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Friday, August 7, 2009

the end from my beginning

Scroll down to Thursday post if you need information about kickball or here's the Facebook Link . We've got 8 pretty full teams but come at 1:40 for the draft. I could always use some help refereeing, score keeping, announcing. Also, you can stop by Lamp Post tonight and ask Caligula if you can play in his team (4th Street/Lucky 7's All Stars)

Tonight, it's the first (actually second) all ages show at IMAC, thanks to young Miss Brittany Graziano, a local firestormer and promoter who is moving to take over the future. She manages, or at least dates Matt from Goodnight Bravado , a band that recently trimmed about 300 pounds of their band roster. They play IMAC in September and then head out to Beltsville for some recording. Tonight (F) Fairbanks, Currents, A Lesser Evil, Heart Attack Mondays play to the masses. Keeping tradition, it's only $5 for this all ages affair, that's the same price as a Minor Threat show 1986 ! Ironically, VCR's cost $1000 at that time ? Tomorrow (S) at IMAC, Nice Daughter, Grand Alto, Cinema Cinema.

For us bigger kids, don't forget that Moonlight Mile Studios and Maxwell's are hosting music tonight (F). Also on the out of town scoreboard. Prison Pretty, Haas Colby's new band plays at the National Underground.

Saturday Night's post kickball festivities are a real treat. Jahna Rain will be near playground zero for her All Vinyl Birthday Party at the White Star. It looks like Adam from the Impulse is back in town, The Impulse International plays with the collaboration of members of the Ankles and Dirt Bike Annie. Tonight's show is a record release party with Well Baby and Snowball 37 . DJ Pants spins with Leonard Smalls at Lucky Sevens. At 8 pm, Made with Love Organics hosts a Tango Trio " Mi, Miha and Me " . Flaming Fire plays an all ages affair at the Highland Ballroom on Saturday Night.

Sunday will be a a double beaut. It;s will be a great day for Volleyball and the Beautiful Women Group show at Paul Vincenst Studios in Hoboken. Tar and Virginia have doubled the gallery space and over 30 artists will exhibit for this show ( 2pm to 8pm). On your way back to JC , stop by Grassroots Community Space for some Pot Lucking and/or DJ Bill's Industry Night at Luckys.

You can also make a return visit to Paul Vincent Studios on Tuesdays for their Life Drawing Class, 58's life Drawing class hosted by Thomas J Carlson is on for this upcoming Thursday. Thanks again to all of you who made it out last night for John Fesken's show, I'll link the artwork once we get the pictures up.

Hope to see you this weekend,
xo xo