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Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Elemental and Delicious, You Shell Shag

From: James Black ...

TOY EATERS LIVES!!!Hello you beautiful maniacs....Toy Eaters here...and we must humbly bid you all a hearty thank those who performed....thank those who donated time and effort...thank those who attended....thank you.....and to the Dancing Man and the Hippie.....thank you!!! We here at the toy love this town and love doing what we do...and as always... it was great hearing the encouraging words and seeing the smiling faces of JerseyTown So moving on....the rumors are true...our beloved Chris Brooks has been far as we can tell from fleeting eye-witness accounts and dodgy police unknown descendant of Frank Sinatra made good on his threats and fell upon Chris in Atlantic City sometime this body has been found.... if anyone has information on this case please contact us here at Toy Eaters....a mighty viking funeral is in the works....-long live the heat-Friday the 27th@ Toy Eaters StudioDeliciousShellshagTBADJ Billylights by Norm FrancoeurCootah makin change5$ suggested donationbyob ok-- -Toy Eaters Studio-143 C. Columbus Drive, in the GRAF, half a stairwell up

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flaming Fire Tonight (Thursday) at the Knitting Factory


Country Feedback Presents:Thursday June 26th
the tap bar@ the knitting factory nyc74 Leonard Street8pm doors * All Ages
For more info & advance tickets:

For the first time, we're going to play one of our favorite, most exciting sets ever: Lemon Incest live, Dark Night live, Summertime live, all sorts of songs that we used to just do with a sampler. And lots of new ones. Because the instrumental folks in our band have grown mutantly proficient and groovy! We are proud, but also frightened by their growing genius and coldly burning all-seeing eyes. Will do requests at the end, just because we never have before.
San Francisco's Borts Minorts are Lauren's favorite band ever, and completely insane. We played with them and we will never, ever forget them. You will never forget them! DON'T MISS THEM! ART WEIRDNESS TO THE HIGHEST, SCARIEST AND AWESOMEST DEGREE. Nothing will prepare you for their live show:http://www/.
Also, White Hills are a monstrously fun, epic Hawkwind mindtrip:
Finally, come on out on Saturday to Lauren's comic book signing for her scifi masterpiece "Goddess of War!," a psychedelic epic bringing together astral travel, Norse Gods, American history, planetary carnage, Mayan sacrifice and erotic time loops! It may be the best comic book ever written. Based on Lauren's FF hit, "Goddess of War." Signing will also feature free beer! It's at Rocketship, 208 Smith Street, Brooklyn at 8pm.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Your Groove on Grove

Another Sunny Wednesday opens up the gates for Live Music at Grove Street.
WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice play two sets starting at 6 pm.
Afterwards La Vie a Rose plays at Van Vorst Park.
Close out the night with veteran rock star Shawn Towey on the DJ Scene at the Lamp Post.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

toyeaten ?

Ok from what I understand, Brooks totaled his uncle's car in AC last night. Everyone is okay, but they hit the nephew of Frank Sinatra,. and even no damage was done to his vehichle, he still wants them dead. but the hit man said he would gladly just rough them up if we can get some loot. please come toy eaters tonight for some live music by the meltdowns. and guest DT's I mean DJ's. Open your wallet if you want to still see open doors at toyeaters tonight. that and brooks uncles car fixed. It's all below.

Dancing Tony

from toyeaters :
A little last minute, but us here at Toy Eaters have run into some problems, and, we need your help. So why not make it a party?Starting at 10, The Meltdowns play. Following that, several guest DJs will be spinning the music.We will have beer, you can also bring your own. Please donate what you can either way so we can keep this going!-Toy Eaters Studio-143 C. Columbus Drive, in the GRAF, half a stairwell upJersey City, NJ 07302

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

one day at this time

Any Day Parade is playing this Wednesday's installment of Goove on Grove Street at the PATH.
Live Music starts at 6 pm ish. Later tonight Therese and Vicky spin at the Lamp Post. There may be more, but I am out of time for today.

Oh but one more note. Eto's camera was unfortunately stolen last Saturday (see below)

Stolen Camera...Keep an Eye out or Please Return My camera, Black Nikon D200 w/ 18-135mm lens, was stolen from es ORO last Saturday during a closing reception. I use this camera to document arts events at es ORO and all around JC. Its one of the few things I own(ed). I just want my camera back. If anyone knows of it's whereabouts please get in touch .eto305 815

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Volleyball is on.

