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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gather My Thoughts and Troupes

I know it's four days after the fact, but let me just say thanks again to everyone who participated in last weekend's kickball Olympics. The pains and aches that some of you are still feeling helped raise over $500 for the Learning Community Charter School. Here are Erin (Kickin it Old School) and Kirk (Zombie Apocalypse) Picture Links. As I previously may have mentioned or boasted my team, the Kunstballers (58 Gallery ) took the Gold, and then liquidated it at the White Star immediately afterwards. Easy Riders again took the Silver, while the We Love Cheese under the direction of the leadership of the Reverend Al Sharp Cheddar got Bronzed. we love cheese spirited play garnered them some Nine Lives skate shop's I Love JC gear. Thanks again to the Jersey City Tattoo Company , Balance Hair Salon. , Easy Riders , Grove Street Bikes, Another Man's Treasure , 58 Gallery and Boomerangs for their prizes. Betty from Boomerangs let me know that her store is almost completely empty. Look for some special Garage Sales at 58 in October.

Locally, Made with Love Organics has begun serving brunch on the weekends and is offering Grab n Go dinner specials. Tonight (R), there is a special Communal Dinner, with Jazzman Brendan Kibbee entertaining. On Saturday Night, Ace Case plays in. Tonight (R), I am back at the Lamppost, my little bro, Cootah. He is busy readying JC for next Saturday's 4th Street Art and Music Festival. There 18 live acts on two stages and hundreds of artist taking part in the clearly an anchor event of the Jersey City Art Studio Tour. Friday's Official Kick-off Celebration is at Grace Church (who is hosting members of tour organizers Pro Arts). 58's Annual Group show, Masks of Gods, curated by Brenda Buck and Grant Worth, Friday at 7 pm. There will plenty to see and to make it easy on your feet. Easy Riders is offering a special Art Tour Package. Let me pull back because I am getting again of this game...

Okay when I last tangent-ed, we were talking about Thursday, Jersey City's Ladies Night. Barrow Bar, and of Course Lucky Seven's Leonard Smalls will treat you right. Tonight's drinking honors Melissa Surach, who was recognized at last night's City Council meeting for her contribution the arts and Jersey City. I guess now it official now and when people say "Jersey City is a joke", we can at least say that we have a mascot ! Congrats Melissa ! Babyhole is back at the Lamp Post until IMAC reopens for the 2012 Olympics.

Friday Night's ladies recognition starts with the return of the Garden State Rollergirls to the match circuit. Their all star unit, The Iron bound Maidens skate against the Pioneer Valley squad. This bout is an alternating double header with the men's roller Derby team, The New York Shock Exchange battling against Pioneer Valley's Dirty Dozen.

A not as competitive Cake Fight takes place at Port-o-lounge for Lucky Sevens Bartender, Lena, celebrating her 25th on the 25th with DJ Motor Funker . Word out that she won't be the only celebPretty in a birthday suit though, it's double trouble when Christine noGoodman shows. In Williamsburg, Jupiter One, has their CD release party for Sunshowers. They've got the headline spot that night, then they ride shotgun for the Regina Spector tour. Congrats guys. have Fun. It's Hells Yeah at LITM, Caligula at Lamp Post, and Jason at Bar Majestic.

Saturday looks to be the sunniest of the weekend, so Volleyballers should report for duty at about 1 pm for set up. We are running out of sunlight, and the 6 hours of sunlight you just slept through got tired of waiting. again One o'clock. Night crawlers can catch Thomas Francis Takes his Chances and an equally verbosely named Strange Things done in the Midnight Sun combine for the two longest named bands to ever perform at the Lamppost. Thankfully, the Lamppost has no Marquee. In Newark, another long bill of No Pasaran, WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice will get all essexy playing with the Frozen Gentlemen and Zed Never at Kilkenny's Ale House. A shorter a sweeter story will unfold at Lucky Sevens on Saturday Night when alice 'n sophia guest DJ's with Leonard Smalls.

Leonard Smalls, Freddy Fingers (York Tavern Tuesdays) and I are all DJ-ing Sunday's Battalion Benefit for fallen Jersey City Detective Marc diNardo. Edward's Steakhouse hosts this Charity Fundraiser Cookout to benefit the Detective Marc DiNardo Memorial Fund, with a cook out featuring the grilling skills of Police Chief Comey and Fire Chief O’Rielly. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Sandwiches, Beer (Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois,& Bass Ale), Wine, & Soda will be served.

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