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Thursday, March 12, 2009

dear blog, it's been two weeks since my last confession

I am back, yeah. Jersey City. I hope you were thinking about me when I was eating paella in Barcelona. I was thinking about you (and dessert) but that's a separate subject. For now let's just back to our old routine.

Tonight (Thursday) a modified version of Higgins plays the Lamp Post. The boys are readying themselves for a a three day drive to Austin for South By South-west music showcase in Austin. They've got a show in Atlanta on Saturday, then it's 7 shows in 4 days in Austin. Billy Filo of (Twilight Procession) is "in the biz" and on bass for this tour. I am filling in for DJ Alfonse tonight, with Higgins DJ Assistance as well, but unfortunately will not be following them on tour. (I didn't mean that I love you Jersey City)

Thursday, also kicks off Lucky Seven's St. Patricks Day Week. Fueled by Corned Beef and Jameson, things start tonight with an extra special Ladies night DJ Set by Leprecahan Smalls, There will be live bands and Bagpipers on Saturday Night, DJ William McCamie on Sunday Night, with Tuesday Night's singer songwriters performing Irish Classics all night long. Check out their website . Once the rainbow settles and everyone collects their Gold, come out again for My Equinox DJ Split with Leonard Smalls on Saturday the 21st. If parades are your thing, come out to Jersey City's Official St. Patricks Day Parade this Sunday at 12:30 pm.

Early on St. Patricks Day, 58's current exhibited artist, Thomas J Carlson, is preparing a special Tempeh Taco Tuesday meal at 58. Along with the taco's , Thomas is also showcasing some new drawings. Read this part carefully folks because I don't want there to be any misunderstandings when I am holding you down, on the ground, or asking you to leave. This event starts at 4pm and ends promptly at 8pm. Really, yes really, the last thing I want to do on St. Patrick's Day is deal with someone who should have been cut off after breakfast. Thomas has the Taco's, you bring a dish and/or something to drink.

Okay let me get back to Friday. Street Justice has a DJ gig it the 4 L's in Hoboken. The 45's on the ceiling of the Lamp Post let me know that I missed a good time last Friday. At the Lamp Post of Friday. DJ Caligula and Natty Adams wont be playing wax, but they will be waxing the mustaches in preparation for the New York Beard and Mustache Competition Saturday Night in Brooklyn (where else ?). You can also Catch the The One & Nines, and Paracusio at IM Automata Chino on Friday Night. If you are in the BIG city on Friday Night, My roommate, DJ William McCamie is playing at the Sullivan Room from 10 to midnight . Beforehand, he's at Bar 13 from 6 to 10 pm.

On Saturday, Art House Productions has their opening reception for Beth Achenbach's "In Search of Mother Nature" the exhibit showcases new photography, and also has Double Breasted playing.. The opening is from 8 to 11pm. Afterwards Brine and the Bastards and Lloyd Untied at LP. Also on Saturday Night , Plowing Mud Forever, promises to bring Rock back to Jersey City (or maybe more specifically, Automata Chino). But really guys did you have to say that ? okay to see them live up to their hype check them out, luckily Mutiny of the Fashionistas, and The Stun Gunz will be there to back them up.

It's 7:20 and I am hungry. that enough hype for today.

Davey Dance Blog -21- MAINZ - Simian - "Never Be Alone" from Pheasant Plucker on Vimeo.