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Saturday, October 31, 2009

who do you boo ? or yes cher we can turn back time

last night's after party at 143 happened last night and is not tonight

tracy said she is setting up the net today sat and tomorrow (sunday)
zombie prom at paul vincent with leonard smalls and caligula (charles returns to luckys at the first 2 am, herein referred to as the second 1 am. (daylight savings time is still on)
58's ghost of uncles joe's bands start at 8 pm sharp with elvis costello - costume prizes

save these dates.

11/13 Agitators at 58
11/22 Pagan Thanksgiving Dinner
11/27 Saints and Sinners Costume Party at my apartment
12/03 Dana Gannon Art Opening at 58
12/04 JC Fridays
12/05 Leonard Smalls B-day Party at L7
12/08 4th Street Ball at City Hall
12/12 Dodgeball Fundraiser for LCCS

Thursday, October 29, 2009

boo with who ?

it already started, i was there, costume stores, haunted houses, and the stress of what should i be for Halloween, thankfully, i already know, now i just need some foam. If you haven't picked up your pumpkin, stop by the farmers market today at the the Grove PATH, bring the kids from 4to 6 pm for some Halloween themed fun and candy.

Thanks to Charles' (aka djLeonard Smalls) run in with a laboratory monkey? really? yes really? Apparently you shouldn't tease testy test monkeys, I guess a similar warning, like don't tap on the fish tank was missing and Charles got bit. He's okay but may not be able to monkey around for his own PJ party now, I've got double dj duty tonight. I am going to start at Lucky Sevens PJ Ladies Night. In order to keep his perfect attendance record in tact ? or maybe he really has gone ape ? Charles is going to come in at 10:30. barring a speedy recovery,and considering her can't dj, cant drink, and has a fever his visit will be brief, try and be there if you wish him well.

After Lucky's, I am heading back to the Lamp Post for my second shift with Steff " Street Justice " Kautmann is for our Bro's before Ho's night. She'll start the night off and we will Zan and Jayna for the rest of the night. At 7 : 30 pm you can catch a different combination on screen at the Warehouse's presentaion of y tu mama tambien . In the big city, Flaming Fire plays a Pagan Halloween Party on Ludlow, this doesn't sound like a bunch of posers either :).

On Friday, aka Cabbage Night, aka Mischeif Night, aka Night of the Fires, the Iron Monkey is organizing a Zombie Pub Crawl. the undead should show up at the Lamp Post at 4 pm-Luckys 6pm- Barrow-8pm O Connells 9:30 pm - Iron Monkey at 11 pm (with bands) (all Bar crawl and Halloween rules apply). If you prefer your bars stationary, there are two great parties to the east and west of us. Closer by far is the Carnival of Souls party in Kearny. Housed in the Freeman building , this 21 and up, Free affair will have room for all of your Souls and Sins. To the East, Rublad presents their own Freaky Friday party, I also hear there is a Danger Party for Halloween. Oh ! It's so hard to compete with those quick and clever city kids.

You won't die if you are in JC on Halloween. But with daylight savings giving us an extra hour you may be come close. Since I am contractually obligated to promote my own party first, here's the full skinny on Part's One and Two of the Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party. Like I said a thousand time, s over we start early so you can drink late and make your of the Halloween Parties.
Ghost of Uncle Joe's Halloween Party 58 Gallery
$ 5 suggested donation (a costume would be a good idea) BYOB OK
Here's the line up - times are sharp
8:00 Elvis Costello (Sean Square Wave Punch)
8:30 Tres de Magnifico (Pat Bryne, Nick and Augie)
8:45 Credence Clearwater Revival (Any Day Parade)
9:30 The Sonics (The Neutron Drivers)
10:15 The Stooges ( Billy Filo's Death Trip)
DJ Neil "Bloody Eggs" McCoy in between and after the bands.
Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party Part #2 the Lamp Post
Midnight The Misfits (Brine and the Bastards)

