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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Power House Weekend

Thanks to everyone who made it our for the St. Mathew's Food Pantry Bowling Benefit on Sunday. If you haven't made it our yet. you may have to wait until July for our summer BBQ. If the weather is right, we'll be getting back to volleyball this Sunday. Be at Morris Canal. aka the Jetty. aka Peninsula Park around 1pm. First and foremost we need a body bag size duffel bag for the net, so email me if you have one to give. In addition, I'll be asking everyone to chip in about $20 this year for some equipment upgrades. This Sunday will dust the rust off and play around. Hope to see you then. This year's highlight reel is waiting.

Tonight, I am DJ'ing at the Lamp Post. Uncle Joe's and Corkscrew veteran Joe Conderacci will be bartending. the Cat Juggler is on a Milk and Cookies diet until the Amsterdance Party next Saturday at 58. Get your Orange out for a Red Light District worthy party. Shell Shag is lined up for an early performance and Lex Leonard and Appetite also spin.

If you still haven't gotten tickets for the PADNA benefit this Saturday night. I've got about 10 $20 discounted tickets available. email me at I have plugged this plenty, but let me just do a little math for you. If you think you can spend $5 an hour at a bar that night instead. do so. American Watercolor Movement, The Meltdowns and Tremble in the Heat will still play, there will still be an open bar and food as well as some great raffles.

Continuing to move backwards on the calender, the closing party for the current exhibition at Mary Benson Gallery is this Friday from 6 to 9 pm.

We are putting together a Sketch-a-thon for Wednesday May 28th at 58. The event is based upon the Dr. Sketchy model. Best described as where cabaret meets art. Take a look save the date . more info to follow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dorothy was right

I am home. My home. My Apartment. My Bed. My Dogs. My Weak Dollar. And my friends. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time with friends in London and how could I not have a good time in Amsterdam ? even if I was half-lost the entire time. But it's great to be back and it was nice to have the week off.

Actually let me get back to Amsterdam, since it was my 3rd time there. I finally rented a bike and traveled outside of town to Rotterdam. There, I had the best fried mussels and fried fish ever. And being on a bike, that was the jam, even though you get lost quicker. But even so, I kept on looking for a place that was more like home than the usually half assed crappy coffeeshop or some tourist f+cking bar. I mean just because you are high it does not mean that you should decorate your establishment with a giant teddy bear in a hammock. Yeah it looked good at the time, but to tell you the truth "what the f*ck Amsterdam you and your drum and bass blaring coffeeshop can got f=ck yourself :) " . Next time I am going to stay out of town maybe Delft or somewhere where they get less tourist so the people are nicer. So I instead, I ended up missing Jersey City. I did have two good nights of dancing regardless and no I didn't shag a hooker.

Well I am back into the swing of things.

Tonight DJ Cat Juggler returns from Vegas to spin at the Lamp Post. This Friday, Guilt Trip and and Special Guests play at Toyeaters. The show is a benefit for fellow tattoo artist "Wild" Bill who passed away last week. Money will help his family pay for hospital and funeral expenses. In Newark on Friday, Theory and Practice opens at Gallery Aferro 7-10 PM. Curated by Evonne M. Davis. The shopw features JC Resident Amanda Thackary and Doris Coviello.

Saturdays a bit of an open slot right now. I ahve a hunch their may be a closing Party at the Lex Leonard Gallery ?

Yesterdays, Star Ledger had and article about the oldest functioning bowling alley in the state of New Jersey. The recently renovated 3 lane bolwing alley is infortunately 3 years younger than the two lanes at Barrow. If you haven't seen it, come on this Sunday, Bryan Benninghove and the Campbell Apartment, who will be touring Canada in May play the Bowling at Barrow Mansion. DJ Neil "Eggs" McAnemy spins in beteween . Again folks it's a fund raiser so $10 at the door with a food donation. There's enough grubfor your dinner, music, and bowling.

