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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

See What's Here | And Be Proud of It

The fields of Jersey City's Liberty National Golf Club will be even more selective this week for The Barclay's PGA Tournament. You can still score some tickets to get in, but I have a feeling this won't be as easy as bribing the gate guy at All Points West. Don't worry though, the city is rolling out the hospitality art-pets again, or More Importantly, Art House Productions has crafted and co-ordinated a See What's Hear Festival for our khaki pant pals. So tonight (T) , if you think Tiger Woods is heckling Melissa Surach tonight at Babyhole it could be him (or most likely just be an impostor looking to get himself a birdie off the green).

While the golf masters battle it out for the $7.5 million dollar prize, The Rainbow flag that was raised at City Hall on Monday Night will continue to fly in honor of Jersey City's thriving Gay and Lesbian Community. This year JCLGO celebrates the Ninth Annual Pride Week that culminates this Saturday with the Pride Festival at Exchange Place. Click this link for the weeks full schedule.

On Wednesday, a Tango of Two Guitars will showcase the dueling and duality of guitarists Daniel Lippel and Martin Moretto at Groove on Grove. The weather is expected to be clear, so this Wednesday's show would make a great pre- picnic before Van Vorst Park's presentation of Wall-E. As part of Pride Week, the Chillfest Movie Series has a special show at IMAC on Wednesday Night too. Subway Surfer's Larry Mopar spins for Steff and the Lucha DJ is at Luckys.

Thursday Night, WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice play an early show at famed Santos Party House. They are first up on a four band bill get there at 6:30 they play at 7 pm. At 7 :30 pm Jersey City Time, 58's Life Drawing Class starts. This Weeks session is hosted by Thomas J Carlson. Afterward, My roommate Dj William McCamie celebrates the release of his new CD at Port-o Portuguese Lounge and Tapas Bar on Newark (it's the newspot by Sovereign Bank). Guest DJ's including myself spin from 9 to midnight and then Bill has the rest of the night. Around the corner ladies can flock to Leonard Smalls at Luckys or Coots MgGoots at LP.

.....more to come

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Saturday Evening Post

The paper boy just dropped this week's Jersey City Independent.

If you missed this Kiwi the Child at Grove on Grove on Wednesday. They are playing at 8 pm with Tip Canary, Kagero, and the McMickle Brothers for an aearly evening gig at Luckys at 8 pm. Brendan Kibbie is playing jazz at Made with Love at 7:30 pm. All showtimes are valid for Saturday No Coupons please.

Anyone interested in Girl Talking in the burg Sunday.

Here's Matt McMickle's Email with all of your links.

The McMickle Brothers, Matt & Sam are playing this Saturday @ Lucky7's Tavern in Jersey City. with:Kiwi the Child - Canary - Kagero -
Saturday, August 23rd ~ 8 PM@ Lucky 7's Tavern322 2nd St.Jersey City, NJ 07302SHOW is FREE...McMickle Brothers: ttp://

Thursday, August 20, 2009

heat advice from me

wow it's like day 9 of swampland here in Jersey City. Three showers and I still feel like a calender hanging over a deep fryer at Hollywood Chicken. Don't worry friends, relief is on the way !! First, the City has opened up plenty of the public school pools to the public. including Pershing Field Pool which is open year round (fee required) Meanwhile, the Jersey City coalition of Musicians and DJ's is working with your local bars to lower their thermostats and serve only the coldest beer. These cooling stations are similar to the ones set up by the city, except that it is recommended that you disrobe after you leave them.

So tonight, I've got my digital DJ gig at the Lamppost. There will be a cooling station indoors as well as outdoors in the smoking lounge. As I previously mentioned I will be giving out empty ziplock bags and free air conditioners. You can't get one without the other. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, your money be better spent with Leonard Smalls at Luckys, but your time with me could truly leave you wet, that goes for you guys too.

