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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ride On | Right On

Get Ready for a Jazz InFusion this evening for tonight's Groove on Grove. Regardless of the weather, you can check out The Flying South Latin Jazz open up today's showcase at 6 pm and then play for a second time @ Port-o Lounge about 8:45. Yellow Frog Soul Sessions who perform at the Lamp Post on Wednesday Nights play groove on grove at 7:30 pm. Take a Note Here that next week GonG will on JCFRIDAYS 06/07 starting at  5 pm | Russell Kirk & the Path,  6 pm | Kelly St. Patrick, 7 pm | The Defending Champions,  8pm | Kiwi and 9pm | Mike Scala. 

Also Tonight

  • JC SLAM at Sushi Tango FREE 8pm 
  • Open Mic @ the Trolley Car FREE 8:30 pm 
  • Punk Rock [done right!] at Lucky 7's FREE 10 pm 

Thursday Night come out for a PAY TO PLAY fundraiser at Lucky 7's. We are raising funds for the Liberty Humane Center , and will be selling $5* raffle tickets to the June 9th PIT STOP fundraiser at Pole Position the tickets value at $65 and include two free races plus food and soft drinks, additionally you can just buy them out right. As for PAY TO PLAY: Here's how it works for

$3 I play any song (or the best 5 minutes of it)
$5 I turn off any song early because your ears are going to fall off
$7 I replay your song because someone in the bar has bad taste
*if you purchase a $5 raffle ticket you automatically get a song request
winners of the raffle will be chosen next week before the SUNDAY JUNE 9th Fundraiser

Also on Thursday

On Friday, Art House Productions STAGE Co. for the Youth kicks off their weekend performance of Guys and Doll's Jr. at the Historic Loew's Theatre, Shows run Friday and Saturday Night at 7pm and Sunday at 2 pm.

more Friday

  • The Front Bottoms play Maxwells SOLD OUT also on SAT also SOLD OUT 
  • Creative Grove Artist Market @ Grove Plaza - Sirelo Entertainment Takeover
  • UNPLUGGED : Nimbus Dance Works Season Kick-off at Barrow Mansion [thru June 1st] tickets

    On Saturday It's a Double Fest Fest with Not Yo Mama's Parks and Crafts at Van Vorst Park and June-A-Palooza an LCCS fundraiser at Hamilton Square. Both start at around noon. I'll be at June-A-Palooza hosting some up and coming bands [Kadian Quartette, and DJing. Afterwards, I'm heading over to Luckys for a double bill of driving psyche rock with Risk Relay and Cloned Moor afterwards wonder twins DJ Stay Golden Pony Boy and Mr. Blonde spin it up. 

    more Saturday
    •  UNPLUGGED : Nimbus Dance Works Season Kick-off at Barrow Mansion [thru June 1st] tickets
    • GUYS & DOLLS JR @ LOEW's Theatre 7pm 
    • The Front Bottoms play Maxwells SOLD OUT also on SAT also SOLD OUT 9pm 
    On Sunday, JC Biker's roll through all of town as Part of BikeJC's 4th annual ward tour . Those wishing to participate can pre-register here. The event is FREE and starts and ends at Exchange Place. The After Party has live music by They Live, Sandra Small and the Smallworld Band, Overlake, Universal Rebel, and Hipstacratic. The White Star is serving cold cold ones and there is photo-booth finish line, a bike rack design competitions, and plenty of all day fun. 

    also Sunday 
    • Volleyball at Morris Canal 1 pm set-up 
    • GUYS & DOLLS JR @ LOEW's Theatre 2 pm
    • Industry Night @ Lucky7's w/DJ Bill McCamie 10 pm 
    Coming up next week.... 

    Monday, May 27, 2013

    It is truly an Honor

    Ah,  the unofficial start of the summer, beaches, bbqs, and "incredible blow-out super summer prices" A true American dream, not brought to you by Marlboro, Budweiser, of Ford but by the American Servicemen and Woman who fought for and in some cases gave their lives for our everyday freedoms. 

