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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Updated : Volleyball SATURDAY

Hey Spooksters,

The List of events keeps growing for Halloween. Seems like everyone wants to get their freak on Friday Night. First, I need to make some corrections. Late Night Curiosities hosted by Art House Productions has two shows one at 9:30 one at 11pm there is no show at 7 pm. If you are dressed go get some candy. Check them out at At Luckys, the party is on a a very fancy of champagne for the sexiest and scariest costumes with prizes allnight. Now my mistake that DJ Leonard Smalls will not be DJ'ing, he's on tonight, but for FRiday Spooky Sounds will be catered by the Good Witch Jayne and Count Mikeula. For fresh DJ sounds hit upi the Lamp Post with DJ Billy Moylan. For a live muisc treat, head up to Pearl Studios in JSQ, for live music by the Subway Surfers, Eighteen Wheels Burning, and Barti Ddu allplay. $10 cover for your band links. Jaden and Lizette are having the shittiest Halloween Party ever at their place. They are reallly throwing it down with a DJ Hoosatron spinning.

My money bet for Halloween is still at the Iron Monkey with a $200 grand Prize for First Place. Pay off your bills. Don't forget you can be your own show at Maxwell's with a Halloween Karaoke Party, and McMahon's just down the block on 11th and Willow has a costume contest with a ten person sloshfest i mean cocktail party.

If you don't have an outfit, kick things up Groovy Style with a visit to World of Style Vinatage, Another Mna's Treasure, or Hala Vintage for a timeless outfit. And just a note : Our Cowboys and Indians Party at my place is the Friday after Thanksgiving and save the Monday before for the 18th annual Pagan Thanksgiving Dinner.

For 24 hour Party Peoples the best bet is the Danger List : The Prommissed Land Party. The Full Email invite is below, plus here's a link to Flavorpill, It's like the Rockit Docket of the NYC.

The forecast for Friday and Saturday look great. so Volleyball Sunday will be on Saturday this week. I would tell you to show up at 12:30 but you won't make it until 1 anyway, but with nice weather like this happening less often this could be the last one. . Afterwards, enjoy the longest bar night of the year, and a Day of the Dead Party at the Lamp Post, that's all I got since you all blew your load Friday Night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

scary puppets and monster creeps

Attention Creeps and Scary People : Your Day, I mean Night has come. No longer will you stand out in a crowd with girls squirming to get around you. This week, and this weekend is for you, but please dress up because nothing is creepier than that one person who doesn't dress up for Halloween, so stop by the dollar store and at least get a mask. Thank you.

With that said, sit back and enjoy a week full of Halloween Parties and Extravaganzas, as an added bonus, the government, in their attempt to curry favor before the election, has given you all an extra hour to drink on Saturday Night.

First off, make your way Melissa Surach Babyhole Halloween Extravaganza tonight at the Lamp Post. The House of Leaves play will frighten the stage. Alexander the Poet i think is equally squeamish, at least topless. Diane O'Debra is doing stand up and eating brains, plus the Money Kids are doing slash comedy. Tonights ends with the Mr. and Mrs. Killtown Competition. Here's Melissa talking with Patrick from the House of Leaves hyping the Groove on Grove Music Series from her public access show "It's Jersey City".

Outtake from Groove on Grove Episode from Melissa Surach on Vimeo.

Tonight, as in Tuesday, live music will also be at Lucky Seven's as part of their Singer Songwriter Series with Bern & The Brights and McMickle Bros.

On Halloween, Lucky Seven's Fright Night Party (see flyer). Prizes for Best Costume. In addition, you can pick up $200 Grand Prize at the Iron Monkey's Halloween Party on Fridays Night. The Lamp Post has DJ Billy Moylan and the Pumpkin Express. Of Course, almost any place you walk into on Friday, should have a costume contest at around midnight, even Paradise Deli is rumoured to have a contest. My inner ghoul tells me that LITM, O'Connell's, The Embankment, and PJ Ryan's in Jersey City all will give out cash for costumes.

McMahon's in Hoboken, is giving away a 10 person cocktail party at the Big City Manhattan Location, although I believe you could also cash it in Hoboken if you want to search for parking. Maxwell's is throwing a Halloween Karaoke Party, I kind of remember doing this last year, I'll see where Garbageman wants to go.

Art House Productions, will be appropriately hosting their Late Night Curiosities on Halloween Night. There are two shows, with a full list of entertainers, the first show is at 9:30 and the second at 11pm. click their link above to get the full story. Don't worry, you and your dead friends can make it out in time to be egged.