There's also Peach Relief at LITM tonight (R) with a special Peach Inspired Menu and Beers, or you can Hit the Beach as in Water Taxi Beach at South Street Seaport to catch the Crewof Grassroots Community Space (Sunday Potluck Dinners) liven things up from 6 pm to Midnight with DJ Victor Franco, Live Vocals by Sirena, Art Installs by Norm Francoer, and Live Percussion by Jimmy Lopez and Kevin Spkyer. Plus a little Burlesque by Crystal.

Friday Night, Es Oro gallery presents Decoded, a group show curated by Amanda Thackery. Decoded features new works by artists who examine the intersection through which technology impacts identity. Hopefully someone is going to tackle whether I will ever get back in touch with my inner myspace child ? There is a live performance by Don Ryan and Gocha Tsinadze at 7 pm.

Bands start playing on Thursdays at IMAC now, Brittany's lining up the future this Thursday with City by The Sea, Nick Maratta a young whipper snapper from Bayonne "Trying to make it" , and Signal The Escape . I love looking at these myspace pages just so I can curse my ADD. Friday's Line-up at IMAC is The Cast Before The Break, who are coming down from Albany in support of a new album, Mike Ferraro Duo, Thirdborder. On Saturday Night, Dirty Wings, Maybe Pete, Gates, At Sea.

Saturdays Night at the Lamp Post is going to be cata-classical !!! With songs under their belt like Free Mustache Rides (Caligula will be giving them out Friday Night!) , Girls , and Bong Hits, Blowjobs and Food Ape Fight will be glad to show you why You Think We Suck. At Luckys' JCDJs Scottie L spins sinister with Leonard Smalls. The Vinyl Solution at the White Star, has George " DJ Soul" Fernandez breaking wax for the first time in a while. You can expect anything from his early Industrial Days at Aldo's (RIP) and Pipeline in Newark to some Reggae Dubbed Soul.

Beforehand, you can cool off on the roofdeck at Art House Productions . from 8 pm to midnight at the JCLGO pre-party for for JC Pride Week (august 22nd to the 29th). Also Early on Saturday, you can catch Brendan Kibbie play at Made with Love Organic Bakery

Okay Sunday, looks like another Volleyball beach day by the Hudson. After loosing my cool, Dangerous Dave, Josh, and I took the perfect plunge. After I showered, I looked up these rules just to make sure that you weren't supposed to kick the ball a mile. Turns out no unless the otter team calls you losers before you lose. who would have thought.

DJ Bill has his regular Industry Night at Luckys on Sunday, but is also planning a special CD release Party for Thursday the 27th at the new Port-O Lounge on Newark (next to Sovereign Bank) . If you need an outdoor spot to drink, check out their back yard lounge. It may not be a beer hall, but hell we only needed one. Next Thursday, WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice have a big gig at the Santos Party House in NYC. It's an early gig, so you can do it all.

If it is still hot on Tuesday you can "get naked" and perform at Melissa Surach's Babyhole. Or you can "sketch naked" at Paul Vincent's Life Drawing class. 58's Life Drawing is this next Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

quick fire challenge : life's a peach

Yep yep. GonG is on for tonight with Kiwi the Child at 6 pm and the Swigs at 7 pm. Kiwi the Child is a roots reggae soul combo featuring Vera and Alex from the One and Nines . Tonight at the Delancy Jupiter One has a listening party for their upcoming release Sunshower, the official release date is set for September 15th, then a coast to Coast tour with Regina Spector ensues. Yep and you saw them play in a tent last JC Friday. Go J1 go.

later on tonight Charlie Sheldon will DJ and man the deep fryer at the Lamp Post. I've got Thursday, but will most likely be serving up only deep fried cheese. DJ Sub Babes, who recently returned from tour with Guilt Trip is back at Luckys tonight. Dj Leonard Smalls has the Ladies over on Thursday.

Thursday Morning at 5:55 am FOX news will be at LITM for their Peach Party with Head Bartender Andrea and Head Chef Todd mixing it up with the weatherman. Jersey Peaches will never be this happy again.

the rest is yet to come...