Volleyball is on for today - Father's Day.

For future reference follow these rules.

It is never too hot for volleyball - but you should bring extra water to keep hydrated.
We don't play in steady rain, but if there are isolated storms or occasional showers we will most likely play. Rain can be refreshing when it's over 80 degrees.

We set up around 1:30 - if I am running late call me on my cell 973-219-9696 and I will up date you on how loading my car with the net, the radio, water, a cooler and my dog(s) are coming.

Can I bring alcohol to the park ? Park rules prohibit alcohol. But police officers have never inspected the contents of red plastic cups to my knowledge. ie don't flaunt it.

Do you bbq every week ? Usually on special occasions. Like Holidays. Such as July 4th, but if you are planning bringing food to cook so you may also want to plan to bring a bbq to cook it on and stuff to share.

How much does it cost to play volleyball ? Volleyball is free to play, but offering to chip in to bring something for everyone to share makes good neighbors. In addition, we plan to upgrade our net this year so I will be expecting contributions from everyone to cover the costs.

Do I have to be a professional to play volleyball ? Although we have been playing for years , you only need to be courteous and try your best to play.

I play professionally can I play ? of course. It is simple, we play to have fun in a competitive way. There is no trophy at the end of the season, so the best you can end up with is new friends. If you want something more competitive join the Spike League in Hoboken. Keep in mind that this is for fun and we don't have a referee so it is important to play fair.

How are teams chosen. I do my best to mix things up using a non-traditional way of randomizing teams. Sometimes you may have to wait before you can play. I do my best to get everyone in on playing with one net.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Early Edition or The Heat Waves

Ok most of you should be on your second shower by now.
If you would prefer to save water just sweat it out.

There are many things on the horizon this week. I'll dive right into it like a lake. Pay attention you'll be treading water in a couple of minutes.

Tonight, Melissa Surach is putting her Babyhole on sabbatical until September. This will be your last chance to squeeze in for laughs with Diane O'Debra , and live music by The Meltdowns and the The House of Leaves. Don't bother to put on any clothes, this one is going to be the hottest show on record. For some pre game AC (Art Collections) stop by City Hall for the Korean Artists Exhibition. The reception begins at 6 pm. If you are in the Spiraling is playing at the Tap Room in the Knitting Factory at 7pm. Also the singer songwriter showcase is on at Lucky's Tonight.

Tomorrow starts the first of the Groove on Grove Music Series presented by the Special Improvement District. Bryan Beninghove will start this week. The event runs from 6 to 8pm. I am taking care of sound. I am looking for some dj's if you want to play it out. Next week, it's Any Day Parade and the week following WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice play. After the sun goes down, grab a blanket and check out Juno in Van Vorst park for their movie nights.

Thursday is a double trouble day for me, We have the opening reception for Kirk Brays Elevated at 58 at 7pm. I'll be departing from 58 via moped for Maxwells to catch Australia's The Cannanes play with the Poconos and American Watercolor Movement. Doors are at 8:30 pm. $8 gets you stage side.

Also on the Art side on Thursday is Windows @ Walsch at Seton Hall. The event features work by JC artists Beth Ann Morrison and Nuygen Smith There's also a screening of "momento" by Gianluca Bianchino.

Thursday Night is also the opening performance of A Sea Story. Taking place above ground at the Art House at Hamilton Square. This in house ,. Art House Productions
follows Val, who is down on her luck in Crabcake Bay. When she answers an ad promising adventure, a journey unfolds that will take her beyond the borders of imagination. A secret society of women, a busted ham radio, and mythological creatures come to life in this immersive theatrical experience, where the audience sits on board the ship!

Friday, I am kicking it 70's style in the retake of The Dating Game. Dujuanna Sharese (Vagina Monologues / The Cypher Movement) is equipping Jordan's Lounge with a Seven Minutes in Heaven room as Bachelors and Bachelorettes vie for a spot next to an eligible cutie, There will be live music and visuals. Lovely Renata is your Chick Woolery and Mistress of Ceremonies. Lismore plays at Europa Night Club on Friday Night it's 18 and up with Free Sparks to keep you dancing.

Saturday Night, The 919 Gallery hosts Ken Vallario . Lex Leonard who redeemed himself from his Amsterdisaster DJ set for Dylan's closing takes Elen's new soundsystem for it' s maiden voyage. At O'Connell's DJ William McCamie plys maestro for Jose Cifuentes art installation.