Halloween starts earliest at LITM , with a pre- NYC Halloween Parade Party from 5 to 8pm. (check out my last post below for info about Paul Vincent Gallery and LITM's Halloween Events). DJ Bill is at the White Star for a Zombierific Vinyl Solution, Lucky Seven's, has a Halloween Bash, LITM, Lamp Post, Port-o-lounge does, really folks everyone bar in town is having a costume contest with drink specials. I am not dressing up like my facebook page so I won't be regurgitating them all here. Parlay Recording Studios , is celebrating the opening if their new incredible 13,000 s/f multi-use film and photo studio facility at 161 2nd Street (right behind Shoprite), with a Halloween Fundraiser. Tigersapien and Aminal play. On a similar note and purpose, JC (recording) Studios, opened up in at 143 Columbus, bands can email pat ( to bopok the newly renovated space with 4 climate controled practice room. The studios are located just below, the Lex Leonard Gallery, take a visit after you wind back your clock and Saturday Night.

On Sunday, you can turn back the clock on baseball and visit an exhibition of vintage baseball by The Jersey City Skeeters. at Lincoln Park. My neighbor sent me this darling write up that I shall not attempt to plagiarise:
We play in games with rules established either in the 1860's or the 1900's in vintage old-style uniforms. We play teams from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The team was started a few months ago by David Kerans . Dave is resurrecting the history and legacy of the Skeeters, a team that existed up until the 1930's. We are holding an open scrimmage and batting practice in Lincoln Park West field (on the west side of Route 440) this Sunday, November 1, 2009 from 1-3 P.M. and November 7&8, time to be determined.
Any prospects should contact David Kerans at 646-469-3464 or Peter Harrison at 917-576-7181.
This is a casual event for people that are interested in checking us out. They should not feel intimidated if they haven't played baseball in years. Hell, they'll have the winter to get into shape. They should come out and play ball. We want to get people interested in the team and stoke interest for next season.

On Sunday, Kelly St. Patrick will perform at at Made with Love Organics Sunday Brunch from 1 to 3pm. Their monthly communal dinner just got a nice review.

On Tuesday, I will dj-ing at LITM for Ken Bastard's latest opening. His new work features almost 100 new panels entitled the Machine. From speaking with him last week, this undertaking may be more time consuming than his last opening, in which he painted for 24 hours straight. Someone bring this guys a pillow. Hope to see you there.

Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

you can't cut anything with a dull life

we've got a couple of new comers for Tuesday, don't get your calenders in a bunch, these peeps are just trying to make your life more happening. Hold on, there's an announcement coming over the Hall Speakers

" The Jersey City Drawing Club meets every Tuesday at LITM from 8pm-11pm. It's a free social event open to anyone and everyone with unstructured sketching, with $2 off all food and select beer choices to participants. The Jersey City Drawing Club is presented by Emily August ( with support from the Jersey City Craft Mafia ( and LITM. "

As you may recall, you can also have a sketchy time, at Paul Vincent Studios on Tuesday Night with their Life Drawing Classes. Both Paul Vincent and LITM are in search of tiny treasures for their small works show during the holidays. Follow the earlier link to Paul Vincent Studios, or you can contact andrea(at) to get in on LITM's show. Both spaces may be operating in a paralled universerse, Paul Vincent has a Hall of Terrors art show on Saturday at 5pm, while LITM has a early Halloween Party and closing reception for Ruler's 99 Ways to Die on Halloween at 5pm. And you all ( hopefully) know, this Saturday is our Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party at 58 as well as our 58's final viewing for 58's Group show Masks of God. More spooky stuff later. I have a DEAD line on today's edition.

Starting a new tradition and maybe a new job ? , Brian Boles, Scrabble Master and Tuesday Night bartender at the Golden Cicada is hosting a trivia night at 9 pm . Pete Crosta interrogates. Here's how he answered my my ?

