle Eastern Dance Session.

This Wednesday it's Miss Ohio and the Curvey Straights at Groove on Grove.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The End Results

The Heally Team may still be at Casino in the park after last night's almost sweeping victory. Hopefully someone will be out today taking down all of the signs. Thank to all of the candidates for making my mailbox feel loved again. It was a tough love showing for upstart the One Jersey City , but considering how other more entrenched candidates polled, their movement will continue to grow and be heard. Downtown's Steve Fulop cleared the finish line two lengths ahead of the pack. You can read up on the results at the JC Independent or Hope you voted, like the other 10% of us ?

As for the rest of the Jersey City's Party Party, we all fared well and will be celebrating our non elected positions at Groove on Grove today with the Little Jazz Giant - Bryan Beninghove Organ Trio today (W). That's from 6 to 8. Hoboken Council Man for the Arts , Pat Longo is spinning tonight (W) at the Lamppost. The King of Chess (DJ Caligula) holds court at the Grassroots Community Space firts pawn moves at 7 pm ?

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Choice is Yours - Poll with it

Attention Fellow Citizens :

Jersey City is auctioning off the Mayor's Office and the entire City Council tomorrow (T) . Yep I know it sounds crazy, but they have this strange system known as an election where you and your Friends can go to place bets on who you want to be our next Mayor, and our representative Council Peeps. It's like going to Boston Market, you get to choose a Main Course and get a couple of sides to go with it. The Polls open from 6am to 8 pm. Please go out and vote. If you are still unsure if you want the Fried Chicken with Macaroni and Cheese and Spinach or the Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and a butter roll. Here some advice from some taste makers :

The Jersey City Independent has done a great job following the candidates. Their election coverage has debate videos, candidate information. and can even tell you where to go. The Hudson Reporter and the Jersey Journal also have their takes on the election. But a more personal approach can be filtered from JC Resident and Political Musician Tris McCall . He's actually done a sign count. Yummy. You can also check out Melissa Surach's (Babyhole Comedy Night) choices on her blog. She'll be hosting an Election Night Special tomorrow at the Lamp post. It may be the first night she get returns. (get it returns!) As for me, you can check out my blog or my front stoop to 9 C who is right for me with Ward E.

On the subject of Elections, The Reverend Billy Talen, who is running for Mayor of NYC is having a fundraiser (read Hellraiser) this Friday at 143 Columbus, more info to follow.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blast (and I'm) Off !!

busy ?

tonight (F) Jaden Rogers and Kate Hoos are on and off the wall at Balance. The Reception for their new works ExLibius (aka books) is from 7 to 10 pm. Caligula twirls his mustache and music at the Lamppost after 10 pm. Heavy Craft Soft Landing plays tonight and ends after tomorrow night (S) with and cast party and Full Moon Celebration at 660 Grand. Early on Saturday you can saddle up on the LITM tour bus and head upstate to Alba Vineyards $65 gets you there and back and everything in between (click on the pic to reserve a spot). There is also a Bark for the Cure, Canine Cancer Fundraiser at Liberty State park. This will defiantly be a pet-friendly spot.

Ever Reviled Records is hosting a Early 3pm , CD Release Party for Nathan Carpenter, The Old Man and His Po Buckra, with The Dirty Teardrops from Brooklyn. Lats time I caught Nathan Carpenter, it was a real Bayou Bonanza, the Old Man does the same. again it's an early affair to get your Saturday Swinging. Finish the night up with Any Day Parade at the Lamppost.

You can the IMAC website for a this weekends band listing Next week Ben Franklin, Kilsy, the Frozen Gentlemen play at the IMAC.

Call me/email me if you can Volleyball on Sunday. I have dinner with Mom at 5 pm. so i would be down for a noon start. Remember she love you no matter what, o take care of her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Outdoor Living

Groove on Grove is back up and rocking today (W) at the Grove Street PATH. Higgins (6 pm) and Any Day Parade (7pm) stage press with LITM slinging drinks. The Groove on Grove are sponsored by the Historic Downtown Special Improvement District and the music series runs every Wednesday until September 30th, with two supershows on JC FRIDAYS (06/05 & 09/11). The Silver Fox and I run sound and host. With local businesses promoting everything from Antiques to Zen Meditation. We have a full line-up with two bands per session this year.

After Grove on Grove, additional music can be made along side of sweaters and scarves at the Hominid Party at the Stockinette. Brian Leoplold from the Poconos will be your sweet muffin for the evening. The event is an open mike affair and a BYOB shindig. Later on tonight (W) ex Camel Hocker Ralph DJ's is at the Lamppost and Lucha DJ celebrates seis de Mayo at Luckys. JC resident Justin Woo spins at the Warper Party at the Delancey. This event is billed as "2 Floors of Omnidigital DJs and Biomorphic Musicians. Live Music from 8pm Sharp!"