Friday, August 14, 2009

don't forgettaboutit

First in case you missed them, here are a couple of well written reviews from the Jersey City Independent about JW Fesken's Ehullek Tradgedies art show and Ben Franklin and the Pocono's at Groove on Grove last Wednesday.

The weekend weather looks great for today's Creative Grove. DJ Lucha and I spin it in this heat. DJ Lucha will go unmasked and spin from 2 to 4 ish. I've got the sundown set . Afterwards, maybe I'll treat him to some rice balls and zepoles at Holy Rosary's La Festa Italiana (the link is from 2007 - but the event runs this weekend . La Festa Italiana celebrates Italian heritage, spirituality and is an evening of music, dance and authentic Italian foods. It's fun filled with games, an hourly 50/50, and terminates with the Super 50/50 raffle drawing.

Tonight (F), Stockinette's monthly Comedy Night is back with 6 well versed comedians doing it all for $3. All you need to do is bring $3 and your own sauce (BYOB). here are a couple of links to their comics. ,, If you want your own shot, the Star Bar is hosting a Comedy Contest with a $100 prize next Wednesday.

DJ Caligula is spinning at The Lamp Post this Friday. The floor with be open for Danielle's Birthday and may lead to a dance off between you and retired euro-disco king Humby. DJ Hells Yeah is at LITM, and Jason spins at Bar Majestic. On Schedule, DJ William McCamie can get you off to an early start on the roof deck of Bar 13.
I am pulling my own shift at The Vinyl Solution this Saturday. Come by and bring any records you want to take for a spin. DJ Caligula and Leonard Smalls are at Luckys.

Saturday Chico Mann plays at the Sound Liberation Festival in Gowanus. The event is Happening in a beautiful new indoor/outdoor art space in the gowanus area of Brooklyn, this new concept event includes a diverse music lineup, live art and children workshops to celebrate music as a liberating and unifying force capable of building communities, catalyzing positive social change and making people move their butt!. Things start at 2 pm . But the live music starts at 7 pm. Check the link for the full line-up. Also Marcos called me up. He's looking for a new set of cheap wheels. The Toyota Tercel I sold him for $300 18 months ago finally gave up at 160,000 miles.

The Nolan Gate is with In Musth (I don't think this link is the right band apparently but if so, thanks for coming from Norway! ) at Lamp Post Saturday. Friday, Last Days of Empire (East Brunswick) , play IMAC. the last time they play IMAC, Rocker Tycoon Zac Clark, experienced his first male orgasm. Last Days of Empire play with CHAMBERS and Brock Murdoch. Saturday's bill is Meah!, Snowball 37, The Vile All Stars, The Bad Parts and they even got some bands on Sunday (The Catalyst, RXO, Ex Wife ). You can be your own star on Tuesday Nights when Rolando Ramos hosts the Other Jam.

Sunday : Even with their park is being renovated, the HamiltonPark Neighborhood Associationwill have their block party in Hamilton Square from 2 to 8pm. Check it out, it's free plus you may get a peek inside of Living on the Park. Volleyball ON.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

