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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

quick fire challenge : life's a peach

Yep yep. GonG is on for tonight with Kiwi the Child at 6 pm and the Swigs at 7 pm. Kiwi the Child is a roots reggae soul combo featuring Vera and Alex from the One and Nines . Tonight at the Delancy Jupiter One has a listening party for their upcoming release Sunshower, the official release date is set for September 15th, then a coast to Coast tour with Regina Spector ensues. Yep and you saw them play in a tent last JC Friday. Go J1 go.

later on tonight Charlie Sheldon will DJ and man the deep fryer at the Lamp Post. I've got Thursday, but will most likely be serving up only deep fried cheese. DJ Sub Babes, who recently returned from tour with Guilt Trip is back at Luckys tonight. Dj Leonard Smalls has the Ladies over on Thursday.

Thursday Morning at 5:55 am FOX news will be at LITM for their Peach Party with Head Bartender Andrea and Head Chef Todd mixing it up with the weatherman. Jersey Peaches will never be this happy again.

the rest is yet to come...