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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jersey City Olympic Kickball Finals to be Played in Jersey City Today

Here's the line-up for todays Finals.

Folks if you come to watch or play please DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL INTO THE PARK. (I added the please for courtosy). The parks department will close down to tournament. Seriously, The White Star is accross the street, come up with a plan. Thanks. And thanks to teh teams that particiapted we raised over $500 for the Learniong Community Charter School.

Sunday Sept 20th

11 am Neutronic Ninja vs Easy Riders (home)
12: 15 pm Zombie Apocolypse vs Kunstballers (home)
1:30 Winner 11 am vs Kickin It Old School (home)
2 :45 pm Winner 12:15 vs. We Love Cheese (home)
4:00 pm Bronze Metal Match loser 1:30 vs vs loser 2:45
5 :15 pm Gold Metal Match winner 1:30 vs winner 2:45

Saturday September 19th Results

Kickin it 7 Neutonic Ninjas 3
We Love Cheese 13 Neutronic Ninjas 9
Kickin it Old School 9 Kunstballers 8
We Love Cheese 9 Zomibie Apocolypse 4
Kunstballers 17 Easy Riders 12
Easy Riders 18 Zombie Apocolypse 9


1. We Love Cheese 2- 0 (22 runs scored 13 against)
2. Kickin It old School 2-0 (16 runs scored 11 against)
3. Kunstballers 1 -1 (25 runs scored 21 against)
3. Easy Riders 1-1 (30 runs scored against)
5. Zombie Apocolypse 0-2 (13 runs scored 27 against)
6. Neutronic Ninjas 0-2 (12 runs scored 20 against)

Afterwards in Sunday, check out the Black Diamond Heavies at Iron Monkey its a free show of a National touring band that is basically playing in a dining room. It'slike seeing Billy Joel in the Rathskellar in '84. DJ Bill spins at Luckys.