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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

one day at this time

If you haven't guessed it, Grove on Grove is a go-go for tonight (W), with Rik Mercaldi at 6pm and the Fringe Dwellers at 7pm. DJ Lucha is debuting his new turntables at Lucky's and Chuck Daly and Brett Wilson are back at the Lamppost tonight.

Thursday, my little bro and I have put together a fine bill at the IMAC (Iron Monkeys Automate Chino). Things start out early with with Heather Duby (who has collaborated with Minus the Bear) at 8:30 pm, Then we have the Finest Dearest from San Francisco at 9:30 pm, and Brooklyn's Palmyra closing the show at 10:30 pm. There's a strong femme context here but don't worry Leonard Smalls Ladies Night is still all yours. Here's the Facebook Invite . In lieu of the Bro Pro Productions being outsourced for this event. Jesse Caldwell (no relationship to Jesse "Caligula" and Charlie are at the Lamppost this Thursday.

City side, catch head over to Water Taxi Beach for some Jersey City artists making a New York Isalnd Party happen. From what I understand, Chelo fromn Grassroots Community Art Space is behind these good doings. Tonight Tony Touch DJ's with Sirena on vacals, there's live percussion from Jimmy Lopez and atmosphere by Norm with projection by Anna Almquist. You can also catch afro beaters , Chico Mann at Santos Party House tonight. Ok I also wanted to mention that Patrick from Flaming Fire is playing solo tonight at Glasslands. Flaiming Fire plays at Bowery Ballroom with Satanacide next Saturday on July 25th. I had to attach his email about why you shouldnt go see him play solo. It's at the bottom.

If I could touch on Fridays, Made with Love has Joel Chassan a local jazz musician playing from 7:30 to 9 :30.
On Saturday, Made with Love compliemnts their sweet treats with a Sugar and Liquid Diet Exhibit. Featuring works from local artists, Ava Luna Grumberg and Andrew Paterek The show hits the walls on Saturday with a formal reception on Sunday at 5pm.

On Friday Night Es Oro has an art opening for john Ruddy's Body of Work . In Brooklyn, JC Nigerian Artist Ibouis presenting his small works on glass at Kush Garden Cafe (17 Putman Ave) form 7 pm to 10 pm
If you need to get into the city this weekend, my all time favorite band, Superchunk plays the South Street Seaport Friday Night, The Siren Festival is at Coney Island on Saturday and Q-tip plays at Central Parks Summer stage. ALL EVENTS ARE FREE.

saturday vinyl soultion at white star. roadside graves at lamp post. subway surfers play passiac with free bowling. I'll expand on this later.

PATRICK HAMBRECHT (I go on first, 9 or 9:30)
2TEARS : Glasslands289 Kent AveBrooklyn, NY 112119 PM * $6
Here's my first (last?) ever solo show. I'll be performing songs from my solo album, (3,000,000 Rejected Operas) which pretty much everyone universally hates. As in, most of my friends hate it. People who like my band hate it. People in my band hate it. Radio stations and reviewers politely ignore it. You'll probably hate it too: listen to some songs here:
Speaking of hate, I personally hate it when people are all all-shucksy about their stuff so that you have to say something nice about it. But I'd actually feel weird going "YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE THIS!" when, seriously, I doubt it. You just won't. The only people I know in NYC who actually like this thing are Kate, Sean (of Flowers of Flesh and Blood) who set up this show, Danny Tunnick who's playing drums with me, and a couple record-collector nerds who don't go to shows or rarely leave their own houses. Olympia's KAOS have played a couple tracks, but Olympia (god bless 'em) is the home of all things "homemade" and these particular lofi anthems about God and girls are too bedroom-recording/dorky to go over anywhere else.
So, consider it an act of gross narcissism, because I've always been really fond of these songs, and perversely, I'm pretty excited and happy about finally playing them live even while anticipating a less-than positive audience response. If you ever saw Flaming Fire back in 2000, this'll be sorta like that -- raw and sludgy, with chopped-up atmospheric soundtracks as the band with backing drums. The band consists of Danny Tunnick on drums, samples, and me singing. I'll have 5 homemade painted albums that you can buy after the show.
Details below!