If you are not glue gunned down making your costume on Wednesday Night. head into the city for another excellent art/music/and fashion exhibition by Fortoul Presents at Blue in Greene in Soho. You can check out the art work by Isaac Fortoul, Bobby Castaneda, Heather Gargon, and Gabriel Fortoul from 8pm-11pm @ Blue in Green . Also Greg D, play with the Baby and the Bathwater at Wicked Willy's (149 Bleeker) at 9 pm sharp. On Thursday Night, Chico Man plays the What the Funk ? party in NYC. check out these flyers and other repetive annuncements to the right :)

I'm not sure if costumes are a requirement, but DJ's Therese and Vicky will be hosting their own Halloween Party at the Lamp Post on Wednesday Night, free candy corn and apples with razorblades for the bad kids. On Thursday, DJ Alfonse, Formerly the Cat Juggler, will be hosting an anti-Halloween night on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, the Milwaukees, who play Bar Majestic every last Thursday, will have their own Halloween's Eve Party. Costumes Costumes Costumes. People. Even the band is planning on Not being "Petty" about it.

This will be the first year without a Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party, but their should be some haunting at the old site, as I understand that the his tormented soul will be roaming the streets looking for you.

If you do plan to escape this Creep Town JC, make your way to the Danger Party on Halloween. Just follow the procession of white candles after the Village Halloween Parade on Friday Night.
The DANGER party is a 24-hour event that begins with their own procession over the Brooklyn Bridge. Check out for the full skinny.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

they're here and back

I gotta run. dinner with mom.

check out , waterbug thursdaze, ufos, dj's, jazz, piano, ladies night, doze green @ jonathan levine gallery, rollerderby, twilight procession, volleyball, listed to the right.

hype later,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are you better off now than you were 8 minutes ago ?

How many registered experts are voting this November ?

I think there must be at least 1000 employed by the news media, so that leaves roughly another 201,500,000 eligible voters to decide who will win. Hopefully, most of them have Comcast On Demand so they can make up their mind. If you are sure of who you are going to vote for, or if you need another debate, get your remote and Select - Music then select - Karaoke and you'll be ready for the upcoming Karaoke Dance Party this Thursday at the Lamp Post. It's Autumn and Farah's Birthday and I'll be hosting my own night for these ladies. (This is not a jab at Leonard Small's Ladies Night, which is at Lucky 7's on Thursday ) Come early, I think this may end up to be the sloppiest party for Joe Six Pack and company to date.

Tonight, you can get something completely Pre-Bush with Eric Fuzzco's 22nd birthday party. He's trimmed down his selection to all things prior to 1988. Ah those were the days. If you don't remember much from that time, try starting out with the Barrow Bar's Trivia Night.

Backing to the future, Any Day Parade and Mr. Badger both have gigs in the city on Thursday. Any Day Parade plays the Lakeside Lounge on Avenue B. Mr. Badger performance is at the Slipper Room and includes some Vaudville action. TBilly Filo's Twilight Procession is at the Annex on Thursday at 8:30 pm. On Friday you can check out JC's 1 and 9's play a Movin and Grovin (Sarah Palin made me take off the final "g") at the Bowery Poetry Club. They are part of multi act Soul Down. On Saturday, Bryan from the Pocono's and Brad from Sikamore Rooney, team up for some NoCo action at the Lamp Post.

Friday, 13 artists team up for 58's Annual Group show. Brenda Buck, Hiroshi Komagia, Dylan Egon, Doze Green, Mikal Hameed, Mr. Mustart, Joe Waks, Ian Kualii, Peter Bill, F. Dutchman, Kirk Bray, and Orlando Reyes art it up. Dr. Shakes will do his audio video thing.

On Saturday, head out to Newark's School of Architecture for the Westinghouse Project for so Ar+chaeology. There will be live music by Manchild at this event that feature dozens of artists creating art from the remnants of the old Westinghouse Building. Here, you can add this to your dictionary.

" Ar+chaeology is a combination of found object art, urban exploration and historic preservation.
Instead of buying raw materials from a store, some artists use objects they find as a way to conserve resources and create unique works of art. The key difference between found-object art and Ar+chaeology lies in the emphasis placed on where the objects were found. Ar+chaeologists
explore abandoned, culturally significant places searching for objects to represent that site.
These artifacts are extracted, cleaned and converted into artwork meant to promote a broader
appreciation of that site. In this respect, Ar+chaeology can be thought of as historic preservation
with artistic license. Especially in cases where the site is facing rapid deterioration via natural
elements or the wrecking ball, Ar+chaeology is the last line of defense- providing new life to
abandoned objects and new meaning to the places they came from. "

Sport should be on for Sunday. with the weather making a last stand, 70 degree days make great football games and make great volleyball action. With Sundown at 6:30 come early.

I'm out of time........... i didn't even get to say thank you to the Anthony Vito Susco Communitty Oragnizing Committee for their award :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to make a Long Story Short ?

There are tons, upon tons of things to do this weekend in JC. Highlighting the big ones to make room for the small ones is just as hard for this installment, so "short and sweet" is really out of the question.

While most of the artists will be making their finishing touches for the studio tour, Art House Productions, will be celebrating their Eight Season of creating an "open" mike society with tonight's installment of Art House. Come early everyone get five minutes of fame, the events are recorded for TV so look nice. The event runs from 8 to 10 pm. If you mess up your slot, you can take a second shot at the Waterbug's Open Mike Night at 143 Columbus Avenue Grass Roots Arts Space. Both the Art House and 143 have installations for the studio tour, so come back for a second visit. In fact, The Information is Not Knowledge group show premiere's Thursday on the Garden Level.

