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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In thirty minutes or less (rough draft version 6)

As you may have heard, a bodega owner was killed this morning on Coles Street (across from McNair Academy) from what I understand, no arrests have been made, so be careful my friends. Hopefully, they will find out who ended the life of a man , who many people described as a great warm man.

This Thursday, several local restaurants are participating in the "Dine out for Kids" Night. Restaurants donate 10 to 20 percent of their lunch and/or dinner receipts towards the Hudson Country Child Abuse Prevention. Click here for the list of Jersey City Establishments. Also on Thursday Night, Club H is holding a comedy night to raise money for, Innervation. an organization that provides mentoring and athletic programs for at risk and underprivileged children program. There's a four comic line-up for that night, show starts at 8pm, come see how to you make fun of rock hard abs ? It's for a good cause...........

unlike Tonight's (Tuesday's) Babyhole Comedy Night at the Lamp Post, in which the money only really goes towards Melissa's Bar Tap. Seriously, Tonight's Guest Performer's Plowing Mud Forever, even features two babyhole comedians, with Ryan "Skinner's Loft/Vespa Tech" Stevens, and the forever loved "Camel Dude" Ralphie. I am not sure whose playing for Lucky's Singer Songwriter night, but Lucha DJ is back tomorrow night.

more tomorrow. i am late for dinner