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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I blog corrected

Oops, sorry, my mistake, excuse me, but the Debut show for The Milwaukees, Hudson Rail Company, and Miss Ohio at IM Automata Chino is on Saturday not Friday. With Saturday now being the old Friday, on the real Friday, The One and Nines are playing at O'Hara's (two sets starting at 10:30pm), and Bryan Benninghove plays with 14 other Saxophonists and two drummers in the Sensorium Saxaphone Orchestra in Brooklyn on Friday Night. Bryan is also playing with the Hangmen on Tuesday Night at Parkside Lounge in New York City. Getting Back to the the One and Nines, they also play at Lucky Sevens Saturday Evening Showcase with Tip Canary and Los Chrispatores ( music starts at 7 pm. In more garbled grammar, you can also check out Live Jazz tonight, Thursday at the new Organic Bakery, Made with Love. tonight is BRENDAN KIBBEE with special guests: Kaz Araki, John Lenis, Nobuki Takamen performing from 7 to 9 pm sharp. Combining my two previous blogs, you should be able to make out that it's going to be a busy live music weekend here in JC.

My musical medium is my feet, so lets talk a little about DJ stuff, Cootah is at the Lamp Post tonight, and I am on next Thursday, from now on we will be tag-teaming Thursday Nights. DJ Caligula is on decks this Friday Night. Thursdays, as always, is Ladies Night at Lucky 7's with Leonard Smalls, he will also be DJing this Saturday after bands at Luckys. Anytime after 3 am's this weekend, hit up Lex's Laisse Faire at 143 Columbus.

Thanks to, Any Day Parade, 100 Hits, Twilight Procession, WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice for donating CD's for the Snow Ball last Saturday. Here's a link to some great pics of the event taken by Lauar DeSantis-Olsson. Contact here at if you want prints.

On the art side, we'll be opening the doors for 58's sixth Season next Friday with works by John Besante. John has a special arrangement to interpret artworks at the Metropolitan Musuem. Expect to see a lot of American Impressionist masterpieces at reasonable prices for this show. The opening starts at 7 pm. The Ides of March by Thomas J Carlson, will be up for March, You can check out 58's website for this year's listing.

John Besante also has two two bedroom condo's, and a commercial space available on Brunswick street. The Apartments are brand new, two bed room/two bathroom units with new appliances and a Jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom. The new commercial space on the ground floor. If you'd like to see them, his number is 201-420-0202 or email me at Originally, these apartments were going for $2400 and the commercial space is at $3500. But John is looking to make a deal and knock hundreds from the rent for new tenants.

These last three blogs should get us through Saturday. I am still looking for a place to deep fry for the Superbowl Sunday so I'll keep me posted.