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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Thursday or Hola Barcelona or Put this guy on a plane ?

Well my bags are packed and I am off to Spain.

I decided to leave the one pound of non-dairy creamer here in America. I don't know how to say "really it's creamer" in Spanish or Catalan, and I think I would like to avoid an un necessary strip search.

I've updated as much as I can before I left, you know facebook has it all anyways, but also check out The Jersey City Independent for a more complete look of art and culture. You should also check out Draw and Quarter a blog by James Young fro goings on in JC. One day we'll merge this all together so we could all go out for drinks. As well, check out the links to Lamp Post, Luckys, and IM Automata Chino for bands, DJ, and events updates.

Well I know what I will be "missing" while I am away. So, here's what happened while I was away -today.

John Besante's Americans in Paris will close on Saturday Night at 58. It's your last chance to see his stuff before the Ides of March by Thomas Carlson comes up for JC Fridays. JC Fridays will also be your last weekend for World of Style Vintage, which will close it's doors, I have also heard that the Imagenaium Bookstore on Jersey Avenue is also closing down. Times are tough, you saw the president's speech, prices are dropping all over. John Besante, same as above, (201-420-0202), landlord for 58, Iris Records, and Es Oro, is dropping the rent on two newly finished 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom (jacuzzi tub) apartments to $1950, and a storefront is $2,500, call him if you are interested, they are at 112 Brunswick, right next to Boomerangs. If you are looking to unload some stuff of your own, Betty from Boomerangs offers items on consignment of vintage goods. Another Man's Treasure also does consignment of pre-1980 stuff. email warren and meika at, you can reach Betty from Boomerangs

Things are so crazy, that LITM is having a fundraiser tonight to build a second bathroom ! , the Potty Party starts at 8pm. They are alos looking for artists for their Not Yo Mamma's Craft Fair Event on March 28th. Deadline is tomorrow, but you only need to email them some pics at to get in, plus $25 to sell.

WFMU will start their fundraiser while I am away. Check out their link. The City Counsel will also be considering a new proposal regarding the Embankment (not the restaurant !) on March 2nd. So maybe by the time I get back they will have demolished the Embankment for condos too.

I'll also miss a bunch of events for this installment of JC Fridays. I can't list them all but I've added stuff about ...................(hey does anyone get the feeling, I need a vacation)

Thanks God I have that ticket.

Adios... I am out of time. Gate 33 is about to open

Friday, February 20, 2009

step up to the mike part 2

Again, let me first give thanks to the Lamp Post Drunken Gospel Choir and all of last nights performers. By brushing off skipping CD's with grace, your proved to be true professionals. Send me some pics.

Tonight, the Magical Mustache is spinning at the Lamp Post, if facial hair is your calling, be ready to groom on March 14 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. Locally, Balance Hair Salon/World of Style Vintage is staging a 50's styled, Pomp-Off. Morrissey molded men should call 201-369-7000 or visit them to be made. This is part of a video they are shooting for their JC Fridays event on March 6th. Unfortunately, it will also be World of Style's final JC Friday, The Board of Directors voted to close down their brick and morter establishjment, and they are clearing the inventory out at 50+/- % discounts. Don't dispair though, World of Style will still exist through their internet portal .

The Attic Emsemble is taking a new business approah withe their presentation of Glengarry Glen Ross. This tale of cutthroat competition among real estate salesmen runs from the 20th to Martch 1st.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Step up to the Mike part 1

Even though my iPOD may never play music again, and even if I lost all of my playlists. I am breaking out the mikes for some performance spacing this Thursday Night at the Lamp Post. It will be a dj karaoke dance fiasco and would be reason enough to showcase your rock band skills. You'll need to have a good diet to be at your best so tonight, start out with a screening of Food Matters at Project Plates at 8 pm, or if you really want to get your whole grains, hops, and barley in, take an adult field trip to Cricket Hill Brewery on the 99 beer club bus. You wont need your parents permission, and LITM is boxing dinner for you. Be at LITM at 6 pm.

When you get back to Jersey City, you can finish up with DJ Lorenz at the Lamp Post. Steff Street Justice Kautzmann is behind the bar. On Thursday, Steff has her own gig at DC's Tavern in Hoboken. Tonight , Wednesday Night, in Hoboken Roland Ramos hosts the other Jam Session at Shades (the place has a parking lot and is close to the 9th Street Light Rail).