" Tonight is the Cicada's first attempt at trivia. The format is 4 rounds, 8 questions each (a longer break between rounds 2 and 3). Teams are encouraged - not ridiculously big, of course. The winning team gets a free draft round (awesome). It starts at 9. See you there, Pete "

A much more regularly slated event is Lucky Seven's Singer Songwriter Night. It's Robbie Harnett's birthday party, Tip Canary and Special Guests will help celebrate. Afterwards, I get to spin, and i here there will be some costumed consumptioners. Meanwhile, Singer Songwriter himself Rolando Ramos is at Maxwell's , as part of the people's open mike tonight. Babyhole is napping this Tuesday, so you can hold the laughs until Melissa gets home, for now, "see you next Tuesday".

Wednesday may be a great costume crafting night. You can get your glue gun and your World Series on together. Saddle down at Lamp Post for the return of Def Professa DJ Sup Babes should be at Lucky's.

Earlier on Wednesday, there will be a discussion at the Jersey City Museum about Public Art. Admission is free and will be held in the Museum’s theater at 3 p.m. This discussion brings together some of the strongest advocates of public artwork in Jersey City and features g uest speakers include: Melvin Edwards, Meredith Lippman, Leon Yost, Duda Penteado, Dylan Evans, and Irene Borngraeber, The Jersey City Museum is hosting a new members bash member drive on November 12th, the event is loaded with those funny french appetizers, cocktails and a performance by the Moonlighters.

come back for the rest...

Friday, October 23, 2009

docket update fri street justice spins litm april smith in nyc carrie at loews lex b day at the keyhole anne bday at sheila dj lucha corner newark and division

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the wurst blog yet

The sky's have opened up well for tonight's Oktoberfest on the Germain streets of Jersey City. Now on it's third or fourth year running, the events sponsors Paul and Erik Silverman (Exeter Properties) have been pouring draft and cooking bratwurst years before the Zeppelin landed. Dj William McCamie and special guests will be ein hand to schnitzel you good and feel free to break out your lieberhausen; there is no dress code on Grove Street.

Thursday Night Movies on the Wall series continues at the Warehouse (140 Bay ) at 7 :30 pm . Afterwards, my DJ Nemis Leonard Smalls hosts his two year with perfect attendance Ladies Night, his brother will be on hand to celebrate 30 years of living, I'll flow with the rest of the the bro's at the Lamp Post. See my previous post (below) about Rolando Ramos big show in Brooklyn tonight.

Pre Preview's for Newark's Open Doors Art Studio Tour start on Thursday Night. I have a official link posted here Friday Night, there is a Art Crawl from 6 to 9 pm. I am working with the Barat Foundation, on their reception at 765 Broad Street from 6 to 9 pm and then we will take things to a 407 Mulberry Street Warehouse space for and afterparty with live music from 10 to late. On Saturday Night, Gallery Aferro hosts 4 different exhibits, including works br Hiroshi Kumagai and Henry Sanchez. Other Gallery spaces like CWOW , 27 Mix , the SEED gallery , Newark Art King, Lowell Craig is having a Halloween bash this Saturday too. Retun, or just sleep in Newark for Sunday's Open Studio portion of the tour. If you don't want to Art Crawl, you can always watch the Brick City Brawlers ( Garden State Rollergirls All Stars ) skate against New Hampshire's Skate Free or die at Branch Brook Park in Newark.

Friday Night doesn't have to be a DWI night though, you can PATH to Newark, or simply bike or walk to the Warehouse for their art reception of How We Live from 6 to 9 pm. Afterwards saddle up again and head to Moonlight Miles studio's Autumn Party in Hoboken. The Pneurotics (from Chapel Hill, NC open things up at 10 pm with localists, WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice at 11 pm and then a midnight fight by Kill Kill Kill ( ex-boy/'s band from Los Angeles). In addition, Tris McCall will be on stage at Maxwell's on Friday playing new and cherished material. He's bringing the full band for back up too. Transporation options and musical missions merge on Friday Night when the Subway Surfer's host their anti- CMJ show at Otto's Shrunken head. Meanwhile, Hoboken's Stuyvesant, and the Neutron Drivers play the Trash Bar in Williamburg. The Golden Filetr also CMJams on Saturday Night at Santos Party House.

