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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

so did I miss anything ? or Return to Scandalville or this weekend we are goingto have the biggest art and music scene until October

Yeah so we heard the news while we were at the Merge Records 20th Anniversary . I can't believe that you can't wear backwards baseball caps at Zeppelin Hall after 9pm !!!! Killer dood. We also heard something about some North Jersey Politicians getting arrested, but just figured it was a rumor or something and pushed on with the Kickball Tournament I had set up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Guys, this was a great test run for the new double or nothing rule and the summer heat made the water-ballons feel so nice. I've got room for a couple of more teams for the Jersey City Summer Scrummage Saturday the 8th. Email me at or text me at 973-219-9696 to get in and on it.

Technically, I am still on vacation, but I the blog is back just in time for the Jersey City Council meeting Wednesday at 10 am ( It's their summer schedule) . And even though it's an inconvenient time for our commuting residents (personal day anyone ?) maybe it's good if it starts early, just in case it runs all night. Beforehand, residents and members of One Jersey City have planned a 9 am rally on the steps of City Hall. Dan Levin, who ran mayor on the One Jersey City Ticket has called for the resignations of the Mayor, Council President Mariano Vega and new elected Councilwomen Flores. You can read more about history unfolding at the Jersey City Independent, New Jersey Online, or the Hudson Reporter, or just pick up the Jersey Journal. Things are so crazy that, in light of the recent corruption scandal, the NJ-ACLU is hosting a Happy Hour Thursday Night at Oddfellow's in Hoboken.

Clearly looking to capitalize on the recent scandal, Melissa Surach's Babyhole runs tonight at the IMAC. She will be alternating Tuesdays with the Rolando Ramos's Other Jam. Check their website for more info. Singer and songwriters can multi croon with Kevin Spyker Talent Show nights at the Lamp Post and you can just watch them at Luckys on Tuesday Night. I think it s Tip Canary, De Vito Night.

Tomorrow, after the dust settles at City Hall, you all come by for some Grooving and Groving with the One and Nines and their side project Kiwi the Child, Kiwi starts forst at 6 pm. The One and Nines also play O'Hara on Friday Night. Thursday Night, The McMickle Brothers, Tip Canary and The Porchistas play Hoboken. While they return to Jersey City on Friday for a show with Bern and the Brights at IMAC. Also on Saturday Night, Twilight Procession plays with Neutron Drivers at the Lamp Post.

On the art side, Mr. Afternoon's Funtastic Figure Drawing debuts at the Lex Leonard Gallery this Thursday. On Saturday, 58's closing reception for Ian Kauli'i Ephemera will be at 58 at 7 pm and Balance also has a art reception for some new works from 6 to 9 pm. On Tuesday, I'll be DJ-ing the Cool Blue Art Opening at LITM

But as we all know the tents have been pitched and they are starting to build stages for the All Points West Festival. If you haven't gotten a ticket yet, don't worry, Craigslist has plenty of discounted deals and if you have space, maybe you want to host an out of towner. Have the come in early for JCDJ's Indie Rockus and APW pre party at the Lamp Post. On Saturday I'll be chilling with Leonard Smalls for Luckys After Pints West after Party. My Roommate Bill McCamie has the decks at the White Star this Saturday Night. On Sunday he's back at Lucky's.

check CNN for updates :)