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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

let's go to the video (tape)

push backs, delays, procrastination was never spent so well....

ok. first we gotta move the pool party to Saturday august 16th. mark it down on your calender, because that's when mother nature will behave like a mother f*cker and rain down on the es Oro gallery backyard. jinx. not. this delay would not have happened if we could trust all of you with art and water.

the weather doesn't look like it will break the will of the Milwaukees this Wednesday for the Groove on Grove Series. Afterwards, check out the Namesake at Van Vorst Park. A Mystery Guest DJ, as in I don't know who is playing, spins at the Lamp Post on Wednesday Night. Tonight. Tuesday, DJ Bill McCamie fills in for Freddy Fingers at the Lamp Post. I am filling in for the Cat Juggler on Thursday. I'll have a Karaoke Dance Party, kind of like the same thing I do at 4 am in my apartment.

here's a sneak peak at the Milwaulkees on TV

speaking of TV. Carla from Balance Hair Salon/World of Style Vintage sent me a sneak peak of their reality show pilot. Check it out below. In related Vintage news, Another Man's Treasure was featured in the Jersey Journal, Also, an new Vintage Clothes Store called Hello Again Vintage openned on Bowers Street in the heights.

American Watercolor Movement, celebrates the release of the Mustachio Suite : Act Two of the Sh1thouse Opera at Rehab, formerly Club Midway this Friday. Well Baby performs at the Art House Productions, Break a Leg Fundraiser in Hoboken on Friday as well. On Saturday, JC's Any Day Parade has their CD release Party at Maxwells.

Next week, Jersey City will host 30,000 music fans for the All Points West Festival. The Thursday Night before, 58 celebrates the opening of America is Slowly Dying, also that night Sweet Priscilla also plans to reopen their doors for a private preview party of the newer space. On Friday Night es Oro gallery is having the closing party for Elemental, while DJ's Leonard Smalls (Lucky7's), Caligula and the Cat Juggler host an unofficial after-party at Don Hill's. On Saturday Night 58 will host our own All Points West Pre-After Party. Sunday is open, who wants to throw down ?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

got your messsage on the radio

Volleyball is OFF for today Sunday. Severe Storms raging
Take it slow. This guy didn't

Looking forward, and off the cuff.
Tonight DJ Bill @ Lucky's
Monday The Hove @ The Post.
Thursday I am back at the Lamp Post for my first dj gig in a while
Friday AWM EP Release Party @ Rehab
Saturday Pool Party BBQ at Es Oro Gallery - finally landed a backyard for 3000 gallons of water.
Saturday Night Any Day Parade CD release party at Maxwell's

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thunder Tonight at Nine PM

sorry kids. although rainy day parade was ready to go, they had to call in a favor with their old studio mates, tokyo blades and fill in this bill. they can be caught at Hank's Saloon on Friday, and back on the block on Sat, for Lucky's Seven's BBQ with WJ & the Sweet Sacrifice and Steve Clark and John Becker.

the movie in van vorst washes up the 30th with The namesake, while the safekeepers of anthems, the Milwaulkees will play the jc side of the Grove PATH next wednesday.

completely unaffected by today's weather was : The Favorite Band of the Week's perforance of The Bends at Arlene Grocery tonight at nine. don't leave them ____ & ____.

still nothing beats my heart like this .

Friday, July 18, 2008

pool party postponed until next friday

Hey bathers. Sorry, we had to move back the pool party until next friday, July 25th.
You can still keep on your bikinis, it's hot enough.

Sorry Again,
Dunking Tony
JC Swim Club

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

here it comes, there it goes

Dear blog it has been two weeks since my last post, since then i have danced several times , and flown a kite on a beach during bathing hours, please forgive me.....

We'll make it up. I swear.

The sun is shining quite bright for today's Groove on Grove. Today's all stars is american watercolor movement, with tow sets starting at 6 pm , you can predict some exeprimentalisms, but don't expect any repeats of the PADNA powerhouse fundraiser. If you can't make it today, mark your calenders for our August 1st Performance at reHab. Unfortunately, with todays beautiful weather, there is NOT a film at Van Vorst Park, but next wednesday "the namesake" plays at Sundown. For now you can head to Barrow Mansion for Trivia Night. DJ Eric Fuzco guests spins at the Lamp Post tonight. Rumor has it that a new PA will also be making it's debut.

Thursday's highlights are a couple of art openings, one at Cosi by Visual Artist NICOLE MARGARETTEN. Across the pond, Sebastian Masuellli exhibits in a group show at the Latin Collector on west 57th street. Also this Saturday, The Monroe Center in Hoboken Hosts POLITRIX this Saturday at 7pm. Check out this video below.

The Monroe Center will also host a fundraiser for Maladjusted, Misappropriated , which was just accepted to a place at the New York Fringe Festival in August. To celebrate and raise funds, Art House is having a party on Friday August 1st.

JC's Bridge and Pummel will skate against the newest addition to the Garden State Rollergirls League. the Hub City HellRazers. In what what is the most all inclusive dream package ever. For $20 you can get round trip shuttle service from the Hard Grove, admission to the bout as well as the pre-, and after parties. Wear your bathing suit underneath for when you get back...