Answering the call of Oktoberfest, Hoboken's DC's Tavern is pouring a Saturday Afternoon Rocktoberfest, with free German Treats and hopefully more than Beck's and Beck's Light to choose from. Saturday Night, Steff and I will team up at the White Star (she'll be there after her Maxwell's hosting gig), Leonard Smalls teams up with DJ " I still don't own a mixer" Caligula (sign the petition here) . Saturday's big party will be at 660 Grand with a DJ team up for the late night knight Lex Leonard. Get in your taxi 660 grand is waiting for you, the party starts at midnight.

more from me in two days.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

over billing

CMJ has rolled into town and luckily for some of our friends, the Jersey City Hotel has a late check out. On Tuesday Night, Jupiter One plays MercuryLounge, Higgins is at the Serious Business Showcase around the corner at Piano's, and The Golden Filter (Steve and Penny's from Lismore's new band) has just returned from Iceland and are playing the Stereogum Showcase at Webster Hall tonight and then play Santos Party House on Saturday Night. The Subway Surfers are battling the Badgers on Friday Night at Ottos, while Stuyvesant and The Neutron Drivers play the Trash Bar in Williamsburg. The overly full CMJ line-up is here.

On the home front, Tuesday's singer-songwriter showcase has Copasetic and Kiwi the Child, the bands start early at 8 pm and at 10 pm I will debut my first solo Tuesday gig at Luckys (damn that jukebox isn't getting any play these days). Tuesday Nights I will focus more on local musician so feel free to bring your rough cuts for a sampling. Plowing Mud Forever will open for Babyhole at the Lamp Post. Melissa is away so Ralph Santiago hosts. Your own stardom and free shots are at York Street Tavern's Tuesday Night Karaoke hosted by Freddy Fingers.

Wednesday should really be a learning experience with DJ Def Professah side kicking for Steff at the Lamp Post. Lucha DJ, who's Vinyl Solution Night, was abbreviated by the 13 inning Yankee's game last Saturday let's up some pent up songs spin at Luckys' on Wednesday.

In addition, to this Tuesday at Lucky's, I am also picking up Cootah's alternating Thursdays at the Lamp Post. Since both day begin with a "T" you can spend your "T" day with Dancing " T"ony. see how easy that works. Oh plus I am teaming up with Steff " Street Justice for this weeks Vinyl Solution. Local Arts Dude Roland Ramos is Playing the Brooklyn Academy of Music this Thursday @ 7:30pm. For the JT3 Artist foundation, Keynote speaker will be writer/director of"Defintely / Maybe" Adam Brooks. If your not in Brooklyn, You can see him perform @ Maxwells in Hoboken on Tuesday the 27th. And with the weather supposed to be perfect this Thursday, Octoberfest, sets up shop at Bar Majestic this Thursday.

Tuesday is almost done so I must check out -

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

back to business as usual ?

Well citizens. the dirty laundry pile keeps on growing here in JC and tonight's (W) Council meeting should be another display of public outcry (and apathy) over the recent modifications to the city council reserved parking spaces. Civictionists, One Jersey City continues to call for the resignation of Councilman Vega and Councilwoman Lopez, and object to the anointing of the Mayors' Special Aide to fill the now vacant Ward B Council spot. Tonight's meeting starts at 6 pm. This event is usually free, but rumours are now circulation that they may start charging an admission fee :) Hold on My mistake here, Jupiter One's show tonight at Radio City Hall is charging.

Free discussion will be on tap at Thursday Night's debate presented by the Left Forum. JC Resident Lenore Hulz, has organized a Presidential Debated Style discussion at Community Church of New York . I can't do the event justice, so here's her listing.

" Left Forum presents a debate between Tom Hayden, legendary 60's activist, founder of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and Progressives for Obama activist, Stanley Aronowitz, distinguished professor of Sociology, union organizer, and author of over 24 books and Cindy Milstein, anarchist organizer, writer and popular educator.These debaters will tackle the particular roles of capitalists’ power within and beyond the Obama campaign and administration -- an analysis found nowhere in Washington politics or mainstream media. Hayden, Aronowitz and Milstein will debate the impact of the power of capitalists as it relates to strategies for building Left alternatives."

