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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Peace of the Action

Thanks to everyone who helped out, cooked and came to Monday's Pagan Thanksgiving at Halcyon.We raised over $500 for the Human Needs Food Pantry.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your friends and family before the holiday invasion starts.. on a different front.. Friday is also our annual House|Apt Costume Party : This year's theme is WE COME IN PEACE, yes another generalization that allows you use your creative forces in coming up with a costume. It's $5 for ladies and the costumed | $10 for dudes w/o costume.  There is free beer and wine as well as an out of the world cocktail selection in Star Trek Crew Lounge. The United Federal of Planets has send Ambassador Street Justice and Dangerous Dave Feldmen [Wyldlife] and special guests to keep you focused on the prime directive during your down time.  Spinning in the DMZ, is DJ's Appetite, Leonard Smalls [Lucky 7's] , Scott FREE and Dancing Tony.  In Peace Pipe Tee Pee DJ William McCamie, DJ Pastiche and Sean McAdams as well as other tribal souls.

This sounds like a lot and is is a lot. If you would like to help set-up on Friday, help work the door, or be the ultimate and help clean-up on Saturday, let me know, and I'll cover your door plus. I am also looking for a general all around cleaning person for Friday night [paid gig - you must be relatively sober all night]

Peace Out.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Busy Season Begins or Beam Me up Turkey

Ah just like college, a bunch of all nighters await me.  I've got two big Finals to prep for and you are all invited to see if I can pass the test.

First next Monday is the 21st Annaul Pagan Thanksgiving Feast. A tradition that started in college, continues into our second decade. This years host restaurant is Halcyon in Montclair, the swanky sister restaurant to Egan's. If this is all new to you. Here's the deal on a platter for you. We make 7 turkeys, 3 hams, 60 pounds of mashed potatoes, and stuffing. You bring your best side dish. Cocktail Hour 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Dinner next. This event is a benefit for the Human Needs Food Pantry.  email me with any quiestions. NJ Transit trains stop at Walnut Street. you can hitch a ride back to JC.

Then next Friday the 25th is our Annual House Party : This year's theme We Come in Peace : Costumes are a must if you want to pay $5 at the door. Hold on there's a fee. yes there is. This party is all inclusive and you need only to bring your alien-indian-sheriff-judge-piece of pie self. There free beer and wine, and a premium cash bar in the Star Trek Crew Tavern. For this event DJ Bill's room will has been renamed the Indian Peace Pipe Dance TP my room will be referred to as New DMZ or Dancing Madness Zone. Confirmed DJ's so far Street Justice, Scott Free, DJ William McCamie, Dangerous Dave [Wyldlife] Leonard Smalls, and more to come ===

Okay keep this stuff in mind : Here's what up for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday : Rising Tide Capital and Arthouse Present : Art Fest at Art House [see pic] noon to 7 pm
Sunday : 4th Street Arts 3rd Annual Mac & Cheese Bake-off Benefit [check link] noon to 6 pm
Sunday :  Pork Chop at Paul Vincent Studios [hoboken] 3 to 7pm live music with Animal Crackas and Ame the Amazing
Sunday : LITM Turns 8 - Vintage Style

Saturday, November 12, 2011

on a nutshell.......

sat: got my best flannel for a post midnight 90's dj set for me at lucky seven's. mad mad madia party  are taking over Moishe's Moving / Mana Downtown  tonight. 22nd Annual Cathedral Arts Festival at grace church, don't who knows who's playing at the lamp post , who is zac? , probably someone I know.. check your facebook that's why you signed up sorry. not my job.. it's your move. Happy Birthday Harold !!

sunday: volleyball noon to 4pm. or just sleep late. again it's your move

coming up next monday : 21st Annual Pagan Thanksgiving
coming up friday after thanksgiving : We Come in Peace Annual House Party get your costumes ready.

thursday dec 1st : Hiroshi Kumagai at 58 [preview 6 to 9 pm]
jcfridays dec 2nd : Charlie Afro Sheen, The Micks, and The One and Nines at 58
dec 3rd : a DJ Leonard Small Birthday [live performance by Thomas Francis Takes his Chances]

dec 10th : a moonlight mile christmas