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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor ? The Inagural Edition

Dear Citizen-elect Bush,

I heard that your lease will expire at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this Tuesday. I live at 516 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City (above Sushi Tango) and my neighbor has recently moved. This one bedroom studio would be great for Laura and yourself. You and your secret service detail can come over anytime for scrabble, Operation, and or karaoke. Let me know I have the key if you want to take a look, one thing though, my friends have first dibs though. (really $995 a month Feb 1st) great for a single or couple. If not I think you and Laura might want to talk with my Friend Lex Leonard, I think he has a space available in the gallery. you should come over tonight after 3 am for some Lassie Faire Fun.

Jersey City has a lot to offer for former chief executives, if you aren't busy packing tonight, I would say that you should come out and check out my roommate DJ Bill McCamie at Automata Chino by the Iron Monkey. It's a nice small spot that will be hosting live music shortly. Bands give me a call so we can get some booking done. DJ Bill spins Thursday and Saturday Nights. On another note bands, Billy Gray band Ben Franklin is looking to share a space at Pearl if you have extra room shoot him an email at I am also looking for any extra promo cds, eps or merch for the SNOW BALL gift bags.

The Snow Ball is the annual Art House production fundraiser for their 2009 season. Next Saturday get ready to get dressed up all fun-swanky, with live music by the Bryan Benninghove Trio and DJ Soul. The Art house sits on the top floor of the the old St. Francis Nursing School of Hamilton Park. Rumor has it that the rooftop view inspired register nurses to fight for the first open air lounge. with food, drinks from LITM, Bar Majestic and Trish Cooks. Plus plenty of auctions goodies. Click here for more info and tickets.

Tonight George, you can still be the Commander in Chief at O'Hara's with the Super Karaoke Fun Time Band. I know you are used to If Rock Band and Guitar Hero have you high fiving your friends in your living room, take it to the text level by front manning up and lead. DJ's Leonard Smalls and Andrea WK are at Lucky's tonight. At the Lamp Post, Fairmount and The Narrative play. The Orion Experience plays with Nightmare of You, and US Royalty, so Bottle up and Go to Maxwell's . You can skate there, the Hudson is frozen.

Laura, don't worry Jersey City has something for you as well, next weekend the Garden State Roller Girls hold try-outs at their Arena in Branch Brook Park. No one would mess with THE First Lady, you can check out a clinic beforehand, the league also needs referees, score and record keepers, and people to pull bodies of the floor for them. all genders can apply.

On Sunday, I am in at Luckys Seven's for DJ Bill, my iPOD took a death dive from my bathroom door so it's all eight tracks and maybe some cassettes.

Get hot and Get out. I am done