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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your Membership Tues are Do

Thanks for your continued support to the Rock-it Docket, with your patronage, we were able to shave off 8 letters of our web address and now you need only to type in to access this excess of local information, but please don't let this stop you from duplicating your sponsorship by joining (the) Rock-it Docket fan base on Facebook.

Well, here's what you just paid for ...

JC Olympic Kickball weekend is two weeks away. The two day tournament starts on Saturday, September 19 with the qualifiers where each team will play two teams, then the top 6 teams will compete on Sunday the 20th for Olympic Gold. With testosterone testing the Olympic Committee during the scrimmage games last month, the board has decreed that all teams must have a minimum 8 people to play, with a maximum of six males on the field with two infield positions womanned by the ladies. The players union is also in talks with management regarding the illegal water balloon use scandal, a resolution will be announced before game time. Email me at rockitdocket(at) to sign up a team $100 or as an individual $12. The 2009 Kickball Olympics is a fundraiser for Jersey City's, K through 8th grade : the Learning Community Charter School. Incidentally, the LCCS parents have entered a team to play. Prizes from, Another Man's Treasure, Boomerangs, Balance Hair Salon, 58 Gallery, Easy Riders, JC Tattoo Company, Grove Street Bikes, Nine Lives Skate Shop and of course the White Star Bar are for the hunters. With White Star daily drink specials and refreshments for the gatherers.

This Sunday you can test and taste your own cooking skills for Fourth Street's Art and Music Festival's Mac and Cheese bake-off. Individuals ($20) and Restaurants ($50) will compete for the bragging rights of Jersey City's best mac and cheese, there will be a Top Chef Master's final judiciary system to incorporate mob justice with eatery eliteness to this famous side dish that has elevated itself to entree status. If you want want in, email my little bro marc.caterina(at) You can also win this sweet bike, from 4th Street, just order a side of raffles with your Mac and Cheese.

Okay as for those membership Tues...

Tonight(T) or also known as as we speak, The Paul Vincent Gallery continues their weekly Life Drawing Classes. Melisa Surach's Babyhole, will be held exile on the second floor of the Iron Monkey. Adopting a late-night approach to her program, Ms. Surach has conscripted Snowball 37 as Tuesday Nights house and warm-up band. The comedy starts at 10 pm with six slots available for the willing, special guests, Dave Angelo and Bredan Fitzgibbons keep things legit and musical comedy powerhouse Ike and Mike the Perfect 10 roll you too. Melissa's uncomfortable comedy routines sometime make you feel like you just kissed your cousin, but don't worry not every sketch is like a tongue kiss :) plus, plus The Iron Monkey rooftop will also have a secretive meeting of WFMU's "Best Show" enthusiasts and radio guest for the clan-destined of the Friends of Tom club.

Across town, talent will be crooning at Luckys Seven's with live music and the Lamp Posts' open mike Talent Show hosted by Kevin Spyker. The stage is set, come play it.....

Wednesday's live entertainment, will be served at this week's city council meeting. The proposed Redevelopment Pay-to-Play Reform Ordinance, drafted by Civic JC and Citizens' Campaign, proposed by Councilman Steven Fulop and unanimously voted to be introduced on the first reading by the municipal council is on the council agenda for second reading, public hearing and possible vote. The ordinance was first introduced (and almost unanimously rejected) two years ago. Now with Councilwoman Nida Lopez on the grill for filing taxes returns under two different names in two different states and Council President Mariano's Vega'$ problems, the call for reforms has grown. There's a planned pre-rally at 5:30 for the 6 pm meeting.

After the council votes on renaming Newark Avenue Dancing Tony Way, quietly shuffle out the wood doors and make your way to your gig at the Stockinette for the Hominid's Season Ender. Jack Parson's Moon Children , Colin Comstack and Chris Nye host what may be the Grand Finale (Jack Parsons Moon Child a plays Thursday September 17th at the Alphabet Lounge.) Also looking to leave Jersey City, Any Day Parade will be breaking up tonight !! really, but don't cry in your beer, this just means that ADP Drummer, Pat Byrne (DJ Lucha) spins at Luckys with ADP guest DJs, and ADP bass player Chuck Daly is spinning at the Lamp Post.

You won't have to worry about missing Groove on Grove this Wednesday, we've moved the show to JC Friday with LITM serving their summer lemonade and Bar Majestic filling in the gaps. In case of rain, the show will be under a tent, Euro Latin Funk artist Rebecca Valejo starts things at 6pm, Brooklyn's Overlord, plays a indie/pop/rock sound with JC keyboardsman Tris McCall. At 8pm, Jody Porter, who not only plays with Fountain of Wayne, but is also another Jersey City resident takes the stage with Dan Haag (Campbell Apartment) and Marty O'Kane ( April Smith and the Great Picture Show ) , whom also cal JC, home. The night closes at 9 pm with American Anthemists, the Milwaukees . You can catch some live music on Wednesday at the Hominid Party the Stockinette.

While the other galleries are gearing up for JC Fridays, on Thurday Night 58 is proud to present Hioshi Kumgai's Garden of Binary Love, first views are at 7 pm, with at 9 pm sharp show of the watery analog sound of Newarks' Una Pong . For JC Fridays, we have a date 9 pm date with the The Frozen Gentlemen . Thursday's after-party at the Lamppost welcomes DJ Leonard Smalls !!who, in order to keep his two year attendance record at Ladies Night in tact, is taking up shelter at the Lamp Post while Lucky Seven's is sealed off for a Mercy Hospital TV Shoot. Regularly, I am forced to go up against the Sir Charles, but the good forces of network Television have me teaming up with him for this special Ladies Night then we seal the deal on Saturday at Luckys for my pre-birthday DJ set. It's all part of the birthday week philsophy.

Thursday Night takes WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice to Arlene's grocery for benefit for Adrianna Cavanagh, a 2 year old girl recently diagnosed with cancer. WJ plays at 11 pm with friends Katy Mae at 10pm.

JC Fridays is worthy of a full post, but for me to do so would divert another 4 hours away from my 2007 apartment reorganization Master Plan. Plus here the full list . There are a couple added bonuses for JC Fridays, THE WAREHOUSE a new art/event space at 140 Bay Street , in the Powerhouse opens its doors to present “Bird Minus Fish.” Conceptual design by Atelier Production (StockinetteOx Events). Next week the Warehouse will begin showing free films on Thursday Nights. The Grassroots Community Space is Teaming up with the Railroad Studio for a full ensemble of events, while JC Fridays Founders, ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS has kept their schedule light with an opening reception at Cosi Gallery for artist Manya Kotlin who presents a series of "oil drawings" a medium Kotlin and hei cohorts created in the late 1980’s in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
A heavy schedule of events will keep things going almost all night at the Grassroots Community Space (54 Coles Street). At the Lex Leonard Gallery, ROTATION new work by Maurizio Zuluaga's will be on display.

Locally on Saturday afternoon, the PADNA (Powerhouse Arts Neighborhood District Association) hosts their fourth annual bbq : food art music and everyone's favorite cheap beer will be there. There will be live performances by Brian Leopold of the Pocono's and the Crosstown Country All Stars I've got DJ duties in between and some hoisting (this is not misspelled I'll be propping you up) . You can fight Breast Cancer via Bar Crawling through 5 of Jersey City's libation stations finally ending up at Lucky Seven's for my Birthday Set with Dj Leonard Smalls.

Check back at for more stuff, on this weekending JCFridays, September 11th