    Please take a moment of remembrance for them today. If you want something more formal, head up the the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery for a  beautiful Memorial Day Tribute "HONORING OUR HEROES" -this Monday at 1 p.m. - at Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery, 435 Newark Avenue, Jersey City. This is a free public patriotic military & musical tribute for our thousand of soldiers. It's really lovely. Also, Very exicted to announce that our very own beautiful and talented niece, Ms. ANNA MILANI, (Just turned 10!) (Caroling & Dave's daughter) will be leading off our program this year singing The National Anthem!!! Also, our lovely Ms. Chimene Petitt will be entertaining the troops with her Hudson View Ensemble, along with our very own Piano Man Mr. Aart Markenstein performing too, along with yours truly!! Hope you will try to make it & join me in also honoring our Dad & Grandpa, Sergeant James Carr, & a special salute to my two favorite nephew soldiers, Tommy & Judy's sons Ryan & Chris Carr. The program runs about 1 hour , 20 minutes. Afterwards, our volunteers & some families/friends will stay on and join us for a Bar-B-Q. Hope you can come. Flyer is attached. Please try to let me know if you think you might come and stay for the BBQ, so we can plan enough food! But if we run out, there's always lots of extra berries, plus the 200 year old natural Colonial Romaine lettuce!!! [from Eileen Markestein, Exec Director] 

    Additionally, we will be having a Volleyball|Wiffleball|BBQ at Morris Canal at 1pm. Text me if you need some advice on what to bring. 


    Thursday, May 16, 2013

    This Weekend won't be washed out or High Tide at Luckys

    We've got over a ton of sand being delivered tonight for Lucky 7's Beach Party Weekend. (Ladies, It's still safe to wear your heels for your namesake discount beverage night tonight :) Unpack your flipped flops and sunscreen Summer starts on Friday at 10 pm with DJ's Stay Golden Pony Boy & Mr. Blonde.  On Saturday,  we've lined-up Mr Langham and his Uke  at pm, The beachy sounds of the Swaai Boys at 8 pm, and then high tide at 9 pm with Bongo Surf. Tidal Wave Tony and Baywatch Dave Feldman get sand in your shorts afterwards. Sunday night, it's and Industrial Clean-up with DJ William McCamie. Also expect some post Daisies peeps from the rescheduled Pushing Up the Daisies this Sunday May 19th.

    Here's the revised line-up for this Sunday's . Again, thank you if you came out to lamp post last Saturday. 

    Second Annual Pushing Up the Daisies FundraiserTENTS AND SHINE 
    Help the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery raise $20,000
    to reach their matching GRANT AWARD 

    Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery 
    435 Newark Avenue - Jersey City 

    $10+ door donation | Adult and Children's Libations | Food by Cal's Hot DogJerewelry by MAGnets Designs 

    Live Music by

    12:30 Gates Open
    1:00 Patchwork [featuring Carolyn Light}
    1:50 Nick Ciavatta of Sea of Otters 
    2:40 Shayfer James 
    3:30 Saving Lives
    4:20 Jeremy Wallace Trio
    5:10 Ghost Pal
    6:00 Annelise Collette
    6:50 Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
    Windsor Field
    Cicada Radio

    can't make the date ? donate
    more info

    Plenty of other stuff to enjoy this weekend - sorry I can't list them all check and/or your facebook account 


    = Farmers Market at Grove PATH FREE 2 pm 
    = Sustainable JC Green Drink and Patio Party at Culinary Conference Center HCC  6pm 
    = The BOYFRIEND APP book reading at Kanibal Home FREE 6pm 
    =NJ Beer Night @ Barcade 7 pm 
    =Ladies Night @ Lucky7's with DJ Dancing Tony 10 pm 
    =DUB CAPS/The Sensational Country Blues Wonders/Monica Lee & Eric Storm @ Northern Soul [Hoboken] FREE 8pm 

    =Hermano Stereo + Reese Van Riper + Crusade + Melissa Lucciola !!! @ Lamp Post FREE 10pm 
    + 80's Ladies night at Port-O Lounge with DJ William McCamie FREE 11pm 


