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Friday, March 27, 2009

moving onwards....part 2

I've got a couple of add-ons for this weekened.

Tonight, Friday. No Pasaran! is playing at the IMAC with eastern Anchors, Freddy and His Fingers, and someone else. At Maxwell's, Ape Fight plays with Marky Ramone.

We are heading to The Holy Rosary Church on 6th Street to play some B-I-N-G-O. It's $14 for a sheet and you could win up to $2,000. I can use that cash, we all call, things start at 7:30 pm sharp, there's food and snacks, come out for a Grand (Parent) Time :).

Don't forget tomorrow morning at 10 am starts Not Yo Mamma's Craft Fair at LITM. They got a great write up in this week's TIME OUT.

What ever I missed, I'll tell you after BINGO.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving On...

Don't let this cold rainy weather get you down, take my word that there are worse ways to spend your time indoors.

I've got some catching up to do. But wanted to get out the word about some tonights and tomorrows before Blogger shuts down for 10 minutes at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time.

On the outside (of Jersey City) you can catch Pow Wow at playing at Maxwells tonight (Thursday). In addition, The Milwaukees play at the Delancy in NYC at 8pm tonight. On Friday, Jupiter One returns to the Mercury Lounge for a midnight performance. On Saturday Night, Flaming Fire plays in Brooklyn as a benefit to save the SS Gay. They go on at 9pm at the
@ DCTV (Downtown Community Television) on 87 Lafayette Street (between Walker and White, 2 blocks south of Canal St.) Suggested Donation: $5 (or $20 if you choose. Or more if you're rich and nice.) ALSO FEATURING: free food, go-go dancers, booze, raffles, djs, all that party stuff. On Sunday Night, The Plastiq Passion Band trips over the border for their own gig at Maxwells.

With our own city lines, On Thursday the Lamp Post is hosting live music tonight. And Leonard Smalls is hosting his ladies night at Lucky's. On Saturday Night, Any Day Parade plays their debut show at the IMAC, while the Whoods Family Band plays the Lamppost. I am still unsure whose playing at Oharas this weekend ? The guys at 660 Grand are hosting a Warehouse Party Part 2 this weekend. Three great art spaces will be open to check in and check out. Taxi please.

Last Night, JC City Theater opened The God Committee. There performances take place at the Underground Theater at St. Micheal's. Here's the word from Clay Cockrell about the show : There's a $5 discount for organ donors :)

Let the games begin!
One heart, four transplant patients and a ticking clock. The God Committee is a medical drama full of high wire tension and crackling humor that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats for the entire evening. Issues of race, gender, and of course money are debated and argued while a newly harvested heart is racing toward the hospital.
Alliances are formed, broken and reformed as the committee argues, accuses, debates and ultimately votes. And just when the matter seems to be decided, the playwright upends the proceedings with theatrical dynamite.
In honoring their tradition of producing enticing material, J CITY Theater has once again chosen a script that confronts hard questions and does not settle for easy answers. You are invited to come out to the Underground Theater in Jersey City for an evening of electrifying theater.
Audiences are encouraged to book tickets now due to limited seating and a limited run.

The God Committee
March 25 through April 4
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8:00 pm
Tix: $20.00 ($15.00 for organ donors with proof of registration)
Tickets can be purchased through or calling 800-838-3006
The Underground Theater at St. Michaels Church – Hamilton Park
252 Ninth Street, Jersey City, NJ 07303
Contact: Clay Cockrell, J CITY Theater, 917-685-8461 / /

Friday, March 20, 2009

Be Ligula - Pre Dig You La

The Moustached mis matched competitor is back tonight (Friday) to celebrate his showing (up) at last week's NY Beard and Moustache Competition, things looked good for the wild woven wonder until some heavyweights crashed the podium stairs before Jesse could claim his prize. Don't worry, there is still cause to celebrate one of JC's Hairy Hopefuls. At the stroke of midnight DJ Caligula cerebalates his birthday. Meet me on the dancefloor the place is going to as good as a sidecar ride.

Part Deux may be overshadowed by in Saturday Night, when Leonard Smalls and I Join forces for an Equinox of Rock at Lucky Sevens. In Newark, Kilkenney's is hosting a prime dance and band party fpr Jen Schwartz with Chainsaw Trio, The Coppertones’, Frozen Gentlemen, and Deivito playing at Kilkennys Alehouse. There's a dance party afterwards. me like.

