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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

three to five days per paragraph

Okay, the DJ line-ups have been formalized for tonight. Lulu is spinning at the Lamp Post, and Lucha DJ (identity classified by Mexican Officials) is at Lucky's. Saratonin, not the happy brain chemical, but the video projectionista, will be also debut with Lulu's debut. On Saturday Night (corrected from Friday) the quaint sized, Automata Chino will debut their live music space next door to the Iron Monkey with The Milwaukees, Hudson Rail Company, & Miss Ohio. The lay-out is tight and some creative space management will surely be utilized for fit this 5 piece into a three piece band area. I am personally expecting one guitar one the copper top bar. I think this show starts at 8 pm. If your band is interested in playing there contact . It seems that PJ Ryan's name (and I assume ownership) change to O'hara's, is also bringing more local live music. This Saturday, the Super Bowl Karaoke Fun time band has enough material for a true length Bruce Springstein show, that should make you feel less gypped than watching the 10 minute performance for this Sunday's Superbowl. Also on Saturday Night, you check out the Buck Rodgers Inspired Costumes and music of Manchild at the Lamp Post. In other poorly organized paragraphs, the Ukaladies play at Jalpoy in Red Hook this Thursday Night. On Friday, my soundsytem and the energy of about a hundred MTV aged kids will be at the Monroe Center in Hoboken for the CD Release Party for Goodnight Bravado, Things start early with thee Com3back Season after 6pm. The Monroe Center is close the Ninth Street Light rail Station, plus there's free parking. For $15 you get admission, plus a reserved copy, plus an after dance party. This is most likely an alcohol free event so pack accordingly. by planning accoprdingly, please note that DJ Bill McCamie is no longer DJ-ing at Automata Chino, if you did make it out to see him through bone chilling temps, he thanks you.

Here's my post from Tuesday, so I don't have to repeat myself.

As you may have heard, a bodega owner was killed Tuesday morning on Coles Street (across from McNair Academy) from what I understand, no arrests have been made, so be careful my friends. Hopefully, they will find out who ended the life of a man , who many people described as a great warm man. A Vigil is being organized for this Friday.

This Thursday, several local restaurants are participating in the "Dine out for Kids" Night. Restaurants donate 10 to 20 percent of their lunch and/or dinner receipts towards the Hudson Country Child Abuse Prevention. Click here for the list of Jersey City Establishments. Also on Thursday Night, Club H is holding a comedy night to raise money for, Innervation. an organization that provides mentoring and athletic programs for at risk and underprivileged children program. There's a four comic line-up for that night, show starts at 8pm, come see how to you make fun of rock hard abs ? It's for a good cause