Saturday. what is up for Saturday ? I don't know I haven't gotten there yet. We'll skip to Sunday. It's volleyball season. Even if you just want to get some sun come to the nearest beach the JC Riviera is safe for swimming. Bring some sun screen and some hydrating fluids.

See it is safe ?

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's raining art


Here we go with the big show for today. I can't list it all, but the link for JC Fridays is off to the right with some other featured events. Also, I couldn't find a couple of flyers, and now since my scanner went down, I'll tell ya about some other stuff; A Fish with Braids has a toilet art exhibit 6 to 9 pm . Yes art has really gone to shit in this town. Haha. But really My bathroom could use a new thrown.

At Toyeaters, Melissa Surach Is putting together a Glamorous Night of Hilarity at Toyeaters, she's working with some other comedians plus the Swigs end the night. Afterwards, there is a Dance Party Benefit for Christina's Cat Pinky, who unfortunately found out that he could not fly.

58 will be open from 10 to 11pm tonight. Our Closing Party for Dylan Egon's A Modern American Tomb is on Saturday starting at 8pm. We'll have DJ's to ROCK your disco. Dylan's going to give away a HERMES bracelet to a someone sporting a Dylan Egon shirt.

On Sunday. I will be at the art opening at LITM for by Lin. The Opening runs from 7 to 10 pm. I'll be dj-ing , but beforehand, I'll be working up a sweat on a 94 degree day at Volleyball. Just a note for Volleyball people, even though there may be isolated t-storms. for f-sake it's going to be ninety degrees. so expect action.

Here are the details I received from people about their events.

Thank you so much for coming out to my show at LITM (Crass Menagerie) during the month of May.....
If you're out this Friday for the JC Fridays events & fun times, feel free to stop by Fish with Braids @ 521 Jersey Ave from 6-9 pm. She's a wonderfully creative woman with a wry sense of humor about her work...and, oh, yes, I'll have a little painting there as well!
The show is called Toilet Humor. It'll be up for a week, so catch it while you can.
Cheers (and thanks again),
Megan Gulick

JC Fridays has rolled around again and this time at Balance with the help of Kathleen of World of Style Vintage, we want to welcome you "to the funhouse"!

Join us for the fun with our krazy kaleidescope of characters and art by Colleen Gutwein, in her collection called "Gossamer" featuring her colorful abstract self portraits, curated by the one and only Tara Thurber.
Also featured, we have ceiling installions by Mindy Gluek.
And as always, we are featuring our resident artist, Norm Francoeur's, fabulous light sculptures.
The booze will flow and so will the fun at Balance tomorrow, June 6th from 7pm-9pm.

Hope to see you carousing with us,



There's another
JC Friday festival this Friday, June 6th, so naturally World of Style and Balance Salon will be putting on a fashion show! "Welcome to the Funhouse" will be a splendid carnival of fashion with psychedelic clowns, exotic dancers, jugglers and acrobats. The show will run continuously from 7-9pm. Guaranteed fun! And of course Henry the Horse dances the waltz! wouldn't be JC Friday at 18 Erie without an art opening! We'll celebrate Colleen Gutwein's “Gossamer,” a colorful series of abstract self-portraits, curated by Tara Thurber. And as always, there'll be fab light sculptures by Norm Francoeur!

Last but not least, World of Style is having a 20% off sale for JC Friday!

Do come and join the fun...

Friday, June 6th
7pm - 9pm
World of Style Vintage and Balance Salon
18 Erie Street
Jersey City, NJ

Caio darlings,

--Your hostess, Kathleen
(201) 324-2992 12-8; Sat. 10-5; Sun. by appt

Tonight, Friday, June 6th8-10: Reception for J2Kool's Pantha Poster Art Series10-12: "A Glamorous Night of Hilarity" (Free)Leibya Rogers hosts this night of hilarious ladies and rock and roll. Spiraling are opening the show, The Swigs are closing the show, and there's an hour of glamorous, hilarious lady comics in between, such as Melissa Surach, Rachel Parenta and Brooke Van Poppelen. 12-???: "The Cat's Meow" (donate $ to help Pinky the cat)A dance party to help raise money for Christina Cruz's cat Pinky who needs medical help. Featuring DJ Leonard Smalls and others.Beer & wine available for $ donations, or BYO is ok.-Toy Eaters Studio-143 C. Columbus Drive, in the GRAF, half a stairwell upJersey City, NJ