After City Hall or Radio City Hall tonight, one of WFMU's finest representatives, DJ Terre T (The Cherry Blossom Clinic), will spin at the Lamp Post for Steff's DTJC night. Terri's show is legendary, hosting great live bands every Saturday from 3 to 6 pm. Terre T, will be assisted by Mike Sin ( no relation to Den-of ) Next Weekend, WFMU hosts their annual record fair from October 23rd to the 25th, just a note too that CMJ and about 1,000 bands roll into town next Tuesday. Hope there are enough couches in Brooklyn :)

Tonight at Lucky's, DJ Sub Babes has Lucky's tonight. His alternating Wednesday Partner, Pat Byrne, DJ Lucha will appear unmasked for this Saturday's Vinyl Solution at the White Star. Leonard Smalls will celebrate Amy's birthday and mark the end of his Pharmaceutical Green Giant Wythe with special guest DJ's. Almost a special guest DJ himself, DJ Alfonse (Cootah) will be spinning at the Lamp Post on Thursday Night.

The Powerhouse Art's District newest business, the Warehouse (based on location not size :) has begun their Movies on the Wall series on Thursday Nights at 7:30. Film lover, and Atelier Productions master Iulian Moise reels out Bonnie and Clyde for this installment. Also on Saturday Night oops i had listed ths as Thursday , Halloween spookiness begins at Made with Love for their opening reception for " Boo Bat and Pumpkin : Illustrations from the Children's book by Ashley Lucas. You can bring the kids for this one :) Made with Love also started serving weekend Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 6 pm. Sundays are coupled with a DJ Vinny from noon to 4 pm. Check out her full schedule here

On Friday Night, Fortoul artists, Isaac Fortoul, Bobby Castaneda and Heather Gargon. will celebrate SOHO's Blue in Green 4th Anniversary. With a sushi chef and award winning sake it's no wonder that Flaunt Magazine (USA) & LUSSW (Japan) will be on hand in this quaint SOHO space. DJ Finesse spins it for you. Also in teh City on Friday Night, Dan Green (Kilsy The Honey Brothers ) plays at Mercury Lounge with Andrew Vladeck and his all-star big band with members of The Honey Brothers, The Prigs, Coulon, and Balthrop, Alabama. Dan's got another gig with the Lone Howdies on Sunday Night at Spike Hill in the Burg. On Sunday Night, Jody Porter the Black Swans plays at Mercury Lounge, Black Swan, Dan Haag, returns with the Campbell Apartment on Monday Night, only to be followed by Jupiter One for Tuesday Night's CMJ Showcase.

In our stage strifed town, Saturday Night has alt-country aka folk\Indie\country Asbury Park's the Amboys and the Front Bottoms at the Lamp Post. DJ Mark-ewok joins Leonard Smalls on Saturday Night.

Sunday is the Hoboken's Art Studio Tour, the one day event runs from noon to 6 pm. Looking to un-do the Jersey City's two day event, Hoboken Art Studio Tour is billed as " A Free City-Wide Self-Guided Walking Tour of Artists’ Studios & Community Gallery Spaces" thanks for the tip, I may hitchhike. You can also visit THE TIME BEING this Sunday . Our take on the convergence of time and place and what constitutes "history". 78 Sussex Street, in Paulus Hook, Downtown Jersey City. 12-4pm. Catalog and small framed prints available. Visit Loura van der Meule's studio.

Jesse buy a mixer.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

saturday near the park

just a copuple of reminder updates before i power nap.

