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Thursday, July 9, 2009

words first pictures later

First, thank you! to all of the huddled masses that came out for last weekend for the American Idols Dylan Egon Closing party and the Fireworkout BBQ at Morris Canal. America's best days may lie ahead but the nights were quite grand. Oh and Did I say thank you for coming to Peter Bill's Opening at LITM on Tuesday? Yes. Kind of.

Times have changed, and so has our exhibit at 58. Ian Kauli'i's new works : Ephemera hosts a combination of installation works and mixed medium pieces (nothing electronic here folks) . Ian's works are the combination of a sharp knife, a strong mind and a heavy heart, come by after 7 pm for the opening. Doze Green is scheduled for some DJ time and Tree from Any Day Parade has assembled an ensemble of songs and musicians for an 9 pm performance. Her guests included John Shell, Chuck Daly, Nick & Pat Byrne (DJ Lucha) and Patricia. Afterwards, I am holding a He-Man Women Hater Club Meeting at the Lamp Post. Ladies can head over to Luckys Seven . There shall be not mingling with the opposite sex after 10 pm Thursdays from now on.

Besides his DJ and a musical talents, Pat Byrne's hosts "THE UPSET TRIANGLE COMEDY HOUR" Friday 9:30pm @ the Peoples Improve Theater. If you are heading into the city, or heading away from it. Art House Muse Christine Goodman is the featured performers at Cornelia's Street Cafe , Son of a Pony Open Mic Series. Thing start at 6pm. If this is enough Carrot for your wild bunnies you should also check out DJ William McCamie's Deep Sounds Fridays at Bar 13. The Roof top is open are you ?

You can also get your laughs at home on Friday. The Stockinette is hosting a Comedy Night with 7 seven comedians for $3. It's a BYOB event, just don't forget to bring your laughs. If you are interested in performing send a illiterate death threat or whatever you shtick is to younerjry at yahoo dot com This Monthly comedy will run every second Friday with the exception of the Friday after Thanksgiving which usually falls on the Third or fourth Friday anyway. For you open mic comedian's Melisa Surach's Babyhole Comedy now runs every other Tuesday , this upcoming one being one of them, at her new home the IMAC ,
On Friday Night Particle Zoo, Temporary Basement (DC), & Cicada Radio play at the IMAC.

My Saintly Namesake, St. Anthony Church, New Jersey's oldest Polish Parish begins their annual festival on Friday. Music, Raffles and strangely enough, some of the best rice balls await you, your stomach, and the kids. The Festival runs all weekend and can not be missed if you are on the corner of Monmouth and sixth.

Summer and outdoors are really theming up. the Creative Grove art Market on Fridays is blooming, we got our first noise (music) complaint at Groove on Grove, and it looks like battling the summer heat with cold beer at the new Zeppelin Beer Garden is the way to go. Lucky Seven's hosts their second annual BBQ this Saturday with music by The One and Nines, The Poconos, Julia Hattigan & the Hooligans, Tip Canary, Steve Clark, Pray for the Wanderer, and WJ w/o the Sweet Sacrifice all play. Leonard Smalls and Rocker Tycoon DJ the rest of of the Night. The Punk Nationous Polyabuse , and Strange Things done in the Midnight Sun are at the Lamp Post. Crewman Number Six, The Embracers, and Natch!, Copesetic are at IMAC Saturday Night. Next Thursday at IMAC, Cootah and I are hosting a special Thursday Night show. The night starts early at 8:45 with Heather Duby, who has performed with Minus the Bear, She is followed by Finest Dearest from San Francisco and Palmyra from Brooklyn. Don't worry that schedule still give you enough time to get back to Second Street.

Not that I am done with Saturday yet, because we are hosting a special CD release Party for Lushlife at 58. This is a private event, so if you want in just mention the word "please or hello".

Sunday-Funday let's see if we could get that one back. Volleyball starts at 1 pm. Also athlete's the Kickball Game is on for August 8th get your teams ready to roll.