Also looking ahead in the arts world. The City and Pro Arts are looking for additional artists for the CANco Lofts exhibition. The Official Opening Party will be at CANco. Contact I've attached her email below.

While making art is other people's passion, you know that my passion lies with making swimming pools. So with the Toy Eater's Space always in need of heat relief, what a better way to use the current space than to re-open the JC Swim Club. Here's what you need to know: Yes there will be a pool, yes you will need to be in a bathing suit to be allowed in (cut off jeans okay for you rockers, but please no f+cking cords!) . $10 donation covers your lifeguards. NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED. Knock Hockey, Shuffle boards, boom box dj's. Bring flip flops and towel we will also have a tanning area is you need to brown up. The Pool will also be open on Monday and Tuesday for movies. JAWS, the DEEP, you know water and death stuff.

You can follow the next day by heading out to the Siren Festival at Coney Island, then catch Flaming Fire at Union Pool in Williamsburg or come home and catch the Swigs at Lucky Seven's.

I'll be dunking myself in the Hudson on Sunday, sometime in between games at Volleyball.
Colin Comstock did this film for check it out.

Here are the details.

Please continue to forward this message on to friends and artists who may be interested.

There are a number of open calls for work for Pro Arts Sponsored Group
Shows at Canco Lofts, to take place during the city-wide Jersey City Artists'
Studio Tour. These shows will be on display from 9.20.08 to 10.18.08 and will be featured during our Studio Tour Kick-off Celebration at Canco lofts on October 3rd, which drew over 1,500 visitors last year. This year, there will be 10 exhibitions and 2 video installations at Canco. Below are 5 open calls for work.

This is a great opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in an exciting
event and a well trafficked, well publicized venue.
All persons, no matter their town of residence may apply for consideration
to each show.

Curators are accepting submissions THIS MONTH ONLY. The curator will
contact you directly to inform you of the outcome of your submission.

For more information on the 2008 Studio Tour, please visit and click on "artists' STUDIO TOUR"

Please see below and go to EACH individual link to find information on how to
submit work/apply, deadlines, themes/concepts, contact information and more.

SEAMS - Curated by Colleen Grennan and Joshua Erb

Prime Surreal Estate - Curated by Dylan Evans

Trading Places - Curated by Hugo Xavier Bastidas

People Without Clothes - Curated by Jan Kounitz

Collateral Collision - Curated by RockSoup Studios

Remember, artists who are accepted in any of the shows at Canco lofts must
also fill out the Studio Tour Registration form to be included in the
Studio Tour insert and map. See:
to print out the application form and send it in.

See last years' Kick-off celebration in a video by Colin Comstock at:

Thank you,
Rebecca Feranec
Studio Tour Coordinator
Questions? Write to: or contact individual curators directly.

Wednesday, July 16.
10 pm - Closing
Agent Double-O Fuzzco Takes Over The Lamp Post!
382 2nd St. (btwn Monmouth & Brunswick)
Come by the Lamp Post tommorow. I'll play the Hollies, Pretty Things, Mott The Hoople, David Bowie, Beatles covers, Anti-Beatles songs, Pro Beatles songs, Rick Springfield, Hoodoo Gurus, Ian Dury, Adam Ant, Prentenders, Franz Ferdinand, The Kills, Prodigy, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Grand Master Flash, a bunch of Phast Phreddie's Phavorite Soul Songs, and (as always) Cat Scratch Fever by the Nuge.
And maybe Oscar & Felix covering "You're So Vain"
Hi All,
I'll be showing an installation, the 8th in the series "the mistake i make is to try and think" in this group show curated by Monica Espinel. I'm very excited, hope you can make it.latincollector37 W 57 St., 4th FloorNew York, NY 10019T: 212-334-7813F: 212-334-7830 S***

this month's show is finally here, Alex' solo exhibit with his contagious happy colors portraying the "CITY" in his way:
sketchy illustration style paintings on canvas or anything he can find..
He is Serbian-American with an almost French way to express.
Friday the 18th from 7 - 10 pm opening reception with wine and olives. You can watch his wonderworks done in person (in other words he will paint ) the show is up for 1 week