grove on grove on or in through the outside

hey all blogger was down yestersday (Wednesday)  but Groove on Grove is on for today (yesterday)
Thanks to All of the team the participated in the Kickball Scrimmage last Saturday. We raised $400 for the Jersey City Boys and Girls Club. Now that you guy and gals got your feet (and other places) wet, we can move on to the next phase of athletic development, the Kickball Olympics,  Save Saturdays September 19th for the Qualifiers and October 17th for the Finals. If you were part part of the original 8 let me know cause I am holding a spot for you. We are going to take on an additional 4 teams. More to follow on this.... but let me offer
Congrats to the White Star Team for placing first in the scrimmage.  Their center fielder, who caught about every fly ball, Coop,  was awarded the MVP, a $100 certificate from the Jersey City Tattoo Company   and a $100 Gift Certificate to their namesake  Falling just short, and unfortunately having to play in consecutive games, team Easy Riders  were unable to beat this powerhome team.  Their efforts or outfits did not go unnoticed. With players like the The Puerto Rican Pickle and Team Capitains fashion flavor, they were clearly deserving the  Another Man's Treasure Gift Certificate  On the field, Enver, who scored 6 runs on one play was awarded a MVP hair cut from Balance Hair Salon along with a gift certificate for Carla's new business  Groovy Sex Toy Party     Team Easy Riders Cheerleaders also manged to steak away the pair of Nine Lives skate shop's I Love JC shirts for their drum rolling and enthusiasm.   The Runs, who hoped to take the Kunstballers ( 58 Team) for a ride,  and Kickin it Old School, who took a short cut out of the  comptition both got some hats and tees from Grove Street Bicycles .  Early Exiters, Zombie Apocolyse, who will hopefully return with the help of a Boomerangs Consignment Gift Certificate.  The Bad News Beers, who almost rumbled with the Kunstballers over some waterballon violations (please note that beers main ingredient is water) got some sweet 58 T-shirts. Thanks also to the Purple Cobras for playing.
Even thought it's raining now, things are supposed to clear and be cooler for the 6 pm Groove on Grove tonight. Brooklyn's Ben Franklin starts it off and the Poconos  will be under the tent. Afterwards tonight, The Hominid Party at the Stockinette is on this Wednesday, it's an open mike, BYOB affair. The Jack Parson's Moon Project plays tonight.   DJ's Lucha spins at the Lamp Post. He will also be joining me this Friday for the Creative Grove Art Market.  Birbal is at the Star Bar and Steff's got DJ (i dont know) at the Lamp Post.
Tomorrow (R) at the Lamp Post, we have a special performance of Higgins  who are playing with Warm Hair.  Abbe Rivers plays an acoustic Soul at Made with Love at 7 :30 pm.  And as always, it's Ladies Night at Luckys
On Thursday,  Thomas J. Carlson and Jon Besante moderate at Life Drawing class at 58. the class costs $10 and there will be sketchbook available from Hudson County Art Supply. First pose is at 7 pm. You can contact for more information. Art House Productions is also looking for artists for their Art Tour Group Show
I am short on time so here is the rest in blurbs for now.
Friday :
Creatiev Grove Market at Grove Street I am DJ ing
Comedy Night at Stockinette $3 6 comedians 8 pm BYOB OK
Caligula at LP
Hells Yeah at LITM
No Baggy Clothes Night at Zeppelin Beer Hall
Animal Collective Brooklyn Band Shell $30 sold out but I think I'll be sitting outside the fence
Saturday :
The Vinyl Solution with DJ Dancing Tony at the White Star
DJ Caligula and Leonard Smalls at Lucky Sevens
Nolan Gate at Lamp Post
Hamilton Park Block Party

Dancing Tony
Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure

Dancing Tony
Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the poconos and ben franklin rock groove on grove today (wed) at 6pm. rain or extreme heat. afterwards hominid party at stockinette

Sunday, August 9, 2009

sunday dj report : doze green is spinning at the lamp post tonight and dj bill is at luckys hocking his new cd. get out if your body has recovered from kickball

Friday, August 7, 2009

the end from my beginning

Scroll down to Thursday post if you need information about kickball or here's the Facebook Link . We've got 8 pretty full teams but come at 1:40 for the draft. I could always use some help refereeing, score keeping, announcing. Also, you can stop by Lamp Post tonight and ask Caligula if you can play in his team (4th Street/Lucky 7's All Stars)

Tonight, it's the first (actually second) all ages show at IMAC, thanks to young Miss Brittany Graziano, a local firestormer and promoter who is moving to take over the future. She manages, or at least dates Matt from Goodnight Bravado , a band that recently trimmed about 300 pounds of their band roster. They play IMAC in September and then head out to Beltsville for some recording. Tonight (F) Fairbanks, Currents, A Lesser Evil, Heart Attack Mondays play to the masses. Keeping tradition, it's only $5 for this all ages affair, that's the same price as a Minor Threat show 1986 ! Ironically, VCR's cost $1000 at that time ? Tomorrow (S) at IMAC, Nice Daughter, Grand Alto, Cinema Cinema.

