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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nothing Beats a Great Pair of Eggs

Good morning campers. If your Converse are still muddy from All Points West yesterday, wash them off and don't forget that your Friday Tickets are also good for Saturday or Sunday. If you dont have a ticket, you can still picnic out on the walkway by the water and hear all of the music without paying eight f#cking dollars for a crappy cheesesteak. I think the half pound angus burger may be the ticket for today. After tonight's line-up Leonard Small and I are spinning at Luckys, Billy Filo plays with True Love and the Neutron Drivers at Lamp Post, and DJ William McCamie is on the all Vinyl Solution at the White Star.

in the early Evening, we have the closing party for Ian Kauli'i Ephemera at 58 at 7 pm ( The 4th volume of JW Fesken Ehullek Tradgies opens next Thursday) . It's breakfast anytime at Balance, with an EGGSciting exhibit by local artist, Vincent Minervini at 6 pm. On Sunday, New worksfrom the "Malaika Series" by John Ruddy are on view at Es Oro Gallery. Soulful Sunday Potlucks are still on at Grassroots.

time to wash my sneakers ....

still have room for a team or two for next weeks kickball scrimmage email me if you are interested