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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 : A Place Odessey

Thanks again for the gold mine of recycling you helped create on New Years. It was a shopping cart frenzy on New Year's Day at 58. According to our records, only one person was up before 5 pm to come over and help clean. Thanks again to Any Day Parade, Melissa Surach and DJ's Neil Eggs McCoy, Brian Jones, DJ Soul and mEgan and Auttie McNaughty for spinning things right. Lex took through after 4 am, and he's pulling the same shift tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (sat) at his place.

Two days later, "the weekend" is back just like good old 2008. It's late Friday and Caligula should be just about at the Lamp Post. On Saturday Night. Brooklyn's Pow Wow, and the Spanish Prisoner's with Mikey from American Watercolor Movement on drums play live at the Lamp Post. Beforehand, We are getting together to celebrate Jon Besante's 58 at 58. Jon Besante support of arts as the landlord and partner of the Mary Bensen Gallery, Es Oro Gallery and 58, has kept art in Jersey City alive. Tomorrow night's event is a dinner party, so bring a dish, vegetable if you'd want Jon to taste it, a bottle of wine, or a box a cigars for a good friend. Dinner is at 8pm, please call ahead if you can.