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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

¡ Aye Dias Mayo !

Put some salsa on this Amigos


Groove on Grove Cinco de Mayo Kick-off Party today at Grove Street PATH @ 6 pm w/ The US of Bugaloo and Segunda Quimbamba 6pm to 9 pm with Adult Libations

JC SLAM @ Sushi Tango 8 pm

Shayfer James @ Manderley Bar at the McKittrick Hotel. FREE 10:30 PM [Shayer James plays Pushing Up the Daisies on May 11th @ 2:40]

Rob Realz from East Orange and other musicians perform at JC Soul Sessions/Boy Cried Wolf. @ Lamp Post FREE 9 pm 

[ note this is the part of my blog where I gave up on just re-writing and instead just cutting and pasting stuff from face book and jersey city independent really, I don't wan't to get caught for plagiarism here]

so if you don't have facebook, well get it it's free and a great way to see what people are eating

rant... I usually make a promise to stay positive, but I've got Pushing Up the Daisies in a Week May 11th, The Chili Cook-off on Sunday] blah blah blah

really this stuff is all on my blog already connected how about you just go there and look at fun pics


Civic JC Final Mayoral Debate  7 pm at Bright Street Middle School

Ladies Night @ Lucky 7's with Dancing Tony 


Sally 'Hot Lips' Kellerman will host a special screening of 'M*A*S*H,'greet fans and autograph her new book, 'Read My Lips.' @ LOEWS theatre 7pm 

Infinite LOOP @ EGAN's BAR in Montclair. 8 pm 


DJ Dancing Tony and EMAc at Luckys 

SUN Chili Cook Off [see my blog then you can see the link that takes you to facebook, that tells you the same info 

i'm done done done done done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you kindly,

Dancing Tony 

Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure | Talent Booker Groove on Grove
JC Sunday Volleyball | DJ  Ladies Thursdays Night and Saturday Night's at Lucky Seven's 

05/01/13 Groove on Grove Cinco de Mayo Kick-Off with The United States of Bugaloo & Segunda Quimbamba
05/03/13 The Silverman's : Cinco de Mayo Party 4 pm to 11 pm Grove & Mercer
05/04/13 Not yo Mama's Park's & Crafts @ Van Vorst Park
05/04/13 Dancing Tony & DJ EMac @ Lucky 7's
05/05/13 4th Street Chili Cook-off with Live Music by Ed Gorsch and Caliente Y Dolce
05/08/13 Groove on Grove Mr. Rights Showcase with m.r. smith, Marty O'Kane and
05/11/13 Pushing Up the Daisies @ Hist JC and Harsimus Cemetery with The One and Nines, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Cicada Radio, awkward girls, Annelise Collette, Jeremy Wallace Trio, Shayfer James, Sea of Otters. Winner Takes All Collective and Patchg Work
05/11/13 Pushing Up the Daisies After Party at the Lamp Post with Pilot Jones, Windsor Field, and Papermaker
05/11/13 DJ's ScottFREE and 3D at Lucky 7's 
05/15/13 Groove on Grove Chill Funkytown Showcase with Break the Atmosphere | Sandra Small and the SmallWorld Band
05/17-19/13 Lucky 7's Beach Party Weekend with FRI Stay Golden Pony Boy & Mr. Blonde SAT Live Music By Bongo Surf, Mr. Langhorn w/DJ's Dancing Tony + Dangerous Dave Feldman SUN Industrila Clean-Up with DJ Bill McCamie
05/22/13 Groove on Grove Jersey Beat Showcase with Laefpile | The Great American Novel | Hamrmica Lewinskys
05/23/13 Gully Hubbards Listening Party at Lucky 7's 7 pm. Followed by Ladies Night with Dancing Tony
05/24/13 Motorfunker Radio @ Lucky 7's
05/29/13 Groove on Grove Jazz inFusion 6 pm | Flying South Latin Jazz Trio
7:30pm | Yellow Frog Soul Sessions
06/01/13 Risk Relay and Clones @ Lucky 7's with DJ Stay Golden Pony Boy & Mr. Blonde
06/02/13 JC Bike Ward Tour with live music by Overlake, The Gully Hubbards, They Live, plus
06/07/13 JC Fridays Groove on Grove with Russell Kirk & the Path | Kelly St. Patrick | The Defending Champions | Mike Scala | Kiwi
06/08/13 The Everymen and American Watercolor Movement at Art House Productions
07/13/13 Lucky 7's 5th Annual Rock n Roll BBQ Block Party with Dub Caps, I am Heat, The Milwaukees, Fancy Colors, Life Eaters, Wyldlife
8/10/13 Six Beats Under @ Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery 
08/17/13 Kayt Hester @ Porto-Lounge with Dancing Tony
08/28/13 Groove on Grove's Emerging Artist Showcase 
09/03/13 Megan Gulick @ LITM 
09/06/13 JC Fridays Groove on Grove Finale with Rebecca Valejo, Fancy Colors,
09/21/13 All About Downtown Festival please support with live Music By 
09/28/13 Hamilton Park BBQ with The Catbirds, Jeremy Wallace Trio, 
10/27/13 The Ghost of Uncle Joe's Halloween Fundraiser at The Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery 
12/31/13 NYE @ Club Egalidiano - Barnsmyth, LI 
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