I messed up The One and Nines are in Montclair at Tierneys with the McMickle Bros ( and Tip Canary ( 10pm
on Friday Night. The play Ohara's on Saturday Night !!!

Things are still booking music wise, Ohara's has the One and Nines on Saturday Night, The IMAC has America's Sweethearts (3/4 sweethearts 1/4 beefcakes) , Prison Pretty and Jon DeAngelo. On Saturday The Curvey Staights, The Fringe Dwellers, and the Smoove Sailors play first, come for early for this experimental side project of member or members of the jc sound scene at the IMAC. While Square Wave Punch is at the Lamp Post.

Sunday's Weather beckons a call for Volleyball. We'll be there about 1 to start practicing. Email me if you are ready to lead the work-out. . I'll have the bears with me, and a chair for you Autumn.

When the net comes down, Hoboken's Stuyvesant plays the Mercury Lounge.

Good Nights

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin Go Blog

Ah Green. One of my favorite flavors. Happy St. Patricks to all of you in the extended Irish Family ! May your pot at end of Rainbow not be a toilet bowl you puke in.

We have two events going on at 58 this week. Tonight, Thomas J Carlson, who's current exhibit, Ides of March, is sharing some new sketches as well as his culinary skills with a Tempeh Taco Tuesday Dinner Party. I am going to whip up some green guacamole, and that's about as Irish as this one gets folks. If you want to come enjoy artwork and tacos come by and bring a beverage. Things start at four and we are done at eight. Come sober, save your shenanigans for the Lucky Sevens St. Patricks Day Party or The White Star - Green Star Party God (referring to Catholic for this Racial Tinge) who isn't having a St. Patrick Day's Party ?

Well, that of course would be Melissa Surach's Babyhole. She's canning the Bagpipes and killing leprechauns with a Limerick Contest and Sausagefest Contest (the first female stand-up to sign-up gets a bottle of champagne) . Musical Guests, Crazy and the Brains play first. For those of you who attended last week's benefit Melissa congrats on Raising almost $200. On further congrats to WFMU for Raising over $1million during this years fundraising marathon.

On Wednesday Night, DJ Sup Babes, who alternate Wednesday Nights at Luckys with Lucha DJ will be spinning. Steff and Claudia are joined by an all ladies DJ troupe Tanner and Hooch ?

On Thursday Night, we are hosting an artist reception for Jersey City Artist, Ron English and West Coast Artist, Bigfoot. Starting this Tuesday, these two artist's will be painting a mural on the side of the Hudson County Art Supply Store, which is on the corner of 1st and Coles. Keep on the look out for more murals, Dylan Evans, who staged the Prime Surreal Estate exhibit at Canco is working with the City's Department of Cultural Affairs get the city carpeted Wall to Wall. The reception starts at 8. Afterwards you can follow me over to the Lamp Post for my alternating Thursday Night Gig. And mark your calenders for April 2nd Karaoke Dance Party.

Artists, of you are looking for a exhibition gig, Art House Productions is looking for an artist for the Cosi Restaurant near Pavonia Newport. Submit 5 images to if you are interested, the deadline is March 23rd at 5pm. In addition, _gaia, is holding auditions for this years V-Day project the reading of MMRP on Wednesday March 18th (yes as in tomorrow) . (see below) the link is for the facebook listing.

A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant & A PrayerJersey City 2009_gaia Studio in association with Art House Productions are holding auditions for A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant & A Prayer for V-Day Jersey City 2009, part of a worldwide campaign to stop violence against women. This year marks a very special year for us! We are celebrating 6 years of fighting violence against women and girls in New Jersey, New York City and beyond. I personally invite you to join us this year by auditioning, volunteering, or supporting us in your own community.

Opposite my Thursday Night DJ at the LP, Leonard Smalls will be spinning Ladies Night at Luckys Seven's. To make things easier on everyone. Leonard Smalls and I will be mixing media for the Vernal Equinox, and the start of Spring this Saturday Night at Luckys. I'll clear some tables for a dance floor.