For us bigger kids, don't forget that Moonlight Mile Studios and Maxwell's are hosting music tonight (F). Also on the out of town scoreboard. Prison Pretty, Haas Colby's new band plays at the National Underground.

Saturday Night's post kickball festivities are a real treat. Jahna Rain will be near playground zero for her All Vinyl Birthday Party at the White Star. It looks like Adam from the Impulse is back in town, The Impulse International plays with the collaboration of members of the Ankles and Dirt Bike Annie. Tonight's show is a record release party with Well Baby and Snowball 37 . DJ Pants spins with Leonard Smalls at Lucky Sevens. At 8 pm, Made with Love Organics hosts a Tango Trio " Mi, Miha and Me " . Flaming Fire plays an all ages affair at the Highland Ballroom on Saturday Night.

Sunday will be a a double beaut. It;s will be a great day for Volleyball and the Beautiful Women Group show at Paul Vincenst Studios in Hoboken. Tar and Virginia have doubled the gallery space and over 30 artists will exhibit for this show ( 2pm to 8pm). On your way back to JC , stop by Grassroots Community Space for some Pot Lucking and/or DJ Bill's Industry Night at Luckys.

You can also make a return visit to Paul Vincent Studios on Tuesdays for their Life Drawing Class, 58's life Drawing class hosted by Thomas J Carlson is on for this upcoming Thursday. Thanks again to all of you who made it out last night for John Fesken's show, I'll link the artwork once we get the pictures up.

Hope to see you this weekend,
xo xo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

a blog so quick I didn't have time to name it

thanks yous to everyone who made ut out to Grove on Grove last night. My internat was down and I was not able to ...(excuses) anyway, tonight is the opening ing receptiopn for JW Fesken's Ehullek Tradgedies at 58. Come with you and your Typical Bohemium Scum friends to see the four folded world of Parvuklus Resurrection. The Opening starts at 7 pm with a specail perfortmance by Heather Duby at 9 pm. Things end at 10 sharp so we could head over to the Lamp Post for an Doze Green/ Dancing Tony afterparty. DJ Leonard Smalls out for the Ladies at L:uckys Tonight. And heart throbbers The Milwaukees play their monthly gig at Bar Majestic. If you are by sea, check outthe NY Island Party at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City.

Tomorrow night, Maxwell's in Hoboken hosts JC's Square Wave Punch, they are opening for Jupiter One (two parts JC) and Chicago's the Loyal Divide . Moonlight Records on Harrison Street is hosting their own two band bonanza with Katy Mae- Acoustic ( and Tunnels to Holland .

Kickball is on for Saturday Here's the schedule:

1:00 set up - sign and flield prep
1:30 Captain Meeting and Scab Draft (we have 8 teams but individuals can play with
1:50 Field Dedication
1:55 National Anthem

2pm Game 1 : Purple Cobras vs White Star
3pm Game 2: Kickin it Old School vs. The Runs (4th Street\Lucky 7's All Stars)
4pm Game 3 : the Kuntzballers (58) vs. Bad News Beers (name corrected)
5 pm Game 4 : Easy Riders vs. Zombie Apocolypse
6 pm Winner 2 pm vs Winner 4 pm
7 pm Winner 3 pm vs Winner 5 pm
8 pm Ultimate Loser Match : Loser 6 pm vs Loser 7 pm
9 pm Championship Match : Winner 6pm vs Winner 7pm
9:45 Award Cermony