This weekend music line-up has Any Day Parade at O'Haras on Friday Night. While, the Plastic Passion band Headlines a Femmetastic band line-up in Staten Island on Friday. Saturday Night, Detroit Native, Jersey City resident, Eliza Neals plays the Bitter End. The Ankles re-unite to play at the Lamp Post, and The Poconos debut their new stuff at Automata Chino. Former AWM guitarist/drummer Mikey plays with the Filipino Pop band Pow Wow at the Annex in NYC. . On Sunday Dayish, Ben Franklin (Billy Grey from the Meltdowns) plays an all ages show at the Cake Shop.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Un Lucky n Love Weekend

Compliments to Jersey City Tattoo for this blog's title. For Friday, the 13th Chuck, Adam, and Jake are inking the #13 for $13, and on Valentine's Day, Hearts are going for $14. thus it's an an unlucky and love weekend. Stop by, the lines were long last year so better have Mentos. This weekend theme will be transcended through art and music this weekend. World of Style Vintage is also having a 50% winter clearance sale, but their real Gents special is their "Pomp-Off" and 50's party for the March 6th JC Fridays enter if you dare! You don't have to have a pomp, just pomp-able hair. Drop by or call Balance at (201) 369-7000 for details. The results will be announced at our gala '50s party during JC Friday, March 6th and shown on Groovy! At 18 Erie.

Tonight, Jersey City artist, Brenda Buck is featured at the Leo Kesting Gallery's True Love is Fleeting. Brenda's father worker for Polaroid, and her works feature large scale realistic renditions of some treasured shots from her child hood. The opening begins at 7 pm tonight. Afterwards, Bromancers, Leonard Smalls and Cootah spin at the Luckys and the LampPost (dis respectively). Ladie's Heart Throb, Dancing Tony is back at the Lamp Post next Thursday but he's (i am) spinning on Friday at LITM (Love is the Message).

Also on Friday Night, the Stockingnet Cafe hosts and art opening for the Photography of Brett Matthews of Sublime Light Photography. The Stockingnette Cafe is on the corner of Third and Jersey. One block down, new comers, Public School (a lifestyle boutique) offers independent brands of unique Streetwear, as well as print and wall art. Check these guys out and support the future. just don't forget about the past. The Art opening runs from 6 to 9 pm with an after party gathering at ox Restaurant. Mixing Music, Spoken word and the JCity Theatre Group is takes Love to New Highs and Lows with their presentation of Bad Luck: Good Love at the St. Micheals' Underground Theatre.

Also on Friday, Jersey City's Twilight Light Procession plays an early show at the Cake Shop. Former Uncle Joe's Booker, Billy Filo, heads this rock out fit. Not to be confused with Billy Alpha, whose current ensemble WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice take on OHaras with two sets free Sweetnesss. . If Roses were out of the budget for this weekend, Jupiter One is offereing there first album for free on their site. If you are in need of more love, you can download, That's the Kind of Love, and the entire American Watercolor Movement Catalogue for free from their site. Former AWM guitarist Mikey V-M, now plays with Filipino Party Band Pow Wow, today they are feature on the Deli Magazines website. You can catch them live this Monday at Senor Studios (you may need to dress up like an SVA student for that show) or catch them at the Annex on the 21st. And hey if you are in a band looking to play the Groove on Grove concert series email me as we are putting together the schedule for this summer.

Valentine's Day brings, two other Jersey City music foundations to Automata Chino, The Roadside Graves and Glass Trees both play. It's $5 at the door, bring your ID too. It's a DJ Charlie party at the Lamp Post, while Zac Atom joins Leonard Smalls for Lucky Sevens Valentine's Day Party. The real mass acre will be the large warehouse party at 660 Grand Street. John Fathom's Rock Soup Productions is putting together a dance party. Things start at 10 pm. $5 at the door before 11pm. If you want to go the full distance, check out the Rubalad party near the Brooklyn Navy Yards. These events are always $10 if you are early, really late, or in costume.

After the love dust settles from Valentine's Day, you can pick up your body and check out the Craft Mafia Mixer at LITM. Organized by Jersey Wine and Spirited Manager Luca, the event is a socail gathering of artist forces. Things flow at 5pm. With Monday being a Holiday, the Sunday Night dance schedule is open with a special, Latin, Salsa Hip Hop party at Shades in Hoboken. DJ Soul spins, classy dress is required for this one, but only $5 at the door. My roomate, DJ William McCamie is over at Luckys for industry night.

President's Day is this Monday, and DJ Birbal has been spinning an exclectic mix from Acid House to Zydeco Soul. Check Him out and the Silver Fox at Lamp Post.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Sides Live : Tuesday Night

Kudos to you if you got my old album reference. But there are three live shows on for tonight.

At Public Assembly in Williamburg, AfroBeatist, Chico Mann plays with Stuart Bogies's Superhuman Happiness. Public Assembly is the old Gallapagos on North Six. It's right next to The Musichall of Williamsburg, which was formerly known as North Six. Things start as 9 pm. There are also DJ's in-between and afterwrads. Facebook Link .

In ye old JC, Melissa Surach's Babyhole will tickle issues from teen pregnancy and the "we are all going to be eating dog food "economy. Show woman, Pamela Gallagher and the Swigs play at 9:30 pm sharp. Further up Second Street, the weekly installement of Singer Songrwiter Night at Lucky Seven's features 3D-Excellerator, Binky Bianca and Blackstar Inc. Both spots are free with drink specials, maybe just Luckys, but at the Lamp Post Melissa Surach will let you perform for free.

