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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, January 23, 2009

TV Night in JC

DJ Caligula is back at the Lamp Post tonight, after taking a one week sabatical, Jesse is ready to rock the lamp post Obama world. Keep your ears pinned for obsure refernces to the new administrations energy policy. Meanwhile, Reaganomics will be flowing at Luckys tonight for their 80's TV Party. If you have ever been trapped, stuck,or even living oblivious in that excessive era, now is yor time to strap on Mork's Rainbow Suspenders and have a good time. The Radio will be set to the Loud Idiots Station. Costumes, drink specials, prizes await, more importantly, it will be interesting to see what channels the media outlets will be on tonight.

Tomorrow Night, tap your inner art elite and treat yourself to a black tie creative night at Art House Production's Snow Ball. $60 cant be used more practical then supporting what we makes art happen in Jersey City. Bryan Benninghove and DJ Soul provide a great soundtrack for silent auctions, fine food and drink. You can start out early with the Folk Festival at Passout Records in Brooklyn. Jersey City's Mr. Badger plays around 7:30pm. Also on Saturday Night, Bongo Surf Plays at O'haras and Miss Ohio plays at the Lamp Post. You can also head out Kilkenny's in Newark for a lively night.

Skip What's Going Down Chicken on Friday and Saturday Night and draw first blood on 3 am at Lex's.