I love my life has their closing party going on tonight 269 first street hoboken eureka gallery
frozen gentlemen and guests play at lamp post
pistol pete slings tunes with dj leaonard smalls at luckys
dj william mccamie has vinyl solution covered at the White Star

and when all things end things begin at 143 tonight

sunday is going t be sunny volleyball is on and starting early text or call me if you can make 12 30.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Talk with my hand not with the Facebook

It's Day 4 of "site maintenance" for my Facebook profile all I can say is that I didn't touch a thing , or as we say in Jersey City "it wasn't me". Fow now, I am just sticking with the Jersey City Independent for my news worthiness and gossip, oh wait this just in ... Jersey City is down a councilman (Ward B Phil Kenny) and Mariano Vega "temporarily" resigned his position as President of the Council. You know this is all over money, and the sad part is that while so many artists hustled for every dollar to make this years Art Studio Tour, merely having a portion of the funds that were allegedly passed on to the politicians could have funded most of these weekend events. That's OK we shouldn't be too pissed right ? yeah right !

So. thanks again to everyone who came out to support, Masks of God, the 4th Street Art and Music Festival, The Harimus Cove Cemetery Fundraiser, Vital Voices, Exquisite Corpse, Boxed, The Time Being, Raw Power, Boxed, NYKYTOMORPH, Boxed, Battered Bunnies, and all of the shows and exhibits for the Art Tour. YOU MAKE AND MADE IT HAPPEN. That's why we struggle and why we hustle.

You can relax a little easy tonight (R) and get out and do some enjoyables, I'll get back to my tirade parade later. 58's life drawing class starts at 7:30 pm, bring your pencil end drawing pad and happily hang out with a bunch of poses. If you didn't catch the Mike Ferrari solo show at Paul Vincent Gallery on Sunday, you can cruise to this border bound gallery tonight and keep in mind that will also open for the Hoboken Art Studio Tour on October 18th, with onelast gasp I will also remind you that Paul Vincent also hosts their own life drawing classes every Tuesday Night, time for me to pull the plug on this one.

What about me, what am I doing tonight ? Well I was going to stay home and stew, but instead I've got a roast brewing for Autumn's birthday tonight at the Lamp Post, her babe birthday train should run though at some point, perhaps after stopping at Lucky's for a Ladies Special ?

The Grove Street PATH will still be in and art creative format on Fridays, Uta and her vendors will keep this going into the Happy Holidays :) On Friday Night, Battered Bunny maker Megan Gulick presents a Human Marvels art show at the 32 jones Gallery near JSQ. In the downtown, the Stockinette Comedy Night returns for $3 they guarantee to put the funny where your mouth is. Until Caligula (aka Jessie) gets a mixers I won't be plugging his night at the Lamp Post on Fridays. Matt Maragno , Jessimae Peluso and Andrew Martinez perfprm plus 4th Street Stage Hosts s Trip & Fall, aka Alissa Ahlberg and Sarah Roxanne Shields will be on routine. You can also venture into teh city for Another Man's Treasure at the Manhattan Vintage Show ( Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W. 18th Street b/t 6th & 7th Avenues : Oct 9 (Fri):1pm - 8pmOct 10 (Sat): 11am - 6pm.

Saturday. My roommate DJ William McCamie is waxing pro-hectic at the Vinyl Solution, the Frozen Gentlemen and Go Kat Go play the Lamp Post. Must be a little quite for Columbus. Come in Facebook. No you can wait I am done.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

jersey city dj council candidates debate tonight dj shipwreck cruz at lamppost and dj lucha at luckys

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art Tour-ture Weekend

stop stop please make it stop, emails..facebook...I'll tell you everything I know.. I promise just please stop telling me things or I swear they are going to kill me. here goes.. if I miss your event it is because I am being water bom-boarded. you can alos just check the links on the side folks. Plus, printed Full guides for the Art Studio Tour will be available at the PATH Station on Saturday and Sunday, but since you already live in town you can check in the Jersey City Reporter and the Jersey City Independent for listings as well as Jersey City's Website currently IS app for your iPhone (corrected you can use the Google Map made by the Jersey City Independent or try this handy app on your iPhone) if you'll have to walk it old school, get your legs up rent a bike through Easy Riders.

