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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Monday, May 27, 2013

It is truly an Honor

Ah,  the unofficial start of the summer, beaches, bbqs, and "incredible blow-out super summer prices" A true American dream, not brought to you by Marlboro, Budweiser, of Ford but by the American Servicemen and Woman who fought for and in some cases gave their lives for our everyday freedoms. 

Please take a moment of remembrance for them today. If you want something more formal, head up the the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery for a  beautiful Memorial Day Tribute "HONORING OUR HEROES" -this Monday at 1 p.m. - at Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery, 435 Newark Avenue, Jersey City. This is a free public patriotic military & musical tribute for our thousand of soldiers. It's really lovely. Also, Very exicted to announce that our very own beautiful and talented niece, Ms. ANNA MILANI, (Just turned 10!) (Caroling & Dave's daughter) will be leading off our program this year singing The National Anthem!!! Also, our lovely Ms. Chimene Petitt will be entertaining the troops with her Hudson View Ensemble, along with our very own Piano Man Mr. Aart Markenstein performing too, along with yours truly!! Hope you will try to make it & join me in also honoring our Dad & Grandpa, Sergeant James Carr, & a special salute to my two favorite nephew soldiers, Tommy & Judy's sons Ryan & Chris Carr. The program runs about 1 hour , 20 minutes. Afterwards, our volunteers & some families/friends will stay on and join us for a Bar-B-Q. Hope you can come. Flyer is attached. Please try to let me know if you think you might come and stay for the BBQ, so we can plan enough food! But if we run out, there's always lots of extra berries, plus the 200 year old natural Colonial Romaine lettuce!!! [from Eileen Markestein, Exec Director] 

Additionally, we will be having a Volleyball|Wiffleball|BBQ at Morris Canal at 1pm. Text me if you need some advice on what to bring.