Also on Thursday, Bryan Bennighove's Hangmen and Lux Capacitor ? Shakedown the Downtown with some avante-jazz sounds. The are at the IMAC , it's next door to the Iron Monkey. Jam starts at 9 pm. $5. Rock-it I am out for now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

--/--/-- flashed

ok. WFMU. playing everything from stuff you never hear to stuff you should never.. here, is busking full tilt with their annual marathon. Terre T's Cherry Blossum Clinic goes live at 3 pm. Tomorrow Night at Maxwell's, WFMU djs and insiders take the stage for a karaoke klamp down to end the fundraiser. for $5 you can see this tornado live. other wise listen and donate donate donate please Listen on RADIO 91.1FM /Web and pledge 800-989-9368 or

Tonight, Any Day Parade is playing at Spike Hill' 5th Anniversary Weekend! (184 bedford ave - 1st stop in BK on L train, Brooklyn-Williamsburg) it's Free with Palmyra at 9pm Free Show!!! Music is all day. Any Day Parade is also EP Releasing and Lactating with Good Stuff.

Later on tonight- the Laisse Faire Society at 143 reopens for a Stimulus Party. There are some new improvements that you need know about first though.

Bryan Benninghove's Hangmen journey out to Williamsburg Monday Night at Rose Live Music
345 Grand Street. They've got a full work week of gigs with a Thursday show at the IMAC (Iron Monkey Automata Chino, which I will no longer be typing out). And next Friday at Shrine

The weather is getting nicer, volleyball should be coming back out soon.....start practicing your manners

Thursday, March 12, 2009

dear blog, it's been two weeks since my last confession

I am back, yeah. Jersey City. I hope you were thinking about me when I was eating paella in Barcelona. I was thinking about you (and dessert) but that's a separate subject. For now let's just back to our old routine.

Tonight (Thursday) a modified version of Higgins plays the Lamp Post. The boys are readying themselves for a a three day drive to Austin for South By South-west music showcase in Austin. They've got a show in Atlanta on Saturday, then it's 7 shows in 4 days in Austin. Billy Filo of (Twilight Procession) is "in the biz" and on bass for this tour. I am filling in for DJ Alfonse tonight, with Higgins DJ Assistance as well, but unfortunately will not be following them on tour. (I didn't mean that I love you Jersey City)

Thursday, also kicks off Lucky Seven's St. Patricks Day Week. Fueled by Corned Beef and Jameson, things start tonight with an extra special Ladies night DJ Set by Leprecahan Smalls, There will be live bands and Bagpipers on Saturday Night, DJ William McCamie on Sunday Night, with Tuesday Night's singer songwriters performing Irish Classics all night long. Check out their website . Once the rainbow settles and everyone collects their Gold, come out again for My Equinox DJ Split with Leonard Smalls on Saturday the 21st. If parades are your thing, come out to Jersey City's Official St. Patricks Day Parade this Sunday at 12:30 pm.

Early on St. Patricks Day, 58's current exhibited artist, Thomas J Carlson, is preparing a special Tempeh Taco Tuesday meal at 58. Along with the taco's , Thomas is also showcasing some new drawings. Read this part carefully folks because I don't want there to be any misunderstandings when I am holding you down, on the ground, or asking you to leave. This event starts at 4pm and ends promptly at 8pm. Really, yes really, the last thing I want to do on St. Patrick's Day is deal with someone who should have been cut off after breakfast. Thomas has the Taco's, you bring a dish and/or something to drink.

Okay let me get back to Friday. Street Justice has a DJ gig it the 4 L's in Hoboken. The 45's on the ceiling of the Lamp Post let me know that I missed a good time last Friday. At the Lamp Post of Friday. DJ Caligula and Natty Adams wont be playing wax, but they will be waxing the mustaches in preparation for the New York Beard and Mustache Competition Saturday Night in Brooklyn (where else ?). You can also Catch the The One & Nines, and Paracusio at IM Automata Chino on Friday Night. If you are in the BIG city on Friday Night, My roommate, DJ William McCamie is playing at the Sullivan Room from 10 to midnight . Beforehand, he's at Bar 13 from 6 to 10 pm.

On Saturday, Art House Productions has their opening reception for Beth Achenbach's "In Search of Mother Nature" the exhibit showcases new photography, and also has Double Breasted playing.. The opening is from 8 to 11pm. Afterwards Brine and the Bastards and Lloyd Untied at LP. Also on Saturday Night , Plowing Mud Forever, promises to bring Rock back to Jersey City (or maybe more specifically, Automata Chino). But really guys did you have to say that ? okay to see them live up to their hype check them out, luckily Mutiny of the Fashionistas, and The Stun Gunz will be there to back them up.

It's 7:20 and I am hungry. that enough hype for today.

Davey Dance Blog -21- MAINZ - Simian - "Never Be Alone" from Pheasant Plucker on Vimeo.