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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, August 14, 2009

don't forgettaboutit

First in case you missed them, here are a couple of well written reviews from the Jersey City Independent about JW Fesken's Ehullek Tradgedies art show and Ben Franklin and the Pocono's at Groove on Grove last Wednesday.

The weekend weather looks great for today's Creative Grove. DJ Lucha and I spin it in this heat. DJ Lucha will go unmasked and spin from 2 to 4 ish. I've got the sundown set . Afterwards, maybe I'll treat him to some rice balls and zepoles at Holy Rosary's La Festa Italiana (the link is from 2007 - but the event runs this weekend . La Festa Italiana celebrates Italian heritage, spirituality and is an evening of music, dance and authentic Italian foods. It's fun filled with games, an hourly 50/50, and terminates with the Super 50/50 raffle drawing.

Tonight (F), Stockinette's monthly Comedy Night is back with 6 well versed comedians doing it all for $3. All you need to do is bring $3 and your own sauce (BYOB). here are a couple of links to their comics. ,, If you want your own shot, the Star Bar is hosting a Comedy Contest with a $100 prize next Wednesday.

DJ Caligula is spinning at The Lamp Post this Friday. The floor with be open for Danielle's Birthday and may lead to a dance off between you and retired euro-disco king Humby. DJ Hells Yeah is at LITM, and Jason spins at Bar Majestic. On Schedule, DJ William McCamie can get you off to an early start on the roof deck of Bar 13.
I am pulling my own shift at The Vinyl Solution this Saturday. Come by and bring any records you want to take for a spin. DJ Caligula and Leonard Smalls are at Luckys.

Saturday Chico Mann plays at the Sound Liberation Festival in Gowanus. The event is Happening in a beautiful new indoor/outdoor art space in the gowanus area of Brooklyn, this new concept event includes a diverse music lineup, live art and children workshops to celebrate music as a liberating and unifying force capable of building communities, catalyzing positive social change and making people move their butt!. Things start at 2 pm . But the live music starts at 7 pm. Check the link for the full line-up. Also Marcos called me up. He's looking for a new set of cheap wheels. The Toyota Tercel I sold him for $300 18 months ago finally gave up at 160,000 miles.

The Nolan Gate is with In Musth (I don't think this link is the right band apparently but if so, thanks for coming from Norway! ) at Lamp Post Saturday. Friday, Last Days of Empire (East Brunswick) , play IMAC. the last time they play IMAC, Rocker Tycoon Zac Clark, experienced his first male orgasm. Last Days of Empire play with CHAMBERS and Brock Murdoch. Saturday's bill is Meah!, Snowball 37, The Vile All Stars, The Bad Parts and they even got some bands on Sunday (The Catalyst, RXO, Ex Wife ). You can be your own star on Tuesday Nights when Rolando Ramos hosts the Other Jam.

Sunday : Even with their park is being renovated, the HamiltonPark Neighborhood Associationwill have their block party in Hamilton Square from 2 to 8pm. Check it out, it's free plus you may get a peek inside of Living on the Park. Volleyball ON.