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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, March 2, 2012

JC Fry Days and Night

all you need to know about today and tonight.

oh but you want to sit on my lap and have me read it to you.

sorry no can do. but there's cool pics on my blog.

I'm hoping to go uptown to Moore's Lounge for some Fish Fry and LIve Music compliment of soem Freakin Fabulousness. JC Studios has Fort Courage and All in Italy. Boca Grande is unblocking the rock in a Headbanger's ball of music. On the late late Pianoland has teh Ashes, In am the Heat, and my kids Thomas Francis Takes His Chances.

You may have noticed that there are no listings for 58 this time around. If you are unaware, Orlando closed 58 Gallery in January. The back room of 58 Coles Street will soon be the new home of Hoboken's Moonlight Mile Recording Studio. Once things are finished keep you eyes and ears open for events to continue.

as usual I'm out of time. anyone who is involved in the Jersey City scene and is interested in making something and some money keeping this blog relevant give me a call.

if i missed your event this time I also missed the other half of my lunch hour :) so yuo owe me a sandwich.