    Creative Grove @ Grove Street PATH Plaza 2 pm 
    Screwed Up Comedy at the Corkscrew FREE 8 pm 
    Beninghove's Hangmen EP Release at NuBlu NYC 9 pm 



    Volleyball at Morris Canal 1 pm 

    Monday, May 13, 2013

    Vote Tomorrow MAY 14th or It's easy at 5A, 10B, and 3C or Vote for Dan Fulop and Steve Levin

    NOTE: At some time in this blog I will be endorsing candidates, since the Rock-it Docket usually lets people know what I am doing personally and publicly, I am going to shed some light what I will be doing privately on May 14th, next time I'll try to make time to start a completely separate blog.

    Okay Why VOTE in the first place ? I know you are busy from 6 am to 8pm on Tuesday. But make time, or make coffee and then make time. JC municipal elections have historically had  lower voter turn-out at about 30%. That means that 1.6 in 10 voters decide who is going to run our city ! The last time I had 1.6 [you can round it up to 2] people running my life,  I was living in my parent's basement.

    But "I don't know the candidates?" Click here for Jersey City Independent's Voter Information Guide. Here you can find your voting location, and links on how to deal with any election day issues. In the end,  if you aren't sure who to vote for? take advantage of the personal choice feature and write-in your 7th grade Social Studies Teacher, your American Idol Star, the soda who you think should have won the Pepsi challenge  Just Vote. By the way the winner should have been RC cola.


    Mayor - I'm voting for Steve Fulop. I believe in Steve and I think he will steer Jersey City to do better things in a pro-active approach. There is no doubt that in the 17 years I have been in Jersey City, things have drastically changed, not always for the better, but I believe that Steve has the best interests in mind for the future if Jersey City.

    Ward E Councilman - I am voting for Dan Levin. I've know Dan for along time, he's been actively involved as a community organizer and activist [Bike JC & JC Landmarks Conservancy] and ardent supporter of the art community, Dan frequently attends my events with his family, he doesn't just make appearance, he is in attendance. Dan also believes in transparent and ethical government and has worked hard to make government responsible to it's citizens and taxpayers.

    There are three positions for Councilman At Large:

    I am voting for current councilman Rolando Lavarro [Team Fulop] and Omar Perez [Team Healy] I'm yet to finalize my last choice. I have to do some more research myself, better get cracking.


    Friday, May 10, 2013

    Pushing Back - Pushing Up the Daisies | Rock for the Park Tonight

    Thunderstorms and Metal Tents Poles Don't Mix 
    But don't fret the after party is on saturday night at the Lamp Post is on 

    Pushing Up the Daisies After Party 
    at the Lamp Post 
    382 2nd Street Jersey City 

    suggested donation $10 and FREE admission to the rescheduled party 05-19

    9:30 Awkward Girls
    10:10 Pilot Jones
    10:50 Jeremy Wallace Trio
    11:30 Windsor Field
    12:10 Papermaker
    1:00 Annelise Collette
    1:40 DJ Dancing Tony Dance Potty

    THEN ON SUN MAY 19th ..........

    Dancing Tony and the Rock-it Docket Presents: 2nd Annual Pushing Up the Daisies Music Festival
    A Fundraiser for&at the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery
    $10+ door donation | Adult & Children's Libations | Food by Cal's Hot Dog

    Live Music by :  12:30 Gates Open : 1:00 Patchwork | 1:50 Nick C & the OCD's | 2:40 Shayfer James 
    3:30 The One and Nines  | 4:20 Jeremy Wallace Trio | 5:10 Winner Take All Collective
    6:00 Annelise Collette | 6:50 Thomas Francis Takes His Chances |  7:40 Cicada Radio

    please check here for updated line-up info 

    DJ Pastiche keeps it flowing in between  | donate | more info

    are you interested in volunteering for this  event ? please contact Dancing Tony  rockitdocket[at]gmail[dot]com

