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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 : Closing it's Days For Good Tomorrow

yep, it's true friends, because of the financial crisis, 2008 will be closing it's days for good tomorrow at midnight. But don't worry, a new and improved year will immediately open and start serving daily news, drama, diner specials, and even the unique "day to day" that made 2008 and it's predecessors infamous. For those of you looking to keep things the same, famous days like Monday and Wednesday along with those three days that make up "the weekend" will be back!

In order to help with the adjustment, many drinking establishments will be open tomorrow to welcome in what has been tentatively named "the best year ever", for categorizing and government agencies, this new year will also be referred to as 2009. It's highly recommended that you practice speaking and writing these numbers down immediately. Luckys 7's and the White Star Bar are offering open bars come early, but pace yourself becuase most bars are allowed to stay open until 4am. Steff and Claudia are behind the bar at the Lamp Post with DJ's serving up super sounds, Leonard Smalls spins at Luckys.

At 58, we will have Any Day Parade playing at midnight, Melissa Surach hosts and performs a "Year in Review" comedy special. Unfortunately, Our Burlesque show cancelled, but DJ Neil Eggs McCoy has promised an to spice it up, I am not sayin he mentioned an all male revue, but he did ask to borrow some olive oil and my speedos. Auttie McNaughty and I spin, along with DJ Couple, Soul and mEgan, with Late Night Party King Lex Leonard spinning at 4am. Illuminationist, Norm Francouer, will be landing space ships from 2058.

The Iron Monkey is debuting their new sound room, Automata Chino, with Santos Party House finalist, 7 morninds. LITM has a recession proof no cover affair as well.

There's of course many things to do on New Years, but most importantly, be safe and be with friends.

Happy New Year.
Love Dancing Tony