Since, I am on the fund raising vibe. Just wanted to plug that American Watercolor Movement, Tremble in teh Heat and THe Meltdowns will be performing at 150 Bay Street next Saturday as a benefit for the PADNA Legal Fund. There are discounted tickets for $20 available or if you hav ethe cash you can drop $40. has all the details.

the details

We got a cool gig at Spotlite Live on Wed the 16th of April, tomorrow night. It has a penthouse balcony, for those who smoke or want to take in the sights of the middle of Times Square. We go on at 9:30.
We have some new songs too!
1604 Broadway at 49th st.

Friday, April 11, 2008

London Called and Amsterdam is on Line 2

Hey kids,

I'll be away until next Wednesday. Hope you check out tonight's art opening at 58. It should be a real jam with 58 artists presenting. The Roller Girls take to the hardwood tonight for this years season opener. Saturday is the art talk and closing reception for WWIII at Manna Fine Arts from 4 to 8 pm.

Many of you have access to my apartment. If the weather is nice the net is there for volleyball on Sunday .

Oh I am using a MAC so I can not figure out how to Plug the Sum of All Parts in Hoboken on Monday, you can watch half of the video (the left side).

The Rockit Docket is updated for this week's events. If I missed it. Sorry but I am on vacation.

Dancing Tony
other stuff:
I wanted to forward some information about a show at The Center for Book Arts that includes my work. Mapping Correspondence opens this Friday from 6 to 8.
Also, the WWIII exhibit at Mana in Jersey City closes this Saturday. To celebrate the exhibition, we will be having an artist talk from 4-9 pm. Mana is located at 227 Coles Street, Jersey City, NJ 07310
If you can make it to either, I would love to see you!
Take care,Amanda
I'm kind of tipsy right now & just want you to know..
<> <> <> <> <> <>
Saturday April 12th
The Lone Howdys@The National Underground159 E. Houston St (Allen/Eldridge)NYC
11pm / 5 Lincolns
Arlan Feiles - acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, & songsDan Green - bass & backingGreg D - guitar & backingCorey Lederman - guitar
Sunday, April 13th from Noon to 4pm THE MAXWELL’S FLEA MARKET. Several Maxwell’s employees and friends are setting up shop to peddle: Records Art BooksMoviesCDs Vintage ClothesPostersHousewares …and lots more cool stuff! The bar will be open…so you can drink while you comb for goodies! J
Maxwell’s is located at the corner of 11th and Washington Streets, Hoboken
, NJ.
April 13, SundayFREE SHOWPete's Candy Store709 lorimer streetBrooklyn, NYMatty's on at 8:30We go on at 9:30
After 8 years of being big fans of Matty Charles, our new country band finally gets to play with him! This is one of Matty Charles's last show's at Pete's, because he'll be filming for the next year in Nashville in a Hee Haw associated reality show. Way to go, Matty! Here's us: Here's Matty Charles: Come check out our new punk electro-country combo, AAAA Locksmiths and Bail Bonds! It's been described as "psychedelic metal square dancing." We do songs by us, and also songs sung by Johnny Paycheck, Elvis Presley, Jeannie C. Riley (not harper valley PTA, the good stuff), George Jones, Hank Williams Jr., Roger Miller, Roy Acuff and more! We also have the coolest country lead guitarist in the northern hemisphere: Stirling Kruising. He's really good! Matty plays at 8:30, we play at 9:30, the Kilometers play at 10:30. Things run pretty promptly at Pete's, so show up on time. The amazing Kate Hambrecht will be filling in, because Natasha is currently hiding out from the law in Puerto Rico. She'll be singing the MOST EVIL COUNTRY SONG IN THE WORLD. It makes "Under My Thumb" seem like "We Are The World." You'll be filled with sinister, malevolent glee! AND: HEY SQUAREDANCERS: Even though you can't square dance at Pete's, our squaredance caller Wendi Dandridge will be calling out some moves on a song or two, just cuz that's our locksmith style. You can read Liz's review of our first show on our myspace page. If you missed the chaos caused by 30 drunk squaredancers bumping into hipsters with their jaws down to the floor two weeks ago at Rubulad, you are the sadder for it. It was good.
Hello, all,
I am offering my second (beautiful) bedroom for rent. The rent is $650 per month. Here's the text from my craigslist ad.
AVAILABLE APRIL 15. 1 Bedroom is for rent in nice 2-bedroom apartment, located 7 blocks south of Journal Square.
Rent includes use of bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, as well as electric, gas, heat, hot water. I have Comcast; if you want your own TV/internet cable in your room, I'll get the line installed and you pay the extra monthly fees.
Room is 10'x10', with one window facing south, furnished - single futon, small table, chair, bookshelf, good amount of closet space. (A corner cabinet takes up little room but must stay in the room.) The room is beautifully painted, very comfortable.
Neighborhood: The block is mixed -- homes, businesses, parking lots. I've lived here almost three years and have found it safe. I am a single female and come and go at any hour. The block is within a business district.
On one corner of the block is a laundrymat (where I use the wash/fold service). On the other corner is a Korean fruit and vegetable market with fresh greens and tofu, a vast selection of teas and nuts and basic groceries. Within two blocks are a larger supermarket, dry cleaner, pizza/Italian, chicken, Vietnamese restaurant, bodegas, newsstands, pharmacy, toy store, furniture, mobile/wireless store. And Journal Square is very close. The area is filled with many ethnic restaurants and as many 99c stores as you could ever want.
Transportation: Walk 7 blocks to Journal Square. Bus to Journal Square, Hoboken on corner. Walk 1-2 blocks for buses to downtown Jersey City, Exchange Place, Newport Mall, New York City.
I am independent/self-employed. You will share the apartment with me, and with Samson and Victoria (meow meow).
Rent for 3-6 months or longer.
Call Trish, 917 536 2682
Fairmount Avenue, between Bergen Avenue and Monticello Avenue

