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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Thursday or Hola Barcelona or Put this guy on a plane ?

Well my bags are packed and I am off to Spain.

I decided to leave the one pound of non-dairy creamer here in America. I don't know how to say "really it's creamer" in Spanish or Catalan, and I think I would like to avoid an un necessary strip search.

I've updated as much as I can before I left, you know facebook has it all anyways, but also check out The Jersey City Independent for a more complete look of art and culture. You should also check out Draw and Quarter a blog by James Young fro goings on in JC. One day we'll merge this all together so we could all go out for drinks. As well, check out the links to Lamp Post, Luckys, and IM Automata Chino for bands, DJ, and events updates.

Well I know what I will be "missing" while I am away. So, here's what happened while I was away -today.

John Besante's Americans in Paris will close on Saturday Night at 58. It's your last chance to see his stuff before the Ides of March by Thomas Carlson comes up for JC Fridays. JC Fridays will also be your last weekend for World of Style Vintage, which will close it's doors, I have also heard that the Imagenaium Bookstore on Jersey Avenue is also closing down. Times are tough, you saw the president's speech, prices are dropping all over. John Besante, same as above, (201-420-0202), landlord for 58, Iris Records, and Es Oro, is dropping the rent on two newly finished 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom (jacuzzi tub) apartments to $1950, and a storefront is $2,500, call him if you are interested, they are at 112 Brunswick, right next to Boomerangs. If you are looking to unload some stuff of your own, Betty from Boomerangs offers items on consignment of vintage goods. Another Man's Treasure also does consignment of pre-1980 stuff. email warren and meika at, you can reach Betty from Boomerangs

Things are so crazy, that LITM is having a fundraiser tonight to build a second bathroom ! , the Potty Party starts at 8pm. They are alos looking for artists for their Not Yo Mamma's Craft Fair Event on March 28th. Deadline is tomorrow, but you only need to email them some pics at to get in, plus $25 to sell.

WFMU will start their fundraiser while I am away. Check out their link. The City Counsel will also be considering a new proposal regarding the Embankment (not the restaurant !) on March 2nd. So maybe by the time I get back they will have demolished the Embankment for condos too.

I'll also miss a bunch of events for this installment of JC Fridays. I can't list them all but I've added stuff about ...................(hey does anyone get the feeling, I need a vacation)

Thanks God I have that ticket.

Adios... I am out of time. Gate 33 is about to open