Celebrating their Nineth Year, Art House Productions presents their signature event the open miked Art House this evening. Unfortunately, Art House's planned Invention: Reinvention , a multi-media exhibit had to be cancelled for this tour. The first preview of JC Art Studio Tour Group shows will be at the Beacon tonight (R) from 6 to 8 pm. Park on street and save the $5 valet parking. The second pre-view will be Ruler and the Silk City Tattooist 99 Ways to Die at LITM. Olde Ghost, Nations in Exile (with Augie of Youth Against Nature) plays at the Iron Monkey tonight with the Drunkards. Gocha is spinning at the Lamppost tonight, don't take it personally if the Ladies Naturally gravitate to Lucky's though, Leonard Smalls is wearing a new fragrance, I don't know it's name, but I heard its made from cheap alcohol :).

Friday, the Art Tour does officially kick off at Grace Church with the Pro Arts Exhibit. You can venture from God's House to 58's Masks of God, a group show curated by Brenda Buck and Grant Worth. The exhbit has over a dozen artists; with local flavors mixing with some out-of-town guests. MC Paul Barman will be in house to help host. DJ Bill McCamie celebrates his birthday and the NYC Release of Reloveds at his Deep Sounds Bar 13 gig on Friday. He's got the late spot for this one :), come before 10 to get in for free. Along with Bill the Legendary Tony Humphries will be on decks.

The Bounty for Saturday and Sunday is quite heavy.

If your question is what would I do ? well it would be to see as much as possible. The list of group shows is linked on the top right. 150 Bay and 140 bay hold a bulk of actual artists studios to visit along with the Exquisite Corpse show at 150 Bay and Ken Bastard and Megan Gulick's hare bending collaberation. While you are in the Powerhouse Arts district, also check out Raw Power at 350 Warren Street. Also known as the Morgan Building, muralogist Dylan Evans, has has organized national arists to paint this entire one block structure. My favorite artist studio to visit has always been Robert Piersanti's expansive space at 299 Pavonia, and my love of Jersey City's Alley's has me destined to check out Beth Achenbach’s Mish Mash show in the Alley Cat Gallery (coles between 4th and 5th) Rolando Ramos 1 pm and Kelly Saint Patrick 4 pm perform. In addition, a collaborative conceptual installation by Trish Szymanski and Loura van der Meule, THE TIME BEING takes place at 78 Sussex. But alas, I wouldn't miss Dylan Egon's " Garage Sale" on Barroow btwn York and Bright no I hope not but ......

My commitment for Saturday is the Juggernaut : 4th Street Art and Music Festival. Hundreds of artist. live painting, a children's art area, food, beer and 18 music acts converge. Including the Mission: Remission art benefit for Breast Cancer Treatment. NOTE: Regardless of what Mother Nature may have intentions of doing, this event is on.

Here's the band line up for both stages combined

12:00 Bongo Surf
12:30 - The Land of Look Behind (Kevin Spyker and John Young)
1:00 One Foot In
1:30 - Angelas KaRIOTis
2:00 Mike Napolitano's Pre-School of Rock
2:30 - Miss Ohio
3:00 Knot Working
3:30 - Frozen Gentlemen
4:00 Manouche Bage (Matias Madame Claude Friday Night Experimental Funky Jazz Ensemble)
4:30 - Air Panther (w/Andrew Sullivan)
5:00 Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
5:30 - Beacon
6:00 In Musth
6:30 Square Wave Punch
7:00 Fairmont
7:30 - 2x4 Orchestra (Nugyen Smith : Maestro. Six piece sound of surround)
8:00 Any Day Parade
8:30 - JC DJ Consortium
9:15 - Natty Adams (8 Bit Dance Party)

Afterwards, I'll be teaming up with DJ Leonard Smalls for the official 4th Street afterparty at Lucky Sevens. Fairmont encores at the Lamp Post with Foodstamps. Higgins Band mates Billy Filo and Brian Kantor spin for the Vinyl Solution at the White Star. Rock Soup Studios at 660 Grand is hosting at DJ Palooza with 4 to 6 dj's vibing it.

Sunday. will be a good time to catch up on everything you couldn't fit in on Saturday. The Party official ends at 4 pm with the Jersey City Museum's Grand Finale. I am unoffocially ending here such that I can ready my events.