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Friday, March 20, 2009

Be Ligula - Pre Dig You La

The Moustached mis matched competitor is back tonight (Friday) to celebrate his showing (up) at last week's NY Beard and Moustache Competition, things looked good for the wild woven wonder until some heavyweights crashed the podium stairs before Jesse could claim his prize. Don't worry, there is still cause to celebrate one of JC's Hairy Hopefuls. At the stroke of midnight DJ Caligula cerebalates his birthday. Meet me on the dancefloor the place is going to as good as a sidecar ride.

Part Deux may be overshadowed by in Saturday Night, when Leonard Smalls and I Join forces for an Equinox of Rock at Lucky Sevens. In Newark, Kilkenney's is hosting a prime dance and band party fpr Jen Schwartz with Chainsaw Trio, The Coppertones’, Frozen Gentlemen, and Deivito playing at Kilkennys Alehouse. There's a dance party afterwards. me like.

I messed up The One and Nines are in Montclair at Tierneys with the McMickle Bros ( and Tip Canary ( 10pm
on Friday Night. The play Ohara's on Saturday Night !!!

Things are still booking music wise, Ohara's has the One and Nines on Saturday Night, The IMAC has America's Sweethearts (3/4 sweethearts 1/4 beefcakes) , Prison Pretty and Jon DeAngelo. On Saturday The Curvey Staights, The Fringe Dwellers, and the Smoove Sailors play first, come for early for this experimental side project of member or members of the jc sound scene at the IMAC. While Square Wave Punch is at the Lamp Post.

Sunday's Weather beckons a call for Volleyball. We'll be there about 1 to start practicing. Email me if you are ready to lead the work-out. . I'll have the bears with me, and a chair for you Autumn.

When the net comes down, Hoboken's Stuyvesant plays the Mercury Lounge.

Good Nights