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Monday, May 13, 2013

Vote Tomorrow MAY 14th or It's easy at 5A, 10B, and 3C or Vote for Dan Fulop and Steve Levin

NOTE: At some time in this blog I will be endorsing candidates, since the Rock-it Docket usually lets people know what I am doing personally and publicly, I am going to shed some light what I will be doing privately on May 14th, next time I'll try to make time to start a completely separate blog.

Okay Why VOTE in the first place ? I know you are busy from 6 am to 8pm on Tuesday. But make time, or make coffee and then make time. JC municipal elections have historically had  lower voter turn-out at about 30%. That means that 1.6 in 10 voters decide who is going to run our city ! The last time I had 1.6 [you can round it up to 2] people running my life,  I was living in my parent's basement.

But "I don't know the candidates?" Click here for Jersey City Independent's Voter Information Guide. Here you can find your voting location, and links on how to deal with any election day issues. In the end,  if you aren't sure who to vote for? take advantage of the personal choice feature and write-in your 7th grade Social Studies Teacher, your American Idol Star, the soda who you think should have won the Pepsi challenge  Just Vote. By the way the winner should have been RC cola.


Mayor - I'm voting for Steve Fulop. I believe in Steve and I think he will steer Jersey City to do better things in a pro-active approach. There is no doubt that in the 17 years I have been in Jersey City, things have drastically changed, not always for the better, but I believe that Steve has the best interests in mind for the future if Jersey City.

Ward E Councilman - I am voting for Dan Levin. I've know Dan for along time, he's been actively involved as a community organizer and activist [Bike JC & JC Landmarks Conservancy] and ardent supporter of the art community, Dan frequently attends my events with his family, he doesn't just make appearance, he is in attendance. Dan also believes in transparent and ethical government and has worked hard to make government responsible to it's citizens and taxpayers.

There are three positions for Councilman At Large:

I am voting for current councilman Rolando Lavarro [Team Fulop] and Omar Perez [Team Healy] I'm yet to finalize my last choice. I have to do some more research myself, better get cracking.