Saturday * July 19 * UNION POOL
484 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, Lorimer Stop on the L 8:30 PM * $6 * 21 and Up
FLAMING FIRE (we go on at 10 sharp)
Much is happening at the Flaming Fire compound this month. We've begun our new album with our longtime collaborator JZ Barrell, and will start to mixing four new songs this week. This wednesday, anthropologists will be hooking us up to wires during practice to measure our emotional responses during and after rehearsal (true! -- check out our new group headshrinkers at We're also starting to book our fall tour which will feature an eerie new stage show of mystical scuzzbagness, codenamed THE 3 COLUMNS OF THE REDNECK WIZARD, and if you know of a town or club we should play in, let us know! We're also looking around for some fun people to work with, see the postcript at the bottom.
AND...this Saturday, we're going to party down with a crazed dance-inducing freakout, with two of the most insane, fun and funky groups playing around Brooklyn! Who:
SERVICES - just got arrested in our old Omaha stomping-ground for having too much of a good time on stage (which is sadly, a lot easier in Nebraska than in it should be.) They're incredible live, and will induce you to also dance around like mad and have an have an unlawfully fun time.
SIGMUND DROID - garage punk disco on a frenzied, crazy level! Download their awesome, instant dance-party album for free:
Our set will also feature many amazing guest stars and new songs, including:
* Wilder Selzer (Double Dong, Kustard Cabaret) dancing around like a man possessed, bringing some extra bellow to the male vocal shouting and singing an FF song in a brand new way that will astound you!
* Natasha singing a new FF song about greek murderesses!
* Danny Tunnick ( FF alumni 2003, now of Barbez) throbbing out on conanistic percussion with our primary skin-pounder Sarah Blust!
* a rousing FF barn-stomping march regarding the sweet trembling fear of God, stars, pyramids, goats and corn!
If you don't start dancing around at this show, you're probably dead. Which is cool, we're not prejudiced. See you on Saturday!
P.S. Flaming Fire is really interested in working with new folks, particularly folks with cool new ideas about staging and costuming, or professional music stuff we don't understand. Also: yodelers, really deep voiced people, and motorcyclists/scooterists who will ride around with us, since we're all just getting our permits now (190 mpg on a Honda Cub, can't beat it). If you have any suggestions, email and let me know!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Things are on for today's 4th of July BBQ. I left two boxes of beef patties at Shop Rite but I put out the word to get some meat back. We'll be about one to set things up. I got the beef bbq and Ken is striking up the veggie broiler. As far as I know the things we need this time would be a macaroni salad. Give me a call at 973-219-9696 for some suggestions. Otherwise a safe bet would be beer.

You should also consider bringing a beach chair or something, and also you may want to walk, after the fireworks the waterfront is a mad house

Happy Birthday America.
Two hundred plus years of making the world a better place ***

*** with the following exceptions.
F+cking with the Indians to effing up other countries (that covers it)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Week in Renew, Review and Preview

wow that happened quickly... Toyeaters closed down last week. It seems that Frank Sinatra's nephew came through on his promise and forced the crew to flee to places North, West and East. Things must have been pretty crazy as the largest collection of adult magazines was left behind. Gods Speed Toy Eaters we will miss you..........

In their wake, the Toy Eaters space is something Lex is looking to continue as a community performance space, there are two rooms available for living/creating ($800/$850). Ideal for an artist/promoter type. Contact (the full email is below)

The weather is stellar, so I am heading out to the beach today, but will return to set things up for the Groove on Grove performance at 6 pm. Today's band is Contramano, Argentinian band based our of Brooklyn. There is no movie tonight at Van Vorst park, but things roll again with the Princess Bride on July 9th. It will be a triple header with both Well Baby and the 1 and 9's playing at Grove Street. Tonight Jahna from Mr. Badger spins at the Lamp Post as we bid a hello and goodbye to Alix and her husband Scout.

By tonight, you may want to get your weekend in full swing, with the July 4th Holiday falling on Friday, Wednesday is the new Thursday and since some of you may have summer Fridays, Thursday would then become the new Friday. Either way, here's what for you.

Thursday: July Three Dance Party @ the Lamp Post with Dancing Tony and Cat Juggler at The Lamp Post.

Friday : July 4th BBQ at Morris Canal. Contact me at about being a cool person and bringing something.

Saturday : Closing Party at 58 for Kirk Bray's Elevated

Sunday : Return to Morris Canal for Sunday Volleyball

Make a note, sorry but I've got some Paddleball to play.

from lex

ART SPACES FOR RENT!Details and terms:There are THREE rooms available on the first floor of the 143 Building, which houses Lex Leonard Gallery.The layout:Three rooms, one large communal area, one large kitchen and 1.5 restrooms. Two of the rooms are of decent size with two windows each. The third room is small and has its own toilet (perfect for office or micro studio). The communal area is to be used as gallery, arts programming and performance area by both tenants and other members of the arts community at the discretion of gallery director (yours truly) and tenants of this floor. The communal area will be laid out and managed in the same fashion as Lex Leonard Gallery - professionally and uber neat.The main focus of this space and 143 as a whole is art as it relates to community enrichment. The rooms are to be used as studios, but the communal area exists for the purpose of art programming for the community. Daily activity such as occasional play rehearsals/readings, poetry readings, art openings, workshops, photo shoots and the likes should be expected and shouldn't interfere with tenant use of private space and communal facilities. In many cases these events will be those that you as a tenant may have organized. It is not a "party" space, hall for hire, late night hang, after-hours, rock club or storage facility. If you've been to Lex Leonard Gallery then you'll know what to expect.This is a great opportunity for that artist or craftsperson that's looking to be part of a true community oriented arts space. Rates are reasonable. Great opportunity to earn extra income as a tenant as well. Available as of July 15!If seriously interested reply to this posting asap.Thank you.