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Friday, November 23, 2012

In the near future

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

We are getting things ready for tonight's Back to the Future Party. We start winding the clock back-forward at nine.

A couple of important notes: 

1. This is a costume party : You can dress, retro, vintage, past, future or something from the Back to the Future Franchise, just have fun with it and you and the ladies pay $5. Present Day Dressed Dudes are $10. If you think that you are too special to contribute to this party, then you are too special to come to this party. 

2. This an all inclusive deal. I'll have snacks, free beer, wine, and some hooch. There is also an a Premium CASH bar in the SKYLAB Bar and Lounge if old man beer and boxed wines isn't your style. 

3. DUE to NASA regulations the SKYLAB Bar and Lounge is NON SMOKING - repeat NON SMOKING. You can smoke in other parts of the party but since we are pumping in liquid oxygen into SKYLAB we would want to call Houston with a "Problem."

4. There are lockers and coat racks for your belongings. Please leave your diamonds, lottery tickets, and gold plated ipods at home. Additionally, please check your bad vibes and a-hole friends a the door, or just leave them at home. Don't be that Biff ! 

5. The is going to be a McFly Time - Enjoy 

On Saturday, come in the afternoon if you want to help erase the Past 

Also welcome back Leonard Smalls at Lucky's on Saturday night. He's getting his chops back Friday at Midnight 

Also DJ pastiche plays at LITM Saturday Night 

And there's a party Kiwi has a kickstarter Party at the 
Now, enough of that. Come see us in person! We'll be playing a post-hurricane fundraiserTHIS SATURDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. That's NOVEMBER 24 @ 8:00pm. Location: Green Villain, 51 Pacific Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304. $20, and that includes a free beer bar + food! Can't wait to see you there!!!!