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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plow through this

Quickly the snow is piling up. I'll elaborate tomorrow

Tuesday : Babyhole at the Lamp Post, Rolando Ramos performs. singer songwriter night at Lucky's (I think, their website says nuthin)

Tomorrow: Roland Ramos Jam Session at Shades (Monroe Center). Art Opening at LITM FREE I am DJing 7 to 10 pm. DJ's Shawn Towey vs. Keniche at The Lamp Post 10 pm. DJ sub babes at Lucky's.

Thursday : The Art House (featuring Dianne Schwaeble) 8 pm $5. Dancing Tony Dance Party at the Lamp Post. Ladies Night featuring Leonard Smalls at Lucky's.

Friday : John Besante's American in Paris at 58 Free 7 to 10 pm.

Saturday : Art Opening at Balance/World of Style Vintage Free 5 to 8 pm
“The Past Is Present” features Lina Haskel’s photographs of Neo-Rockabilly scenesters in New York and Jon Hammer’s evocative paintings of groovy old urban saloons that still look the same as they did 60 years ago. Who said the 20th century was over?