    Okay as for this weekend there a bunch of cool stuff that won't be rained out 


    Creative Grove 2 pm to 8 pm  Forecast SUNNY
    At-Large Council Debate @ Lincoln High School 6 pm Forecast: Indoor Storms predicted 
    ROCK FOR THE PARK @ Loew's Theatre A Benefit for Riveriew Park Gazebo Restoration
    Forecast : Expect plenty of Thunder from Aminal, Aster Phoenyx Project, Life Eaters and Rye Coalition
    $40 donation 
    Sea Of Otters @ Tierney's in Montclair Forecast 9 pm: Wet and Cold Beer Indoors


    10th Annual Newport 10k $30 8:30 am - noon Forescast: Sweaty - you try running 10 k 
    Kiwi record release Party with the AudioBodies 7:30 pm $10 at Art House Productions 
    Very Nice Vera & the Badmen 8 pm @ Northern Soul 
    DJ scottFREE & DJ Caligula [What!] @ Lucky 7's FREE 
    Saturday Night Fever with DJ Bill @ Port-o-Lounge FREE 1pm 

    Mother's Day 

    Thank the only woman who loves you know matter what 
    Flowers and Brunch optional 

    Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    2nd Annual Pushing Up the Daisies Festival this Saturday May 11th at Noon

    Please join us this Saturday for our
    Second Annual Pushing Up the Daisies Fundraiser.
    Help the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery raise $20,000
    to reach their matching GRANT AWARD 

    Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery 
    435 Newark Avenue - Jersey City 


    $10+ door donation | Adult and Children's Libations | Food by Cal's Hot Dog
    Massage Therapy by Evolve|Revolution 

    Mother's Day Gifts by Belenky Girl Designs and MAGnets Designs 

    Live Music by

    12:30 Gates Open
    1:00 Patchwork [featuring Carolyn Light}
    1:50 Sea of Otters 
    2:40 Shayfer James 
    3:30 The One and Nines
    4:20 Jeremy Wallace Trio
    5:10 Winner Takes All Collective
    6:00 Annelise Collette
    6:50 Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
    7:40 Cicada Radio
    8:30 Awkward Girls

    with DJ Pastiche in between bands

    Pushing Up the Daisies After Party 

    at the Lamp Post 
    382 2nd Street Jersey City 

    10:20 Pilot Jones
    11:10 Windsor Field
    12:00 Papermaker

    can make the date ? donate
    more info

    Presented by Dancing Tony and the Rock-it Docket 

    are you interested in volunteering for thsi event ? 
    please contact Dancing Tony  rockitdocket[at]gmail[dot]com

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    ¡ Aye Dias Mayo !

    Put some salsa on this Amigos


    Groove on Grove Cinco de Mayo Kick-off Party today at Grove Street PATH @ 6 pm w/ The US of Bugaloo and Segunda Quimbamba 6pm to 9 pm with Adult Libations

    JC SLAM @ Sushi Tango 8 pm

    Shayfer James @ Manderley Bar at the McKittrick Hotel. FREE 10:30 PM [Shayer James plays Pushing Up the Daisies on May 11th @ 2:40]

    Rob Realz from East Orange and other musicians perform at JC Soul Sessions/Boy Cried Wolf. @ Lamp Post FREE 9 pm 

    [ note this is the part of my blog where I gave up on just re-writing and instead just cutting and pasting stuff from face book and jersey city independent really, I don't wan't to get caught for plagiarism here]

    so if you don't have facebook, well get it it's free and a great way to see what people are eating

    rant... I usually make a promise to stay positive, but I've got Pushing Up the Daisies in a Week May 11th, The Chili Cook-off on Sunday] blah blah blah

    really this stuff is all on my blog already connected how about you just go there and look at fun pics


    Civic JC Final Mayoral Debate  7 pm at Bright Street Middle School

    Ladies Night @ Lucky 7's with Dancing Tony 


    Sally 'Hot Lips' Kellerman will host a special screening of 'M*A*S*H,'greet fans and autograph her new book, 'Read My Lips.' @ LOEWS theatre 7pm 

