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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh the Horror !

The Ghost is Back my ghoulish friends! And it looks like Mother Nature is holding off on the Blizzard until later in the week.

Now many years since the Venerable Uncle Joe's was leveled to the ground and much like the fabled 111 First Street, all that stands is a rock filled space is haunted by JC Artists, whom at night roam the city at darkness  and sometimes even staying up and out until day break [when they usually have to go to work] 

This year, we open the gates at early at 1:30. With Neil Young and Crazy Horse starting things off at 2:30. The event is a fundraiser for and at the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery. A suggested donation of $10 at the gates, with the Lampost serving to the undead, Hot Chocolate and Cider and Empanadas by Made with Love, Pretzels by Bretzel, and Famous Cal's Hot Dogs serving those who may usually dine on blood and bats. 

Here's the rest of the line-up for the Cemetery: 

3:20 Tom Petty : Zombie Zoo | 4:10 Squeeze : Cool for Bats | 5:00 The Mummies : The Brunch Boys | 5:50 Black Sabbath : Cold Fur | 6:40 The Runaways : Just the Tip | 7:30 Fleetwood Mac - Micks Fleetwood and Marino | 8:20 Danzig - Awkward Girls | 9:10 David Bowie - The Notorious Z.I.G. 
with DJ Jimi Hendrix - ScottFREE spins creepy covers - Illimunations by Norm Francoeur

[Somone shot Andy Wahol and teh Velevet Underground can't play-intsead we are Squeezing in and early Squeeze set - they will also play the After-Life Party at teh Lamppost]

Then it's a Zombie March to the Lampost for the Afterlife Party with:  

10:30 Bruce Springsteen - The Clarence Clemons Revival  11:20 Squeeze - Cool for Bats | 12:10 Smashing Pumpkins - Gosselin | 1:00 The Beatles - Aminal

A couple of important notes: 

First and foremost please be respectful when you are at the cemetery and do not lean on or sit on the gravestones. Also do not  
leave any litter by the Graves, we'll have plenty of garbage cans.

Also, if you are driving, Newark Avenue will be closed from Division up so you'll either a. walk or b. park and walk c. take your broom witches

I can go on and on about this event, but for now I am just truly grateful and thanks ful to all the bands and people that will make this another epic one. 

Now as you know, this isn't the only thing going on this weekend. And as the Rock-it Docket tries not be be self serving let me just give you some head-off about some other parties.

Friday : 

Food Drive | Video Shoot | Winner Takes All Collective & Crazy and the Brains at Henry Bike Garage 
9 C Halloween Party
Ruler Art Show and Birthday Party at Boca Grande
Open Slam @ Grassroots Community Space
Real Gone Halloween Party @ Otto's Shrunken Head with the Subway Surfer 
Horror Movies at Loew's Theater [saturday too]


Con Vivo Fundraiser @Barrow Mansion
Parlay Studios 3rd Annual Halloween Party and Fundraiser for Liberty Humane Society 
MotorFunker @ Lucky Sevens

this post is dedicated to Mothra [Jerry Schade's Mother] who lost her fight to leukemia. You are more than I can write we will miss you