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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ice cream and a brand new president makes everything sweeter

don't give up on your optimism yet, there are many local balls to enjoy right here in the JC area.

With the economy needing some serious infusion of rock solid policies, Plowing Mudd Forever is playing at the Trash bar in Brooklyn at 9 pm. Leave now, then catch DJ Street Justice at Motor City for an Obama Party. Even Atheists, we're covered in Obama's inaugural speech when he called upon "non-believers" to celebrate, for a deeper understanding of how this effects you, speak with Natty Adams , (no relation to Samuel , Maybe John Quincy), he's at the Stone Creek Bar on Lexington and 27th for a meet-up, he's there until ten so maybe you should see Steff after ?

On the home continent, the babyhole express has run a ground at the Lamp Post, on this day of hope, Melissa hosts her own inaugural ball. She will introducing and most likely swearing in her own cabinet this evening. If you want a slot get there early to apply for the secretary of the posterior. At Lucky 7's, Tip Canary, Deivito and Special Guests play at 9 pm. Get on your tuxes, citizens. On Friday Lucky's is having an 80's Television Party, costumes, prizes, and the lot. Mork from Orsen is DJing.

On Wednesday night, Brian Jones is DJ-ing at the Lamp Post, firing off an all vinyl salute, his carefully sculpted selection will have everything from Nigerian Afro-pop to 70's soul to '08 dance punk classics. He last trimmed down his best hour ever for New Years Eve at 58, now he's got time to stretch things out. Steff "Street Justice" Kautzmann and Claudia serve the serpents. Down the street, see who is rumored to play at Luckys.

There's more, but for now just get your Snow Ball Tickets for Saturday