JC Summer Scrimmage Kickball Rules

No Bouncies. Pitched balls may not be fired down towards home plate and shall not be excessively bouncy. Teams can force a change in pitcher once an inning by shouting "we want a pitcher, not a belly itcher (three times)". Kickers must kick the ball behind or on home plate. Kickers can not come into contact with a ball before it reaches home plate. Balls hit in front of the plate are considered foul. No Bunting. A ball must reach half the distance to first base to be considered fair. Bunt Balls are foul. 2 Foul Balls and you are out.A Runner is out by force, but can also be called out if hit with the ball. Hitting a player in the face or any no-touch region will be considered safe and be awarded the base. Intentionally hitting a player in the face or jewels with the ball will lead to an expulsion from the tournament.One Base Per Overthrow Balls that miss the base for a force out or miss the runner allow the player (and any other runners) to advance one extra base only. Runners can not advance when the pitcher has control of the ball on the mound. No Leading “ Players may only leave the base once the ball is kicked. Players that advance before the ball is put into play will be considered out.Teams must have minimum of eight players, and a maximum of 10 players on the fields. Players substituted during a game can not return to play. Teams must have at least 3 women. Teams with less than 3 women will be penalized 2 runs per women difference in team rosters. For example : if one team fields 4 women and the opposing team fields 2 women. The team with the least amount of women will begin with the score of -4 runs.Each Game consists of 5 innings or 45 minutes. Tie games shall be decided by sudden-death, best of three rock-paper-scissors play.Each Team has 10 kickers per inning. The inning is finished when the last batter is called out or the ball is placed on home plate. If a team has less than 10 players, the kicking order will continue through the top of the order. The first kicker for each inning is the corresponding kicker for each inning. For instance, the first kicker in the order kicks first in the first inning, the Third kicker in the order kicks first in the third inning. Capice ?Weather Permitting, players who reach first base are awarded with a water balloon that can be used for defensive base running. It is recommended that each team have a first base coach to hand a water balloon to a player who shall reach past first base on their initial kick. Players who reach second or third base without getting a water balloon when passing first shall not be provided with a water balloon. Water Balloons should also not be throw at a persons face. While supplies last. No waterguns or Artic Freezers please.Shoes and Attire - Players can not wear any type of cleats or boots or any such item or accessories that may cause injury to another player or the kickball. Big Ball Inning : We will be using a 8.5 regulation kickball for most of the game. But one inning during the game, a 16 in mega ball will be used, the kicking team chooses when.Double or Nothing Scoring: One time per game a kicker may signal “double or nothing” the call must be acknowledged by the referee and the opposing teams captain or pitcher. During this play any runs that score shall count as double points. However, if any runner is out during the play, all of the runs are out and no runs shall count. Music : Bring an iPod if you want to your play your own inspiration tunes while you are kicking.

- at this point i ran out of time and submitted this blog without naming or spell checking it-

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my net is down groove on grove is on with beef and butter on now and manchild at 7pm. aftwards slumdogmillionaire at van vorst park. neill "eggs' mccoy at lp

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nothing Beats a Great Pair of Eggs

Good morning campers. If your Converse are still muddy from All Points West yesterday, wash them off and don't forget that your Friday Tickets are also good for Saturday or Sunday. If you dont have a ticket, you can still picnic out on the walkway by the water and hear all of the music without paying eight f#cking dollars for a crappy cheesesteak. I think the half pound angus burger may be the ticket for today. After tonight's line-up Leonard Small and I are spinning at Luckys, Billy Filo plays with True Love and the Neutron Drivers at Lamp Post, and DJ William McCamie is on the all Vinyl Solution at the White Star.

in the early Evening, we have the closing party for Ian Kauli'i Ephemera at 58 at 7 pm ( The 4th volume of JW Fesken Ehullek Tradgies opens next Thursday) . It's breakfast anytime at Balance, with an EGGSciting exhibit by local artist, Vincent Minervini at 6 pm. On Sunday, New worksfrom the "Malaika Series" by John Ruddy are on view at Es Oro Gallery. Soulful Sunday Potlucks are still on at Grassroots.

time to wash my sneakers ....

still have room for a team or two for next weeks kickball scrimmage email me if you are interested