On Friday Night, The Artist's Studio Tour official kick-off party is at CANCO lofts near Journal Square. The party and the tour itself is organized by The JC Division of Cultural Affairs and Pro Arts. At the CANCO loft party, there will be a gazillion different exhibits going on. The venue is a "Prime Surreal Estate" location where a bunch of "People without clothes" will be "Trading Places" all in a "Community" .. "__ in a Box". This is only a small implied list of the music, art and films going on at the kick-off party from 6 to 10 pm. Check out the Pro Art Page for the fullest listing . After CANCO, ya'll come on down to 58 for our less-official party. There will be a real ho down with Any Day Parade performance at 10 pm. Hee-Haw Thomas J Carlson's and Joe Valez " Fiction/Fidelity" will be on display through the Studio Tour, as well as an opportunity to get a glimpse of 58's Gallery Director, Orlando Reyes' and 58's, Es Oro Gallery, and Mary Bensen Gallery's, Title Holder, Jon Besante's art studio space. Of Course 58 will be available during the official tour hours on Saturday and Sunday. If someone did not let you know, the weather is supposed to be great.

In addition to all of this, you may want to get an early start on Friday at a real Blocktoberfest, with (ger)many beers and babes at Bar Majestic's Oktoberfest Party they guarantee you really can't have a wurst time). My room mate DJ Wiljelm spins with special guest dj's and Jimmy Lopez on the beats. Afterwards, follow the Kaiser Chiefs to Lucky7's for the afterparty, I'm not sure if there will be a kraut-rock affair, but you can be sure that the place will be j-bombed out. If so, you can bunker up with DJ Caligula at the Lamp Post. Please don't keep Jesse up too late though, he's got MC duties on Saturday (see below) On your way, make sure you check out the new Harvest at LITM, the art opening is at 7 pm, but the sexiness is all night.

Saturdays main events are two folded. With sun shining the Fourth Street Art and Music Festival, features live music, live art and a Vaudville inspired "Traveling Fashion" show by Another Man's Treasure that costumes will clearly give you circus envy at check it out at 7:45 pm. Live music performances are by Bryan Beninghove 1pm , Plowing Mud Forever 2pm , One Foot In 3pm , The Swigs 4 pm , House Of Leaves 5pm , Andrew Sullivan 5:45 , Particle Zoo 6 pm , Joel Friedrich 6:45 pm, No Pasaran 7pm, The Meltdowns 8pm . Double Check the Fourth Street Art and Music myspace page more info and samples. . DJ Johnny Astronaut spins in-between sets and DJ Caligula hosts. DJ Johnny Astronaut also spins at Balance Hair Salon/ World of Style Vintage at 1 pm on Sunday. On Saturday, Carla and Kathleen, will celebrate their 5th anniversary by transforming (with little effort needed :) , their space at 18 Erie, to a Coney Island Freak Show. From 2pm to 4 pm, the Touristas play bossa-nova covers outside the shop. If you didn't catch their Groove on Grove performance, your second chance has been granted. Artwork by Hamlet Manzueta will be on display, and an Absolut Fabulous Time awaits.

On the smaller side, the Artists studio tour is a great opportunity to check out artist habitats and get a vision of what inspires one's creative visions. The PADNA Neighbors of 140 Bay Street have and exhibition at the D.E.E.N (140 Bay), where you can visit artist residence's at 140 and 150 Bay, you should also check out Habib Ayat Art Studio at the 360 Marin Blvd, he creates art at the "old" bar of the currently closed Rascal's. Art exhibit will also be at businesses through out the city. Also newcomers The Beacon will showcase a Ron English film at 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday as well as a Lifecyles 3D. For a classical music performance check out Amy Coplan At 137 Mercer Street, she will be performing Live Piano Music at 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Her space feature photgraph taken by indigenous children of their local surroundings. In the same building Dana Gannon opens her sculputure studio.

After the last artist respectfully asks you to leave their home on Saturday, you can check out A Robot Art Collection at Fish with Braids Gallery on Jersey Ave. Fred Kluth, The Legomaster, and a Lego Apprentice will be on hand from 6 to 10pm. If they ask, don't tell them you are human, and you are only their to add information to your memory banks. On the night side, DJ Leonard Small and Caligula host a Red Light Party at Lucky Seven's while the Lamp Post serves at the official after party for the 4th Street Art and Music Festival with live music by Clueless. I'll be shaking it at Hot Chip at Terminal 5. Sorry.

On Sunday, things start all over again, take a look at your Studio Tour Listing and explore what you couldn't "do" (are people still saying that?). and collect the rest of your check marks. The final reward, for artists is the City Sponsored closing party at the JC Museum at 6pm. The event is so big, it requires a tent.

Now really this is not it for me. On Sunday, I will also be attending the Aldo's Danceclub BBQ/Softball/Kickball. Give me a ring or shoot me an email at if you got game.

That's (not) it, but I'm turning this paper in.