    Infinite LOOP @ EGAN's BAR in Montclair. 8 pm 


    DJ Dancing Tony and EMAc at Luckys 

    SUN Chili Cook Off [see my blog then you can see the link that takes you to facebook, that tells you the same info 

    i'm done done done done done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you kindly,

    Dancing Tony 

    Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure | Talent Booker Groove on Grove
    JC Sunday Volleyball | DJ  Ladies Thursdays Night and Saturday Night's at Lucky Seven's 

    05/01/13 Groove on Grove Cinco de Mayo Kick-Off with The United States of Bugaloo & Segunda Quimbamba
    05/03/13 The Silverman's : Cinco de Mayo Party 4 pm to 11 pm Grove & Mercer
    05/04/13 Not yo Mama's Park's & Crafts @ Van Vorst Park
    05/04/13 Dancing Tony & DJ EMac @ Lucky 7's
    05/05/13 4th Street Chili Cook-off with Live Music by Ed Gorsch and Caliente Y Dolce
    05/08/13 Groove on Grove Mr. Rights Showcase with m.r. smith, Marty O'Kane and
    05/11/13 Pushing Up the Daisies @ Hist JC and Harsimus Cemetery with The One and Nines, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Cicada Radio, awkward girls, Annelise Collette, Jeremy Wallace Trio, Shayfer James, Sea of Otters. Winner Takes All Collective and Patchg Work
    05/11/13 Pushing Up the Daisies After Party at the Lamp Post with Pilot Jones, Windsor Field, and Papermaker
    05/11/13 DJ's ScottFREE and 3D at Lucky 7's 
    05/15/13 Groove on Grove Chill Funkytown Showcase with Break the Atmosphere | Sandra Small and the SmallWorld Band
    05/17-19/13 Lucky 7's Beach Party Weekend with FRI Stay Golden Pony Boy & Mr. Blonde SAT Live Music By Bongo Surf, Mr. Langhorn w/DJ's Dancing Tony + Dangerous Dave Feldman SUN Industrila Clean-Up with DJ Bill McCamie
    05/22/13 Groove on Grove Jersey Beat Showcase with Laefpile | The Great American Novel | Hamrmica Lewinskys
    05/23/13 Gully Hubbards Listening Party at Lucky 7's 7 pm. Followed by Ladies Night with Dancing Tony
    05/24/13 Motorfunker Radio @ Lucky 7's
    05/29/13 Groove on Grove Jazz inFusion 6 pm | Flying South Latin Jazz Trio
    7:30pm | Yellow Frog Soul Sessions
    06/01/13 Risk Relay and Clones @ Lucky 7's with DJ Stay Golden Pony Boy & Mr. Blonde
    06/02/13 JC Bike Ward Tour with live music by Overlake, The Gully Hubbards, They Live, plus
    06/07/13 JC Fridays Groove on Grove with Russell Kirk & the Path | Kelly St. Patrick | The Defending Champions | Mike Scala | Kiwi
    06/08/13 The Everymen and American Watercolor Movement at Art House Productions
    07/13/13 Lucky 7's 5th Annual Rock n Roll BBQ Block Party with Dub Caps, I am Heat, The Milwaukees, Fancy Colors, Life Eaters, Wyldlife
    8/10/13 Six Beats Under @ Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery 
    08/17/13 Kayt Hester @ Porto-Lounge with Dancing Tony
    08/28/13 Groove on Grove's Emerging Artist Showcase 
    09/03/13 Megan Gulick @ LITM 
    09/06/13 JC Fridays Groove on Grove Finale with Rebecca Valejo, Fancy Colors,
    09/21/13 All About Downtown Festival please support with live Music By 
    09/28/13 Hamilton Park BBQ with The Catbirds, Jeremy Wallace Trio, 
    10/27/13 The Ghost of Uncle Joe's Halloween Fundraiser at The Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery 
    12/31/13 NYE @ Club Egalidiano - Barnsmyth, LI 
    home  201-FBI-AUTO (324-2886)  | cell 973-219-9696