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Friday, November 23, 2012

In the near future

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

We are getting things ready for tonight's Back to the Future Party. We start winding the clock back-forward at nine.

A couple of important notes: 

1. This is a costume party : You can dress, retro, vintage, past, future or something from the Back to the Future Franchise, just have fun with it and you and the ladies pay $5. Present Day Dressed Dudes are $10. If you think that you are too special to contribute to this party, then you are too special to come to this party. 

2. This an all inclusive deal. I'll have snacks, free beer, wine, and some hooch. There is also an a Premium CASH bar in the SKYLAB Bar and Lounge if old man beer and boxed wines isn't your style. 

3. DUE to NASA regulations the SKYLAB Bar and Lounge is NON SMOKING - repeat NON SMOKING. You can smoke in other parts of the party but since we are pumping in liquid oxygen into SKYLAB we would want to call Houston with a "Problem."

4. There are lockers and coat racks for your belongings. Please leave your diamonds, lottery tickets, and gold plated ipods at home. Additionally, please check your bad vibes and a-hole friends a the door, or just leave them at home. Don't be that Biff ! 

5. The is going to be a McFly Time - Enjoy 

On Saturday, come in the afternoon if you want to help erase the Past 

Also welcome back Leonard Smalls at Lucky's on Saturday night. He's getting his chops back Friday at Midnight 

Also DJ pastiche plays at LITM Saturday Night 

And there's a party Kiwi has a kickstarter Party at the 
Now, enough of that. Come see us in person! We'll be playing a post-hurricane fundraiserTHIS SATURDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. That's NOVEMBER 24 @ 8:00pm. Location: Green Villain, 51 Pacific Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304. $20, and that includes a free beer bar + food! Can't wait to see you there!!!! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pre-Heat Your Oven to 11/19 | Back to the Future Party

Thansk again to everyone who came out to last Saturday's Tear's in my Beer | Hurricane Sandy Relief Event at Lucky Seven's we raised $700 for the American Red Cross and donated a bunch of supplies to the JC Sandy Relief at Barrow Mansion. Donations and events to help with the recovery are contuning and building as the work that need to be done is quite massive.

Tonight Barcade is hosting a fundraiser for Sandy Recovery, the event is hosted by the Hudson County Habitat for Humanity The event runs from 6 pm to 9 pm with a suggested donation of $10. Baracde will also donate a portion of their proceeds from the event.  On Thursday, Sustainable JC is hostiong their monthly Green Drinks and Art Party. As per their invite "in place of our new monthly tradition of a Green Swap-Meet, we will be COLLECTING non-perishable items, winter clothing, toiletries, etc. to be donated to the Jersey City Sandy Recovery operation, who has been doing amazing work since the storm hit to get supplies to those in need"

On Friday's The MiCK's host a SHOW FOR HOBOKEN at Maxwell's JC's They Live and Marvin Barry and the New Sounds play in support with Brooklyn's Ghost Pal crossing rivers to help. Meanwhile,  The Everymen and the Brooklyn What and many more host a show at St. Vitus in Brooklyn  If you didn't get a chance to see Ghost Pal at the Cemetery in September...On Saturday Night, Art House Productions hosts JC ReBuild, presented by Art House Productions, Instigatorzine, JC Slam, LaOla, and The Spaghetti Sessions.

I'll be still taking care of the Ladies this Thursday, but the Saturday tune in to Motorfunker Radio at Luckys.

Okay with that covered let's get to my (turkey) meat and (mashed) potatoes of my blog post......
Next week is one of the busiest weeks in my life. Not since I worked 68 hours during the summer at Burger King have things been so busy; First, the 22nd Annual Pagan Thanksgiving is this MONDAY the 19th, and DJ Bill and I are opening up our apartment for a back to the Future Party next Friday the 23rd.

If you haven't been to Pagan Thanksgiving, here's what you need to know. 1. It's at Just Jake's Montclair 2. We Cook the main courses (Turkey,Ham, Mashed, Stuffing, and Gravy) 3. You bring a side dish or a home made dessert. 4. International Wishbone Pulling Competition just before dessert. 5. If you don't have time to make something, please still come and don't give me that lame excuse, this event is a also a fundraiser for the Human Needs Food Pantry of Montclair, so you can relief your guilt with a donation. Jut a note, Montclair is in New Jersey, in fact I used to take the PATH to Newark, the [Newark] City Subway to Bloomfield Ave.  and a bus up Bloomfield Ave to my job. Just Sayin' if you can't catch a ride...

As for the Back to the Future Party 1. You dress up (Retro, Vintage, Future, Back to the Future Movie Franchise) use your [this space purposely left blank] 2. Bring $5 and wear your dance shoes 3. We got the rest covered, IE you do not need to bring libations, we have it covered. you may want to bring a couple of extra bucks if you old man beer, house wine, and well liquor isn't you style as their will be premium bar in the lounge. If you didn't hear, DJ Leonard Smalls is returning from Athen for a guest slot at the party along with DJ Soul, ScottFREE, DJ's Stay Golden Pony Boy and Mr. Blonde, plus a bunch mre DJ's on our two dance floors [formerly bedrooms] Some other important notes, come in costume and/or in mixed company. Any questions/want to help/work for me (of course not ! you are just here to party:)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tears in My Beer Fundraiser Today or This month's Low Down on the Ho-Down

Hope you and your family have made it through what was appropriated called "Frankenstorm". Hurricane Sandy did some major damage to our area,  and in light of all of the destruction, the storm also ushered in a wave of volunteerism and community spirit as we recover.

Today's Tears in My Beer Country Showcase at Lucky's [Juke Joint] will be raising money for the  American Red Cross and accepting donations for the JC Sandy Recover Group, that has organized scores of volunteers to help our friends and neighbors from all of Jersey City deal with the aftermath of the Hurricane. If you are looking to bring items : Currently the group needs are mainly clean-up items such as Contractor Bags, Masks, Tools Bleach and general Clean-up items. You can get at most updated list at We will have raffles goodies, including a Lucky Sevens and JC Tattoo Gift Certificate, and a Energizer All Weather Emergency Radio  and some choice emergency liquor to raffle.

Things start after two with Kalamity Kate and Skinny Steve [Iris Records Ranch] spinning. Music Starts at 5 with a set from Ryan's room mate Nick, followed by the Ashes at 6 pm, Jeremy Wallace at 7 pm, and closing it down with Dan Green's Dive Bombers at 8 pm. Afterwards, Chuck the Buck Daly [JC Tattoo Co.] and I, Square Dancing Tony will Ho-down the rest of the night. Keeping things on the Southernly Route. Expect a couple of Guest DJ's to mosey on in.

There's a whole bunch of fundraising going on to help those affected by the Hurricane. Click here to read Summer Hortillosa's JCI article . I know today and tomorrow the Pop-up at Mary Benson Gallery is doing stuffs.

Next Friday the 16th, The MiCK's will help out our sister city and host a Show for Hoboken at Maxwell's . They'll be donating a portion of the door and their sales of their new EP which will be released that night, Opening the Bill at 8 pm is JC's They Live , With Brooklyn's Ghost  Pal  and Marvin Barry and the New Sound proceeds for this show will go The "REBUiLD HOBOKEN" RELiEF FUND -  -and to The HOBOKEN VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE CORPS.

Prior to the storm we raised nearly $6,000 for the Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery. Thank you again to all the played | came out and volunteered for this event ! 

Don't Forget the 22nd Annual Pagan Thanksgiving Feast is the 19th at Just Jakes 
and The Theme of our Annual Black Friday Party is Back to the Future - It's Going to be McFly CRazy