Thursday, April 3, 2008

PU - I am leaving Jersey City (for vacation)

This is my last weekend in Jersey City before I head off to London and Amsterdam for a wekk's vacation. As you can assume, I don't plan be updating my blog whiel I am away. Email at if you have any must sees or dos. Especially if you have a friend I could crash with in Amsterdam. By the way, my place will not be available for after parties while I am gone.

If you are looking for a place, a car, a studio, or Church Pews, check out the Unclassified section of my blog. First with the church pews, we drove all the way up to Portland, Maine last week to pick up these solid oak pews. We have 8, 9, and 11 foot ones for sale ($11 a foot). Second, thanks to the mortgage crisis, the rental market for JC seems to be getting cheaper. My apologies to home owners, but for the rest of us in the low class, opportunities are opening up. In fact in light of the recession, new discounts (and misery) are just up the street.

Fifty Eight also has studio space available for rent. And on the same count 58 is available to rent for a private function. You can email me or call me for details.

All right, I am back at the Lamp Post this evening. And although my music catalogue has not grown in two years. I can guarantee you that I will still play the very same stuff that you have all grown tired of. Bring your earplugs or your iPOD to tune me out, or even better I will play your new Miriah Carey. Beforehand, I am going to visit the grand opening of the newly located Another Man's Treasure on Marin Blvd. Occupying, the space formerly occupied by Janam Tea Shop. Warren and Meeka have transformed the hot teapot spot into a groovy hot spot. The preview party is from 7 to 10 pm.

Music wise, Billy Filo's new band, Twilight Procession plays at the Luna Lounge tonight. I also got word that The Gay Blades are playing in Brooklyn as well as part of the Deli Magazines party at Galapagos in Williamsburg. Tonight, Jersey City's longest running spoken word, poetry and music night is at the Art House at 7:30 pm. That's your Thursday For you lets talk about the weekend.

On Friday Night, the Mary Bensen Gallery and es ORO on Brunswick both have art openings. Just got word that their is also an art opening at Sweet Priscilla's and at Bagua Juice on Friday Night. Located almost around the corner from each other, you can catch them both in one evening. On Saturday Night, we have the closing party for KWALITY at 58. Keeping with his theme, Joe Waks is slashing prices to clear inventory, so bring a wad of cash or your checkbook. In addition, LITM has an art opening on Saturday Night. Check their website for the details.

Sunday's weather looks decent enough for our first Volleyball games at Peninsula Park (end of Washington-by the Portside Towers) show up at 1 pm for set up. For those of you new to this scene we play pick-up games every sunny Sunday. We are going to need some new equipment this year so be prepared to donate about $20 for this season. Thanks in advance !!!

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