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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tonight New Years Eve ³ | For Professionals

New Year's Eve : derided by some as an amateur night, of the overpriced and overrated, celebrating a single second in times passing is this Monday. There's plenty of to had, but if you need practice or a certified professional already.

Tonight is the night for you as we celebrate

NEW YEARS EVE ³ [cubed] 
two parties one van 
8 pm to 3am 

At Lucky 7's 
Best of 2012 [acquisitions] 

8:00 DJ Pastiche
8:40 DJ Bill McCamie
9:10 DJ Brian Jones
9:50 DJ Sup Babes [Brian Shapiro]
10:30 DJ Dangerous Dave Feldman
11:10 DJ Chuck Daly
11:50 Stay Golden Pony Boy [Marco Vidal]
12:30 Motor Funker
1:10 Dancing Tony Starts the Round Robin Spin Off 

At Maxwells 
doors 8 pm $5 
Live Music by 

11:00 Thomas Francis Takes His Chances 

10:10 Citizen Blast Kane

9:20 Winner Takes All Collective 

8:30 Crazy and the Brains

Bar to Bar service with a $5 round trip shuttle van leaves Lucky 7's 7:47, 9:19, and 10:42 

this night is going to tux 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's the End of the Mayan Calender as We Know it

My Mary Kate and Ashley Calender only covered 16 months, but I didn't think the world was ending when December 31, 2003 came. I knew that I could just buy a new one. Now the Mayan Calenderr which fits over 5,000 years on a rock finally ran out of space so head over to freakin' Amazon and buy a new one for the next 5,000, I'm not missing my biggest [guest starring] role in this Nimbus Dance Works  The Nutcracker this Sunday at 1pm. The show opened to the public this Friday, tickets for my show and the other shows are available for this weekend here. Take a break from your holiday mall frenzy and shop, stay, and plays local.

Catch the last installment of the Holiday Fairs and wares at this Thursdays Farmer's Market as JC's Craft Mafia makes you a deal that you can not refuse. On Friday, come back to Grove Plaza for a Creative Grove Christmas. There will be plenty of best buys all around town, so try not to freak out if you haven't started you JC Birthday presents yet. There's always cake and pies to be had, and you can pick one up at Made With Love anytime, or come by this Saturday Night for their sweet treats hank Williams tribute holiday party from 8 to 10 pm.

I've got my steady gig this Thursday at Lucky's for Ladies Night. Fearing harm-may-get-him on Saturday Night. DJ Motor Funker is teaming up with Chuck Daly for an end of the Days DJ Night this Friday. Things start at 10 Mayan-Ryan time. Motor Funker will most likely still have his own gig on Saturday Night and will help host an Calvary of Downtown JC's DJ's for next Saturday's Final Vinyl Saturday - Best of 2012 -New Years Eve³ Party at Lucky's,  Simultaneously, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Winner Takes All Collective, and Citizen Blast Cane are playing the 29th at Maxwells, There will be a U-Haul shuttle bus running between both events, save your metrocard and for $5 get a round tripping package for the evening. 

A Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Love Dancer Tony