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Friday, September 18, 2009

You're the one for me Matty

Olympic Kickball returns to Enos Jones Field this weekend. With the undefeated White Star Team in China, the playground is open for any of seven teams to raise Gold. The two day competition is a benefit for Jersey City's Learning Community Charter School. Saturday's Qualifiers start at 12:30 with Kickin it Old School playing newcomers, The Neutronic Ninjas. The Ninjas and some of the other teams are still looking to recruit extra players, there's a kickball draft for nomads at 11:30 and then open practice until the first game. Anyyways, just show up and we'll see what we can do, careers in score keeping, refereeing and field engineering await you. On Sunday, the six top teams will compete for Gold (aka a $100 gift certificate from the White Star,) Tournament MVP's will get gift certificates from the Jersey City Tattoo Company , and a free haircut from Balance Hair Salon. with Nine Lives skate shop's putting up I Love JC merch for the most spirited players/cheerleaders. This is all about fun and event sponsors, Easy Riders , Grove Street Bikes, Another Man's Treasure , Boomerangs, and 58 Gallery have consolation prizes for the less fortunate. Consolation and celebration will also be available at the White Star both days with drink specials for teams. At the end of Saturdays matches, DJ Motor Funker take his first spin at the Vinyl Solution. At Luckys's Trip and Falle, DJ Pants aka Sara spins her birthday set with Leonard Smalls. The Lamp is Posted with a Ever Reviled Evening featuring Nathan Carpenter and Darren Deceide.

Earlier on Saturday, the JC Craft Mafia has a supply swap at the Stockinette from 4 to 5 pm. A group of Jersey City artists are also on the walls for the " I love my Life " show at the new Eureka Gallery in Hoboken. The show is curated by Rolando Ramos, of Artifications and Other Jam fame. DJ Purple Stuff Kevin Spyker spins you in and out. Things start at 7 pm .

Sunday volleyball is still on, but I won't be fixing any kickball games to make it there though. After we crown the kickball champs, it's time to wind down or wind up with DJ Bill McCamie at Lucky Sevens Industry Night.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

I miss you my Matty Girl