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Thursday, August 20, 2009

heat advice from me

wow it's like day 9 of swampland here in Jersey City. Three showers and I still feel like a calender hanging over a deep fryer at Hollywood Chicken. Don't worry friends, relief is on the way !! First, the City has opened up plenty of the public school pools to the public. including Pershing Field Pool which is open year round (fee required) Meanwhile, the Jersey City coalition of Musicians and DJ's is working with your local bars to lower their thermostats and serve only the coldest beer. These cooling stations are similar to the ones set up by the city, except that it is recommended that you disrobe after you leave them.

So tonight, I've got my digital DJ gig at the Lamppost. There will be a cooling station indoors as well as outdoors in the smoking lounge. As I previously mentioned I will be giving out empty ziplock bags and free air conditioners. You can't get one without the other. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, your money be better spent with Leonard Smalls at Luckys, but your time with me could truly leave you wet, that goes for you guys too.

There's also Peach Relief at LITM tonight (R) with a special Peach Inspired Menu and Beers, or you can Hit the Beach as in Water Taxi Beach at South Street Seaport to catch the Crewof Grassroots Community Space (Sunday Potluck Dinners) liven things up from 6 pm to Midnight with DJ Victor Franco, Live Vocals by Sirena, Art Installs by Norm Francoer, and Live Percussion by Jimmy Lopez and Kevin Spkyer. Plus a little Burlesque by Crystal.

Friday Night, Es Oro gallery presents Decoded, a group show curated by Amanda Thackery. Decoded features new works by artists who examine the intersection through which technology impacts identity. Hopefully someone is going to tackle whether I will ever get back in touch with my inner myspace child ? There is a live performance by Don Ryan and Gocha Tsinadze at 7 pm.

Bands start playing on Thursdays at IMAC now, Brittany's lining up the future this Thursday with City by The Sea, Nick Maratta a young whipper snapper from Bayonne "Trying to make it" , and Signal The Escape . I love looking at these myspace pages just so I can curse my ADD. Friday's Line-up at IMAC is The Cast Before The Break, who are coming down from Albany in support of a new album, Mike Ferraro Duo, Thirdborder. On Saturday Night, Dirty Wings, Maybe Pete, Gates, At Sea.

Saturdays Night at the Lamp Post is going to be cata-classical !!! With songs under their belt like Free Mustache Rides (Caligula will be giving them out Friday Night!) , Girls , and Bong Hits, Blowjobs and Food Ape Fight will be glad to show you why You Think We Suck. At Luckys' JCDJs Scottie L spins sinister with Leonard Smalls. The Vinyl Solution at the White Star, has George " DJ Soul" Fernandez breaking wax for the first time in a while. You can expect anything from his early Industrial Days at Aldo's (RIP) and Pipeline in Newark to some Reggae Dubbed Soul.

Beforehand, you can cool off on the roofdeck at Art House Productions . from 8 pm to midnight at the JCLGO pre-party for for JC Pride Week (august 22nd to the 29th). Also Early on Saturday, you can catch Brendan Kibbie play at Made with Love Organic Bakery

Okay Sunday, looks like another Volleyball beach day by the Hudson. After loosing my cool, Dangerous Dave, Josh, and I took the perfect plunge. After I showered, I looked up these rules just to make sure that you weren't supposed to kick the ball a mile. Turns out no unless the otter team calls you losers before you lose. who would have thought.

DJ Bill has his regular Industry Night at Luckys on Sunday, but is also planning a special CD release Party for Thursday the 27th at the new Port-O Lounge on Newark (next to Sovereign Bank) . If you need an outdoor spot to drink, check out their back yard lounge. It may not be a beer hall, but hell we only needed one. Next Thursday, WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice have a big gig at the Santos Party House in NYC. It's an early gig, so you can do it all.

If it is still hot on Tuesday you can "get naked" and perform at Melissa Surach's Babyhole. Or you can "sketch naked" at Paul Vincent's Life Drawing class. 58's Life Drawing is this next Thursday at 7:30 pm.