Here's a brief synopsis of the week of love. I'll follow-up later.

On Wednesday Night, the arrows of love will be flowing heavily with Street Justice's man o man Scott K DJing. Masked Man the DJ Lucha is on the decks at Luckys.

Thursday : DJ Alfonse at Lamp Post. Leonard Small at Luckys for Ladies Night.

Friday Night : JCity Theatre Presents a Night of bad Luck and Romance. Twilight Procession plays Cake Shop. DJ dancing Tony at LITM, Caligula at

Saturday : V-Day : Valentines Day Massacre Party at 660 Grand Street. A wild one compliments of Rock Soup - John Fathom.

Sunday : Jersey City Craft Mafia @ LITM

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Soon this will all be on facebook

Let me first just say that : It's Freezing and I am DJing tonight (Thursday) at the Lamp Post

I was so happy when myspace flopped, one less spot to bulletin, and yes, I may know a lot less about people what people had for breakfast, but ADD Blogging, chatting, video chatting, cellphones, and tv beat Prozac any day. I don't want my blog to be just a cut and paste from Facebook either, so I'll be doing some reexamination over the next couple of weeks to see how to best utilize my blog. So again, I am short on time..... blah blah blah, you know the wine, here's the cheese.

John Whiten, formerly of City Belt, has started a new online publication, the Jersey City Independent . In his words, it much like a City Belt 2.0, a little more polished, but still taking an independent look at events. Also taking a new look towards events in Jersey City is the newly formed One Jersey City party. The One Jersey City Political Group is supporting Dan Levin for Mayor and is also supporting two at Large candidates for the City Council. I have added links so you can read on about the new party, as you know I love parties.

Live Music/Performance Happenings : Thursday Greg D plays solo acoustic at Googies (NYC), The Art House Featuring Diane Schwaeble at Art House Productions starts at 8pm. On Saturday Night, The Distraction (poughkeepsie play Automata Chino, The Demands and The Fringe Dwellers are at The Lamp Post. I have no idea who is playing at Ohara's, please tell them to get a f+cking website if you play there this weekend.

DJ's : Thursday Night. Leonard Smalls @ Luckys, Dancing Tony @ the Lamp Post. Pat Longo and friends at DC's Tavern. Friday Caligula @ The Lamp Post. Saturday Night Leonard Smalls and special guests dd at Luckys.

Art and Excess Happenings : Ok Okay how did I mange to bury my own even on the fourth paragraph. Well you see the pictures, and for those who do follow the works of American Impressionist Artists. come out to 58 this Friday to see John Besante's Interpretation of works by (and I am reading this off an envelope) Julien Alden Weir, Winslow Homer. Willard Metcalf, John Henry Twachtman, Fredrick Carl Frieske, Robert Vonnoh, Childe Hassam, and John Singer Sargent. In addition to our opening, Lex Leonard, who is the new proprietor of 54 Coles Street, is opening his new space, which is one door over. Back to Art, 32 Jones Gallery, which is housed in the Hudson Pride Offices on 32 Jones Street is hosting an art opening on Friday Night as well. The event features art work by photographer Ron Zheng. On Saturday Afternoon, Kathleen and Carla invite you over at 18 Erie (Balance/World of Style Vintage) feature “The Past Is Present”, Lina Haskel’s photographs of Neo-Rockabilly scenesters in New York and Jon Hammer’s evocative paintings of groovy old urban saloons that still look the same as they did 60 years ago. It's from 5 t0 8 pm. bring a bag of ice, they always seem to run out early. On Saturday Night, The Newark Artist Space Association is having a art-party 401/407 Mulberry Street 4th floor in Newark. The night is a mixture of art-music dance and good times.

for a more complete listing see Facebook.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plow through this

Quickly the snow is piling up. I'll elaborate tomorrow

Tuesday : Babyhole at the Lamp Post, Rolando Ramos performs. singer songwriter night at Lucky's (I think, their website says nuthin)

Tomorrow: Roland Ramos Jam Session at Shades (Monroe Center). Art Opening at LITM FREE I am DJing 7 to 10 pm. DJ's Shawn Towey vs. Keniche at The Lamp Post 10 pm. DJ sub babes at Lucky's.

Thursday : The Art House (featuring Dianne Schwaeble) 8 pm $5. Dancing Tony Dance Party at the Lamp Post. Ladies Night featuring Leonard Smalls at Lucky's.

Friday : John Besante's American in Paris at 58 Free 7 to 10 pm.

Saturday : Art Opening at Balance/World of Style Vintage Free 5 to 8 pm
“The Past Is Present” features Lina Haskel’s photographs of Neo-Rockabilly scenesters in New York and Jon Hammer’s evocative paintings of groovy old urban saloons that still look the same as they did 60 years ago. Who said the 20th century was over?