For a more grounding experience. Tonight the gloves come off in the battle for Ward E (Downtown JC) Debate tonight at the Cordero School. Local Independent Steven Fulop will be defending his 4 year service against Guy Catrillo (Healy Party) Joe Terrazi (Manzo Team) Jamie Vazquez ( Smith Team) . The debate starts at 7:30 pm and questions from the audience will be directed from the moderator. The election is next week so make an educated decision and read Jersey City Independents Election Coverage .

On Thursday Night, The Milwaukees play their monthly show at Bar Majestic, my littel bro, DJ Alfonse spins at
the Lamppost and Ladies Man Leonard Smalls spins a gender biased drinking special session at Luckys Sevens (it's Ladies Night).

As long as the weather hold out tomorrow you can also catch the Ward E Mayor's Block Party atClemente Sports Complex at Enos Jones Park/Ward E from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, 2009, weather per. This is the location where last year's Olympic Kickball Finals were held. Speaking of, summer is quick upon me and I am looking for volunteers and assistance putting together some summer fun. Email me at if you are interested in helping me organize, promote, get sponsors, referee, cater any of the following

Rolling Thunder Parade : a two wheel party procession to benefit Meals on Wheels and the Breakfast Plus Program at Grace Church (July 18th)
Shangri-la : Local Music Festival at Owen Grundy Pier (July 18th)
Bowling and BBQ'ing at Barrow : A fund raiser and food drive (date tba)
The Kickball Olympics : Expanding from a one day tournament to a monthly round robin playoff. (dates tba)

you know how i rolled . hope you can help

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mayday Mayday !!! Is anyone out there ?

Thank you to everyone who came out for April's going away party last night. She left Promptly at Midnight, but promised me she would be back in 11 months, guaranteed, okay folks, at least that what's she promised May before she left.

Actually everyone will be out tonight (F). In addition to our opening at 58 for Veteran Graffiti Artist Mare 139 , Grassroots Community Space is hosting The People's Revolutionary Party (a jazz outit) its 143 Columbus Ave that's hosting(sorry my mistake) Ward E Candidate Guy Catrillo, and the Mayor is alos supposed to stop by. He's actually kicking off his Block Party Tour today in Ward A. Perhaps the political posse party will start with the Cinco de Mayo Party and Parade across from City Hall at Bar Majestic. Cerveca starts to flow at 4 pm and Mi casa amigo senor bill mccamie spins. His second shift for Cinco de Mayo is at Luckys at Midnight. The Conquistador, Caligula is at the LP tonight.

Things also kick off with two debuts this evening (F) . Art House Productions Heavy CraftSoft Landing begins their run on The Human Life Cycle. Rock and Sushi Roll presents the first show tonight (F) at the Grand Bank (across from the post office) WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice Headline. The Event is the offspring of teh mysterious Mike Digger who runs the The Jersey City Music Scene myspace page. He's is going to be doing monthly shows, so bands give him a shout. Speaking of Shouting, a reformed Flaming Fire along with their new marching Greek Chorus at the ISSUE project Room in Brooklyn. It's an all ages, we got dinner covered affair.

On Saturday night, folk rockers Copsetic play the IMAC, at the Lamppost Kawasaki Riding Tara Elliot and the Red Velvets play with the rock femmenistas Six to Eight Mathmatics. There Live Jazz at Made with Love Organic Bakery. Whose desserts with be on hand at Tonight's Meetball Dinner. I hope they aren't frisking people for Ziploc bags. My liitle bro Alfonse (LP Thursdays) in flying solo at Luckys Saturday Night. Chazza amtazzical Leonard Smalls in on tanning in FLA.

On Sunday, Made with Love Organics and Bag The Habit who make stylish reusable shopping bags and produce totes out of recycled plastic will be at the Hoboken Spring Art and Music Festival. Stop by Bag the Habit first so you can fill things up. There's also live music on two stages and fun for the kids. On the cutting edge of Hoboken, you will find the LOWBROW art show at Paul Vincent Studios. Weather wise, it looks like rain so Volleyball is a maybe at best. Sunday will also be the last chance to catch the Attic Ensemble's Nunense Sunday's show is at 3pm.

The Real Cinco de Mayo is on Tuesday both OX restaurant is hosting a luna a sol at 8:30. LITM welcomes the sensations of spring with the Birds and the Bees group show. If you need to get stung, Melissa Surach's Babyhole Comedy Night will be back on Tuesdays.

Groove on Grove resumes on Wednesday May 6th at 6 pm with Higgins and Any Day Parade (7pm) LITM will be on hand to serve for two Happy Hours. While we rock, head are going to roll at the final debate for Ward E Candidates at the Cordero Elementary School from 7:30 pm to 9 pm.

You can get more Political Action from the Jersey City Independent or The JC Votes Guide for more in depth coverage on the upcoming municipal election on May 12th. Also, there's Talking Politics for some great examination of the Hudson County machine. Ay Dios mio!